the mrbrown show: Malaysian lessons

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The political changes in Malaysia can teach us a lot!

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27 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Malaysian lessons”

  1. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Errm, don’t mind me but Ivan’s Malaysian accent isn’t the best I’ve heard.

  2. Edwin Says:

    GRC System sure win? I certainly one goes the opposition way the next GE. And hopefully they could prove their mettle..This will be the rise of a new dawn perhaps..

  3. scared Says:

    Finally. was wondering whether the GE was forgotten by Brown.

  4. Nick Says:

    Was the ending sentence to “suan” the m’sia pm?

  5. fynyx Says:

    Well done again, mrbrown!

    You’ve managed to summarise with balance and humour, the reactions of many factions taking part in our immediate neighbour’s recent national event.

    I think Singaporeans are fortunate to witness and experience what happens next door, in the coming years before the next elections.
    Maybe we’ll learn from them, maybe we’ll mess things up with our sense of righteousness.

    But most likely, life still has to go on, whatever the consequences.

  6. Malaysian Lessons « A Fine Balance Says:

    […] The Mr Brown Show: Malaysian Lessons […]

  7. Inspired Says:

    Singaporeans should be inspired to vote against pap. mrbrown should run for next GE. sure got alot of ppl vote for him. as long as not pap can liao.

  8. Ashleigh Says:

    I agree that it is another podcast well done, got me laughing out loud too… like giving a chicken to every family and lift upgrading of kampongs?

  9. ray Says:

    vote right and live long!

    haha nice episode there mr brown and team!

    yup s’poreans have much to learn from our neighbours up north.

  10. HaHaHa Says:

    Thanks, Mr Brown. You roll humour into politics nicely :-D

  11. adeline Says:

    Your ayams for every voters….lifts upgrading too! Hilarious!

    Perhaps our MMMMs (multi millionaire ministers & mentors) should say set aside 5% of their 1-mth salary to give to every voters (those who actually vote and those who can vote but can’t vote) in the next GE, then am sure our MMMMs will have a resouding victory! Must share, what! Must share the fruits of our country’s efforts!

  12. lorrytyre Says:

    i dun think sg will side much to the opposition in near future.
    especially “some” parties which always cook up stories for the ST paper by getting caught by the police.

    being the minority, they almost gain no ground and i have general complaints (as usual) from friends staying at those areas….but the opposition vote there is still strong. quite powderful u know.

    in the end, what matters most is “will we care who we are voting for?”
    i m sure most of us would, some will put some stress on the ruling, while others just vote for the ruling.

    just do the job right and not the right job. make every possible stuff transparent, hahaha….now is the era of transparency.

  13. DavidLim Says:

    I think it’s important to note that what MrBrown is doing is out of the Singapore domain.
    Mocking our elections reflects his Westernised attitude which he thinks can be applied to Singapore.
    let’s not listen to this mad man ,of if you want to give this guy a chance,listen purely out of entertainment.

  14. 20_nanoseconds Says:

    DavidLim, wat then, is the “correct” way to you?

  15. poslow Says:

    Hmmm… I always wonder what defines “Western” attitude ?
    If it is the opposite is “Eastern attitude” , perhaps it could be just like how the PRC China leaders’ attitude in hadling the Tibet situation.

    Common lah… the S’pore election system is a little skewed, with all this GRC monkey thing going on.

    Most listeners and readers to his blog, I believe would be able to make and draw their own conclusions.

    I don’t think we need this “reminder” of what is good or bad, right and wrong, left or right, mad or not mad etc :-)
    … just like what our gahmen is spinning to the 66% of S’poreans who voted for them in the last GE.

  16. fynyx Says:

    1) One very powerful constant in society & politics, is that whoever or whatever holds the majority of power, tends to win most of the time.

    2) That is why the Myanmar protests failed in its original intent, while the Malaysian people won in the recent elections.

    Look at the current power balance in Tibet, and you might agree that a fearful outcome awaits those who do not stop protesting.

    And Singapore?
    I tend to agree with -lorrytyre- (March 18th, 2008 at 3:16 pm ), not only about the continuing dominance of the ruling party, but also how alternative parties are entrenched in their niche areas.

    3) What I like about blog comments is the diversity of opinions passionately stated.

    In the end, though, reality has a powerful way of rolling on with its inertia, although things might change & improve over time.

  17. bb Says:

    Say what you like, most Singaporeans are more discerning and intelligent. Should the day come when the pap gahman underestimates this, they will be in for a shock.

    I still prefer the present day peace and stability.

    mb, i like your show as well, keep it up.

  18. Jimbo Says:

    not to disagree with BB, but something in me tells me that nothing will change here for a long time… haiz

    a person is intelligent, but our mob mentality … damn chialat lah!

    MB, thanks for adding your brand of fun to this STRAIGHT country.

  19. fynyx Says:

    Jimbo (March 19th, 2008 at 8:42 pm), you are right about this ‘mob mentality’, and it feels really scary to me.

    On one hand, it is this mentality that provides the inertia for this nation to keep getting run the same way, no matter how some of us notice and groan for it.

    On the other, this ‘mob’ groupthink keeps getting fed by our complaint culture, which currently is festeringly alive in certain recent comments, over at mrbrown .com’s posts on local events.

  20. Wesley Says:

    Mr David Lim….Hmmm.. sounds familiar..sounds like the name a MP of the the ruling Gahmen…. I think you thought we born yestrday hor?? Or izit you only born yesterday….. You might have ‘langar’ into the wrong website leh… Please we not stupid one, save your advise la.

    We all know this is a foreign domain, ‘duh’…This is a website about free speech and that is why it is in a foreign domain… You don’t get it do you??? Silly-pore dun have free speech one.. The gahmen thinks we all lke mushrooms-keep you in the dark and feed you with shit. Look at the Mas Salamat issue or LTA F–k up, a proper ” I am sorry we made a mistake” also don’t know how to say. Leaders are not perfect, don’t need to pretend. A dignified apology will win the heart of people instead of pretending they know everything.

    Why this posting to rebutt you? You insulted our intelligience with your advice

  21. oic Says:

    Lol! David Lim is from the ruling Gahman… oic …. no wonder his words so lame!

    one thumb up for Mr Bown! Good work!

  22. jay Says:

    “politik and technologee”


  23. Cheng Sun Says:

    Singapore is No.2 in world democracy.
    Only 2 oppositions.

  24. lola Says:

    hahahahhha! super entertaining..

  25. HAHA Says:

    wah lao david LIm u Govt mouthpiece?

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