the mrbrown show: win-win


Singapore gets the Pedra Branca island. Malaysia gets some rocks. Sweet deal what.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 2 June 2008: win-win Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.3 mb, Time: 00:04:47)


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25 Responses to “the mrbrown show: win-win”

  1. Jedd Says:

    Great work! I love the accents this time, especially your new female crew member. Mrbrown don’t need to act aqua anymore! We win win!

  2. fm Says:

    Download link wrong…

  3. lorrytyre Says:

    hahaha! come to think of it, splitting 3 islets with such near distances between 2 countries feels weird.

    but then icj’s judgement is final and cannot be appealed. somebody must win something, i suppose.

  4. Onlooker Says:

    50Km ban on everything.
    LOL must cut down going to Malaysia liao.
    Past few day traffic to Malaysia very quick. but back to Singapore very jialat.Via Woodland causeway


    Nice one. But Malaysia say look into petrol ban… So your podcast is fundamentally flawed, for now at least.

  6. island Says:

    pulau batu puteh island?
    jus pulau batu puteh can liao leh.

  7. Klin Says:

    2 years ago this day. There was a podcast titled Ex-NS men that I absolutely in love with. Thank you Mr Brown :D

  8. Tzai Wei Says:


  9. HaHaHa Says:

    Yeah, nice accents.

  10. Benjamin Says:

    win liao loh~ 50km of JB all restricted for Singaporean… lolx
    Nvm, we still win the BIG rock…

  11. manson Says:

    mrbrown win win on the 50 km ban is so good and realitic. it just so enjoyable to listen to it.

  12. Anthony Says:

    The accent sounds closer to Jamaican than Malaysian though… Great job with the podcast :)

  13. Mr Toffee Says:

    Well, it ’s not like Malaysia needed the land, seeing that they have a peninsular and an archipelago already.

  14. pokeymoan Says:

    how come the immigration woman sound like filipino?

  15. CGQ Says:

    can post something on malay bad word??

  16. adeline Says:

    BAGUS! BAGUS! BAGUS acting, man!
    Suka, suka your accents, lah.
    Boleh tahan performances, lah!
    ROX ON!!!

  17. Pedra Branca Says:

    We win Pedra Branca not just because we smart ok, we win because we bought it with the blood of our soldiers and sailors. The ‘other party’ did not die for the island but our sailors did. Specifically, four female sailors from RSS Courageous died protecting that island and 8 others were injured for it.

    Can ‘the other party’ say the same? I guess not. Win-win situation? More like win the Middle Rocks which is bought with the blood of foreign soldiers.

  18. Ah Tiang Says:

    Hahaha.. Chewy Gum also banned… Kopi Money also 50km Rule.. Special Service also got.. whahahaa… Funny..

    JBT8888… 4D will open 8888 tomrrow? whahahaa…

  19. PhatSounds Says:

    LOL that’s a great podcast btw:) Awak punya podcast power gila MR Brown!!! Shiok!!! Buat saya ketawa sampai keluar air liur!!!!

  20. WS Says:

    Hahaha! This one can listen within 50km of JB arh! Podcast still haven’t ban.

  21. Snow Says:

    Yo great as ever! Very funny!

  22. Johnson Lim Says:

    Oi, since when you Singaporean stop stealing from Malaysia? You stole our Pulau Batu Putih, our subsidized petrol, our military air space, and then what? Want to steal our women also? You guys sounds more like criminal lah…

  23. Johnson Lim Says:

    Hey, Pedra Branca… You know why your people have to die for our Pulau Batu Putih? Because you are fighting to steal our island lah! You made us no choice but to kill all those who are trying to steal Pulau Batu Putih. I don’t recognise the ICJ’s results, sounded like kena bribed by Singapore!

  24. Hero Says:

    Eh, Misfits, Johnson Lim

    Just to remind you, there are many many of your brothers n sisters coming to OUR LAND for jobs. so lest you forget our DOLLAR is so BIG compared to your banana notes. more like you guys are stealing from us.
    dont blame us for being smarter than you. :) besides, u got the rocks!! you can go fishing there. :)

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    […] “This one, you can listen within 50km of JB yah” Mr Brown smartly saw the reason behind the short-lived ban on foreign-registered vehicles pumping petrol within 50 km of the border. […]

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