the mrbrown show: the replacement

Photo by The Cydonian

One day, at a Meet the People session at a coffee shop…

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 May 2008: the replacement Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.5mb, Time: 00:02:37)


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40 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the replacement”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:

    BOSS BROWN!!!!
    YOU’RE DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    …… wonder these inhuman !#!@#$@!#$ getting indecent pay checks have already change the logo of their party. Check this out:

    Anyway, Tiger, Hienneken or Guiness wo dou bu yao! Wa yao BU LANG XIAN SHEN!!!


    lai zhi beijing de DE MONG (DOM)

  2. Lee AhTiong Says:

    Mr Brown, you gonna lose alot of foreigner fan-see. Especially the ah-tiongs.

  3. fm Says:

    “I have the mandate of heaven!” LOL

  4. Jedd Says:

    Hearing mrbrown do the Chinese beer auntie accent was a hoot!!

  5. Someone Says:


  6. HaHaHa Says:

    Sigh! If only can really kick those MIWs out. At least beer auntie got accountability and incentive-driven pay.

  7. LaughedMyAssOff Says:

    wtf…. i laffed so hard my dog got scared…. lol

  8. RS Says:

    I’ll vote for the China Beer Auntie! Free beer for all!!

    With Peanuts too!

  9. meepoktah Says:

    Mika Hakkinen got his own beer liao meh??? Power sia! LOL

    Iron rice bowl… Unlimited blank cheques…

    Two legs good… Four legs bad…

    Time to throw overthrow these greedy dictators!

  10. Tiger auntie Says:

    Haha the accent chin sexy bom pee pee

  11. Mr Tan Says:

    Mr.Brown’s reason for existence is to help Singaporeans voice out. Kudos to him for helping us reflect the rubbish content that we read everyday on the papers. Keep up the good work, Mr.Brown!

  12. Onlooker Says:

    我要花生。Carlsberg and Heineken please :)
    No tiger the other son is ruining it’s aftertaste.
    I vote for beer 美媚mei mei too only if they don’t keep asking 你要不要? XD

  13. beer aunty Says:




  14. Jimmy Says:

    Hi, i don’t know where to ask, where can I search the old file (.mp3) from this website.
    Does this website have somekind of search engine? I really wanna see the old mp3. Thanks allot

  15. DOM the Clown Says:

    To Onlooker,
    要按摩吗? 去嘛!去嘛!



  16. DOM the Clown Says:

    至: beer auntie

    您说布朗先生烂, 我不要您做部长了!


  17. adeline Says:

    So humourous! Great. Great. Giving them a taste of their own flawed reasoning power.

    U guys have exit door or not! Those with the “mandate of heaven” are the type who make fun of others but cannot take jokes….those that poke fun at others, esp those on the opposing end…and yet, they themselves can’t take the jokes poke at them…likely they want to skin you guys alive!

    It is a good thing you guys have guts…and please do have your butts protected, else we can’t hear any more great productions and laugh our stress away!

  18. Lee AhTiong Says:


  19. Master Chief & The Arbiter Says:

    he he

  20. mech Says:

    Wau this esp quite lame sia.. not that fun to listen

  21. 香港.com Says:

    哗! 笑死人啦!!!! mrbrown rocks my socks! U ppl shud learn from us. Send 50 000 ppl on the street and our ‘gahmen” sure will listen one!

  22. ykl Says:

    “sir, do you want some peanuts?”

    this is SO real man.

  23. Beer chiobu Says:

    Taiger… Hakkinen… Geeeee nisss?

  24. kutetee Says:

    Now you know why Geylang and Joo Chiat are so vibrant. All because of these foreign talents!!! They help to enlarge our economic pie and help boasting our economic; they even sacrifice their soul for the sake of Singaporean. We have to reciprocate and encourage our uncles to drink more with the foreign talents and stand up for Singapore.

    I suggest we also replicate this successful business model from Geylang and Joo Chiat to other parts of our world class global city

  25. Ashleigh Says:

    not bad

  26. zhihau Says:



  27. fynyx Says:

    Hello mrbrown,

    Just like people deserve the government they have, the government ultimately comes from the people.

    Ministers and servants of the people who ever forget that, are the pride who come before the fall.
    The top disconnected from the base — sounds like decapitation, doesn’t it?
    And there will always be more aware, humble, available people on the ground, to replace the few ungrateful, ignorant, arrogant ones at the apex.

  28. servantleadership Says:

    My thoughts on the PODcast.

    Foreign Talent, read this article if you find the information encouraging.


    Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I’m going to spend all my time thinking what’s the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week’s problem and forget about next year’s challenges?”

    Quote from Wikipedia.

    Hope the realization will drive improvement of self.
    Regards, Stephen

  29. genocide Says:

    tiger/ hei-ke-nen/ gooi-niss..? LOL
    only the commoners r supposed to take a pay cut, while the MIW (men in white) deserve pay raise?? utter rubbish…. mr brown, u’re our voice! u speak our hearts!

  30. JOE Says:


  31. Regan Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown.

    Only when one or one’s family is involved, then there will be real empathy, ‘remember the sudden cancellation of the break time weight losing programme for primary school kids’, and then perhaps there will be good follow up.
    The fear of replacement for the citizen general population is real and is creeping into an all class syndrome being felt initially by local CEOs and now down the line to beer hosts.
    So far, Ministers have been spared; perhaps not for long - as the expat community grow, we may see Foreign Talents replacing the local Singaporeans and ex-Malaysians.
    Your audio piece is objectively a very good and timely feed back to all ; hopefully there will be more concern and care to locals.

  32. Lion Investor Says:

    But aren’t some of our MPs and ministers already foreign imports?

  33. Jaz Says:

    Pent-up feelings cannot be expressed and published in the STATES TIMES. Mr Brown and Talkingcock are truly the commoners’ mouthpiece. One can’t help being reminded of ANIMAL FARM. Please keep up the good work!

  34. adeline Says:

    yup! yup! ANIMAL FARM…..all the poor animals born and bred on this tiny island and also the foreign animal stayers and visitors with Napoleon and its gang in charge of the farm.

    yup! yup! all the penned up frustrations released and expressed by Mr Brown & gang on behalf of all the members born and bred in Animal Farm.

  35. johnnylikesdemocracy Says:


  36. The Cydonian Says:


    While I’m glad you guys liked my picture, and am happy you linked to it, could you please let me know why you don’t have a proper citation to _me_ ? The photo was certainly not taken by leonnie_sun as you mention; it was taken by me.

    I’m sure it’s a mixup, but would appreciate it if you could cite me in text as well. Thanks!

  37. mb Says:

    The Cydonian: So sorry, it was a mix-up. Bad copy and paste on our part. We have corrected it. Great photo!

  38. The Cydonian Says:

    mb: No worries. Kinda figured it was a copy-paste error, but figured if I was being featured by the mrbrown show, it better be under my own name! :-D

  39. J Says:

    Hilarious! You rox! This is way way true!!!

  40. singa Says:

    singaporeans save up money to buy a miserable flat in hdb areas to live with their wives, children and even parents or in-laws.
    but illegal workers, overstayers and foreign workers live free in klang lane. they lie on the floor of hdb void decks in 671 and 672 klang lane , everyday you can see them lying on the floor, sleeping or drunk after bottles of beer . many start fights after getting drunk.
    cars and lorries are driven by these illegal workers and parked illegally along klang lane, belilios road, chander road, rotan lane etc yet they are not fined or punished.
    hundred and thousands of these illegal workers swamp the entire klang lane , race course road, belilios road and cause massive jams every weekend. Mobile phone lines are jammed here. even singtel phones are jammed. yet nothing is done to remedy.
    how do we get awareness of this social problem

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