the mrbrown show: the succession

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The Company is having a succession problem and drastic measures may be needed!

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39 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the succession”

  1. hehe Says:

    nice podcast, director of toilet affairs fTW!

  2. DOM the Clown Says:

    DON Browniani,
    Let me kiss your hand, papa!

    Dominique Al Karput

  3. PLATINUM Says:

    Another EXCELLENT podcast mrbrown!

    By the way, can you think of any suitable “WARM ASS” who can keep the seat warm for 20 years until……………………the “young” ready?

  4. mech Says:

    So much true. It is disgusting to hear our leader think Singapore PM can walk in just let that without us People voting. Talk about thinking of replacement leader already without asking our permission.. how arrogant!!

  5. Hail Mr Brown Says:

    humm…this podcast reminds me of one thing which the father once said during the days when the company just started out: “It entrepreneurship at a national scale!” …looks like its the comes first before service to the company….

  6. Stanislaus Jude Says:

    Bravo, BRAVO!!! Superb podcast, mrbrown. Thanks for making Monday the day of the week to look forward to!

  7. Edwin Says:

    I like the seat-warmer part best. This podcast has done it again, chasing away my monday blues.

  8. meepoktah Says:

    NEPOTISM is the BEST!

  9. fynyx Says:

    The satire in this latest show reminds me, of that TV producer from the movie V for Vendetta.
    You know, the one who was Natalie Portman’s boss, but who had no designs on her, but took good care of her until his abrupt end…
    … Well, at least he lived again at the end, to watch the magnificent fireworks display.

  10. Ashleigh Says:

    Yes! Another great podcast too!

  11. bgfdd Says:

    Naheh waaghhh..wasgghh…lol
    I love the fuuny sounds that the” father” makes.

    Sounds alots to me like ” We should not be complacent…” hahahaha…

  12. EY Says:

    How come there’s an error opening the file and the link to mp3 says file not found…?

  13. EY Says:

    Hey sorry…there was some problem earlier but I’ve seen it after reloading…Good one!

  14. LeeSeedSeed Says:

    Later Father gives you a warning.

    “Don’t test my limit, brown.”

  15. DOM the Clown Says:

    DON Browniani,

    Bro Scroobal went mad! He penned the next episode of the “Tales from the Istana” within days!!! Check this out:

    Dominique Al Karput

  16. sg 141 Says:

    ur asking to get your ass fried~

  17. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Another quote from V for Vendetta:
    V: People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    It is a great movie. Everyone should watch.

  18. Henry Says:

    Hey Mr. Brown,

    Could you do a favor and do a Podcast on the recent SingTel Mio TV? It seems really ridiculous! A lot of Singaporeans I have approached tell me they “lan lan” have to pay. Some don’t even dare to sign Online Petition - due to 2nd KS - aka “Kia Si”.

    The reason for competition is to keep it competitive, but not in this case. There was another PEST CONTROL previously, which 5 to 6 suppliers tie down the price, resulting in lost in competition. I am not suggesting this is happening in the Sports telecast issue, just finding it curious why we can tolerate price hike, when there is already competition.

    Need your help to support this online petition!

  19. kevin Says:

    that’s a lovely chess set…where did you get it from?

  20. andrewong2024 Says:

    Hahaha…. this is really funny lor… well done!

  21. adeline Says:

    ALAMAK! Sounds so close to Marlon Brando! Good job…to the father here! & I hope your website ‘host’ cannot be touched by any Spore law; else….you know, lah!
    I salute your bravery, to the father, to the toilet keepers here, to the toilet seat warmers! BRAVO! BRAVO!
    Glad you did this. Was beginning to think there must be something wrong with me or it must be my imagination to see national chest challenges (don’t understand why Singaporeans like to use this word to replace the word “problems”) ahead; oh well…there will be more toilet-seats to be further warmed.
    Good thing there are alot of toilet seats around for the many CEOs and CFOs in Singapore. Heng ah!

  22. adeline Says:

    maybe…just maybe….if the REAL father speaks like the father here…there might just be lesser challenges for Singapore! Sometimes, people talk more than needed, boast more than they should and worse of all, do not have “sorry” in their vocab, and admitting mistakes and apologizing to the powerless are pointless acts… actually, these are just small things that contribute to a chess master losing the game… itz a matter of sooner…or later.

  23. DOM the Clown Says:

    To adeline:

    Well said!


  24. Wei Jia Says:

    I dont think you guys realise just how funny you actually are..

  25. SW Says:

    hilarious! been listening to ur podcasts for some time but this is my first comment. just wanna say pls keep up the good work mr. brown! at least there is a voice for the common ppl like us..

  26. kevin Says:

    with all due respect, i want you guys to remember… back in his day, when Deng Xiaopeng visited s’pore and ask >, “want to be frens?”, our ah kong had the balls to reply to his face, “sure, first you stop sending insurgents to undermine our government.”

    Keep in mind how many people DXP had executed back in his day at the peak of the cold war, i wonder how many of our highly paid leaders would have the balls to speak up like that…

  27. kevin Says:

    really, where did you get the chess set, mr brown?

  28. mb Says:

    Hi Kevin. The chess set is not mine. The photo was taken from Joyrex’s Flickr:

    I believe it is a gift and it is from Russia. Pretty, ain’t it?

  29. kevin Says:

    omg~! the MB has spoken!!!!…* I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! *…

    hey, should do a Mike Myers marathon review… Wayne’s world 1 & 2, so i married an axe murderer, austin powers… i saw the posters for a another new movie coming up….

    sianz…i tot chess set was yours..

  30. Jaz Says:

    You guys are insightful and perceptive. You have the talents too. Don’t have to look further. You have brains, heart and mission. Unlike those who have brains but no heart.

  31. matt Says:

    mrbrown ate my dog’s homework ;p

  32. Winky Says:

    nice one guys…what a good analogy!!! Two thumbs from me!

  33. MMSMPMMC Says:

    hahaha, made my day Mr. Brown. we were discussing this topic few weeks ago after the news about “finding the right talent” came out. Using the chess picture is also appropriate, you have to move the HORSE first before you “jiang” with the cannon here with the inquest report out. There is not enough talent so we have to keep all we have currently…..

  34. tunkudon Says:

    the mrbrown show: the succession i really like this , but i have problem listening try DL also cant . can e mail pls tks

  35. Will money erase everything? « My Public Personal Grumblings Says:

    […] Anyhow, I really like the podcast - “The Succession” by mrbrown. It summarizes 40 years of our “gahmen style” into just 3 minutes! I’m having this podcast on my desktop and playing it often to counter memory-erasing money… […]

  36. Qin Dynasty Legalist Says:

    I don’t trust the people to vote for their Prime Minister. It happens in other countries as well especially the West and Europe. Never mind if they are arrogant so long as I am happy with how things are.

    Nice podcast, Mr. Brown

  37. Commoner Says:

    We have good for nothing leaders that only know how to build ERP and increase the charges…. Lets join forces and vote the opposition parties!!!

  38. chuck Says:

    Godfather Brown,

    I must not forget to pay my respects to you. So that next time i ask you of a favour, you will not turn me down.

    I kiss your hand Godfather and i invite you for Spinelli coffee.

  39. Disappointed Says:

    Have loved MB podcasts since 2006 but due to work and travels, had no time to catch up. Last week I drove to Genting and finally had the time to pre-download and listen to all podcasts from Dec 2007 right up till Nov 2009.
    This is my least favourite of all the estimated 80+ podcasts over this 2 years. Poking fun is funny and entertaining. It is not just “light touch” we should sing and dance to. We must give it the “right touch” too.
    This episode was not funny. I am disappointed with this new low for MB + gang.

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