the mrbrown show: special people

Special Parking
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Special insurance schemes for special people!

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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: special people”

  1. Desmond Lim Says:

    MY GOD! We are becoming like America. This is so much like the bill which George Bush vetoed recently ( People in USA have said, they can fund a billion dollar war but cannot fund 100 million for child care and the reasons given are exactly what our ministers gave.

    In Singapore, we can pay them millions but they cannot life a single finger to help the people of Singapore, regardless of them being handicapped, old, poor, etc.

    Yea, we really have a “great caring gahmen” (as stated by the gahmen themselves).

  2. po Says:

    See No problem, hear no feedback,Silent to your pleas…. haha indeed special…But it is very true how very true our citizens are treated as told…

  3. DOM the Clown Says:

    ……overheard in one of the grasssroot LEEders selling koyok time:

    Mr Lan: The Minitoots have their needs too…..

    Mr Cheow: But giving them such a high pay could lead them into developing the crutch mentality too!

    Mr Lan: No, no, no…’ve got it all wrong! Minitoots are made rich from this high salary, which is good! Why? You see, rich people are not greedy people because they have had enough of everything! And since they are not greedy people, they don’t steal. Stealing comes from crutch mentality. You see now? Poor people are greedy people. Only greedy people develop crutch mentality. And with that crutch mentality they steal! And what is the worst form of stealing? …..Stealing from OUR national reserve. Stealing the nation’s money by depending on welfare!

    Mr Cheow: What about Mr Pay You Cock?

    Mr Lan: Oh! I’m glad you asked! Mr Pay You Cock is the classic case of the people not paying him enough to be rich which lead him to develop the crutch mentality, that subsequently lead him to steal.
    See? You’re getting it!

    Mr Cheow:……………………………………???

  4. Someone Says:

    ………I really hope this is not one of those podcasts which will get special attention from the government.

  5. Freddie Says:

    Hilarious on the last part…. ‘’ AR sorry, i cannot hear you..'’

  6. fynyx Says:

    Seems to be one of those strange coincidences in podcast production,
    from 01:39 to 01:45:
    “… so that the extraordinary needs of your leaders can be met.”
    (cynical laughter in the background)

    Strange too, even surreal, that these days, I’m reminded even more of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
    In the beginning, the sheep bleated, “4 legs good, 2 legs bad!”
    Towards the end, they screamed, “4 legs good, 2 legs BETTER!”,
    when the pig leaders started standing up, like their former human owners did.

  7. KANGYONG Says:

    Damned, I love this episode!

    NOW, I gotta rethink my life. I think I want to become a Minister for SG Gahmen also!!

    Money, money, money, give it to me…

  8. HaHaHa Says:

    Thank you! Well written and delivered. What to do? Temporary stuck in the red dot, can only laugh at our ridiculous situation. Still it provides good motivation to journey on to greener pastures.

  9. Gaurav Says:

    Nasty! =) I suppose this explains why the ministerial pay hike was so necessary …

  10. DT Says:

    Yes, THEY ARE REALLY SPECIAL if they are not pay that high they also AWOL…..
    But to what we can see the win party also AWOL…..
    1. Do you still see them waking up early and see THEM at the MRT & Bus station.
    2. Every weekend do you see THEM at the market or food center.
    So please lah before you say other people AWOL….YOU also AWOL lah…. service with HIGH SALARY who dont want …. Serve without HIGH SALARY, then you will see everyone AWOL also lah..

  11. Goodman Says:

    I hate PAP

  12. adeline Says:

    They BLIND, MUTE & DEAF to us citizens….

    We citizens are expected not to insure their brains as they are expected
    to be brainless and accept every thing handed out to us by the gahmen;
    and we are also expected to be goons who can’t think and foresee the nonsense given to us over the past years, especially this past decade and whaw! getting worse with each passing year!



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