See What Show: Untraceable, Away From Her, and Meet the Spartans


See What Show, week of 24 March 2008. Reviews of Untraceable, Away From Her, and Meet the Spartans.

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6 Responses to “See What Show: Untraceable, Away From Her, and Meet the Spartans”

  1. Kevin Says:

    look mrbrown~! angmoh can speak teochew!! how liddat?

  2. Kevin Says:

    … even a talking cat & mouse can kua teochew… how liddat?

  3. Kevin Says:

    my ah kong ah ma really came from tng sua… how about you? i loved your “i am s’porean” speech last time..

    Noob lah you, mrborwn…..kekekeekkee…..

  4. Kevin Says:

    not pm, not sm, not mm, but KM lee~!

    …. you have to watch this~!

  5. kevin Says:

    mrbrown~! this is how they settle with the TP in taiwan..

  6. kevin Says:

    btw, mrbrown, what happened to our “swordsman” xiao LEE feidao? is jonny’s zhng-car shop somewhere at eunos industrial area? behind eunos mrt? the ex-NS men finally downgrade to MR liao issit? where’s the old guard? that teacher lady with the powderful england was funny, as well as imran. hey, you no more do interview with local bands ar? how about trying to gig a spot on MTV or something ar?

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