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Even our neighbours have to pay more for their gas. Singaporeans pledge their continued support!

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21 Responses to “the mrbrown show: worth it”

  1. adeline Says:

    U guys are amazing! Love the accents!
    Suka. SUKA. Suka the petrol bombs.
    If the GAHMEN here can speak like you all…accents and all….the people will feel 1 with them, lor. Unfortunately, they can’t, so MrBrown & gang, you are still my flaavorite, lor!
    Sangat bagus creation!

  2. kianbung Says:

    lol. everyone’s pissed about the hike. sure, i guess it’s still cheaper than s’pore (if your podcast has got the s’pore rates right.

    btw, just a heads-up. brunei has the cheapest petrol in SEA. 0.53 cents per litre, yo!

  3. Wtf Says:

    Love ur podcasts, but Wtf show, some quite boring

  4. PhatSounds Says:

    That is a good one Mr Brown. LOL (petrol so expensive now have to make small petrol bomb for riot) That guy who say that was good in his malaysian accent. Bagus awak punya podcast:) Ya still worth it.

  5. Tzai Wei Says:

    see dis video on Youtube guys.

  6. Tzai Wei Says:

    why did u reject my comments???is there any problem.pls tell me

  7. Tzai Wei Says:

    oo icic sorry sia

  8. lorrytyre Says:

    another jolly good duh news!

    mb sir, will be updated in parallel to the mioTV show(at least the highlights)? really miss wtfshow but i aint subscribing miotv though.

  9. Snow Says:

    Another great podcast haha

  10. manson Says:

    Mr. Brown show very good la! Just so funny and in a real everyday life situation. But I said: PM Adullar action to reduce fuel subsidy is a correct and right decision to go. I 100% support this action la even I feel the pain of high fuel price. It is right to stop the fuel subsidy so that we can stop the waste and harm of cheap fuel causing so much pollution to the world climate. Save the Earth for our children future sake. Malaysian please don’t grumble anymore la la la!!!

  11. manson Says:

    All these cheap cake Singoporean driver that go to Johore just to pump petrol to save a few dollars are very stupid and greedy. Might at well don’t own car if you so can’t afford it. Better save yourself thousand of dollars a month by taking public transport that a few dollars pumping fuel ib JB. You stupid Cork$$$$

  12. Jedd Says:

    Bagus bagus! Two thumb the up…if I can do that within 50 km of the border one lah.

  13. K Says:

    i wouldnt want to describe u as stupid n ignorant but my lousy few dollars english n limited vocab only allow that.your miss universe cliche can save nothing.the decision to rise da price is definitely not for that n it will also defintely not help with the pollution problem.the 40 percent sudden hike is definitely more of a problem than solutions to both da government n citizens.the ever changin rules just shows how unstable n the incapability of problem solving of the malaysian government.

    im one of the budget singaporean who doesnt appreciate cakes but goes malaysia regularly for petrol.a full tank is not just a few dollars.a month tank is definitely not just a few dollars and it whop up to a big deal for a poor singaporean in a rich government country.
    stupid is when u lost the captive n continue with da wayang to show stupid pple like u.greedy is when u keep rising your pay to meet the “everydays” u raised.both is not the reasons for much cheaper petrol.when the world is low on $1.85 petrol and only have plenty of $2.70 petrol,u can understand da frustation of goin to malaysia for a much lower price same grade petrol.if i cant afford house,i shld slp in da streets?if i cant afford to eat,i might as well die?some jobs require a great amount of travelling n its not just A FEW DOLLARS.if u need to know a place for a cheap car,just go to the causeway n ask.
    not everyone has a father with da surname lee.the salesgirl u see,the fast food restaurant worker and many others is workin v hard for that “few dollars” u are mentioning

  14. dkps Says:

    Charles Siew Pau… Wahahaha

  15. knnpcc Says:

    haha tat day b4 the hike i go in jb pump, got one stupid uncle pump until overfill the pants also dunno…think must be gaysiao then after go back sg squeeze the petrol out of his pants and underwear..wahahah..anyway u guys know this global warmin, save the earth wat shit campaign is a conspiracy by this big country in the west to reduce petrol prices?? wahhaha i still cant imagine last time when i started driving the petrol price only like $1.2 per litre..wahaha buy hyrid lor

  16. Johnson Lim Says:

    The petrol price went up because you Singaporean always come and “steal” our subsidized petrol lah… Memang sial betul, now we Malaysians need to pay for what you Singaporean have done to us… Actually must charge all of you import duty lah, since all of you import Malaysian petrol privately…

  17. taslim Says:

    Does anyone have the original video of the guy who said “still worth it!” in the news report? That fellow get “suan”. Padan muka!

  18. ally Says: view and just read around! (:

  19. adeline Says:

    ah yo! why so many hit-u, hit-u-back, hit-back comments???
    Whether in Malaysia or in Singapore, we have to live with gahmens who are @#%#@! no $, no talk people….so why hit out at each other?
    We are just laymen who actually just take all the hits given out by
    our gahmen; so isn’t that enough of ‘hits’ already?
    Why write hit-u-hit-back comments? Want to do so, then give these comments to the 2 gahmens and let’s all enjoy the creations that MrBrown & gang have created and will continue to create…i just hope that MrB& gang will create more like the ERP Drift and MyHum,MyHum…or to some….MyHumps!
    LIfe is depressing enough with petro price increases; don’t need us to fight among ourselves.

  20. KNV6_No10 Says:

    pretty cool podcast! Mr still-worth-it has a point too! i suppose SG ‘Gahmen’ wans every price in sg to be double that of malaysia. Moreover, heard that a certain Lee told us to continue supporting the current government becos a change would bring sg down~ hmm..wad u guys tink? me? definitely something mus be done cos lots of people out there re suffering~ Good Job Mr Brown~

  21. Agent 47 Says:

    Haha the Bureau turns out to be a Singaporean… Keep forcing the interviewee to say its not worth it to pump petrol.

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