the mrbrown show: the great escape 2

Photo by Xosé Castro

Two prisoners give our Home Team a run for their money.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 16 June 2008: the great escape 2 Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:11)


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26 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the great escape 2”

  1. Nano Nano Pudding Says:

    hahaha good ideal all detention center and prison should install more watercooler

  2. Tzai Wei Says:

    the video on Youtube

  3. KoRpeRaL Lim Says:

    that was hilarious

  4. MataLee Says:

    Low crime doesn’t mean no crime.
    Low escape rate doesn’t mean no escape.

  5. XenoFlux Says:

    lol the water part very funny. RMS! RMS!

  6. Scofield Says:

    the singapore police is an insult to my intelligence.
    my plan for the next big escape: MAKE SURE A IMBECILE IS THE MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS

  7. lorrytyre Says:

    looks like we need some anti-complacent measures that are fool-proofed.

    e.g. leaded bowling balls chained to their feet; fitting them with that ‘i dunno how to call it’ special white jacket with sleeves so long that they have to tried a knot over on their back; diapers, etc

    nah, that would be cruel wouldn’t it. time to do another ‘let’s move on’

  8. Faidenk Says:


    Sorry, you’re too late. There already is.

  9. auntieblog Says:

    This is a very good one MB, very funny and smart. So the 2 guys have to blame the complacent police for the extended sentences that they’re gonna get. If the police did their jobs well, the 2 guys won’t have the chance to hantam that police officer, in the first place, right? Can they sue the police for this? Hmm…

  10. adeline Says:


    So authentic.
    SO BAGUS UNTIL We are so proud of you guys and
    the gahmen + WKS (Weakling Kiah Su) can be malu-ed!!!

    [[that Every Day Robbing (ERP) people bunch is one super thick-skinned bunch…up to now, still no feel malu-ed! ]]

    Anyone saw Talking Point on June 15…just past…heard the answers given by the Nominated MP….. whaw! so malu-ed and talked as though tak malu, & act so gong…. talking to him is like pouring oil over a duck…. or like talking to an echo! Nominated only…havent hear from WKS himself yet!

    ANYWAY, when there is ONE,
    there will be TWO,
    AND when there is TWO,

    3rd ….. 3rd to come….hee….hee…. this time is asking for ice-water while pee-ing & changing clothes to see judge…then disappearing!

    RMS. RMS. RMS! More to come…..

  11. adeline Says:

    actually if the gahmen hear your hilarious production, all the water cooler and ice-makers, and probably all the vending machines in and outside the courts, at the prisons, & even at police stations….will disappear faster than the next MAS.

    alamak! no more drinks to drink at all these places….sooner or later!

  12. Eeeediot Says:

    Tsk tsk tsk….another mistake, another ‘move on’. You know ah, last time they say what MSK is unarmed and is not a threat right? Then again he is the brain of JI so even if he got no weapon ah, he still can mastermind all the grand fireworks(BOOM BOOM) plans what..

    They all like to down-play their mistakes one as though nothing serious happened like that. Anyway once I heard News 5 that got people ESCAPE again, I sure know MRBROWN will make fun of this incident one hahaha~

    MRBROWN - the epitome of greatness, the voice of the people, the archnemesis of the gahment, the icon of free speech.
    I like it when you manage to siam all the gahment arrows and set up this blog-podcast. Allow us ‘lowly’, common citizens who are treated like dirt, who are squeezed dry of our $, to vent our frustrations and voice our views.

    Btw read the news today on TODAY, say that got somemore ERP gantries coming into effect at CBD area le… Nab*h, i think they should put one in front of the Istana too..

  13. cy Says:

    must well put erp in front of every hdb….

  14. cbh Says:

    Hilarious, are you guys going to come up with something about ERP gantry. There are much more gantries that could be found in this small island and guess the most in planet earth per quare meter.

  15. Eeeediot Says:

    Actually, any rational person wouldnt want anything bad to happen la of course. i mean example: no wanted terrorists escapes, no natural disasters etc…. But we all will want to scrutinise the mistakes made by top-brass and gahment. Let other people see whether they are really the capable or just got into parliament kelong one. Got honours, masters, doctorate doesnt mean got leadership skills one hor… (OFF-TOPIC: Some Army Regulars Junior Commissioned Officers i know only know how to rub-b@lls and got no leadership skills at all.)

    But ah, i really wonder what will happen if got another repeated case of ‘prison break’ again.. Season 1 is MSK, Season 2 is these 2 heroes… Mebbe Season 3 someone escape from Tekong???? Or maybe SG should use the PEDRA BRANCA as an island-prison. LOL~

  16. Eeeediot Says:

    Talking about ERP gantries, (as mentioned in 2fast2drift podcast way way back) if everyone leaves for work early to avoid the gantry operation hours, then if everyone has the same mind-set wouldnt the roads be as crowded?? Then how?? Start ERP operation at 6am? 5am?? This is absurd.

    Similarly, everyone might leave workplace a bit later and also cause crowding on the roads in the evening. Then somemore the population density so high already (i think is 5th, just behind HK nia) still encourage us to take the f-up public transport. So crowded, the train operators all talk big nia, say what ridership increaseed.

    I also dont think they can cope with that much load lor.. nab*h everytime train not for passenger svc; nab*h i act good citizen give way first always kena ‘cut queue’ thats why always miss trains.

    Then most people also never give way for alighting passengers one…..never get seat will die meh??

    I think why now got so many ERP is because some bugger topbrass kena late for some meeting due to traffic congestion thats why implement so many ‘USERP(nice ‘usurp’ pun). This way like you said, roads now only for VIP. They can cruise all the way to meeting without any jams at a comfortable time of the day when other lowly citizens all wake up damn extra early to go work first.

    Just build one at the start of Causeway, sure get double revenue. SG cars exit? beep*. SG cars come back in? beep* Twice the revenue. Indirectly taxing people for buying chewing gums and petrol from Truly Asia…

  17. Snow Says:

    Hilariously funny again. Great job!

  18. Dreadnought™ Says:

    This is just simply humourous. I love the sacarsam behind it.

  19. Hilarious Lee Says:

    Keep going - the “not my fault ” walls are beinging to crumble

  20. LauBakSai Says:

    Hahaha, the part about “Grab his baton”, “No, the other baton”. Laughed until tears came to my eyes. Well done!

  21. smiley Says:

    Like the minister part. Sadly but truth , Well done guys.

  22. infinit Says:

    freaking funny! Esp the imitating part lol. Well to be fair it was not the Police Force that lost MSK, it was the ISD which is not part of SPF

  23. Zhi Ai Says:

    I really like the part where the rationale for imposing such a long sentence- 19 years for shaming the police force.. again.. Nice podcast!

  24. Ucanius Says:

    Keep it up MB! was really hilarious and at the same time an issue which is still on most singaporeans’ mind now

  25. RelaxLAH.. Says:

    premission to drink up SIR!

  26. snowflakes Says:

    the judge and the guy at the second door sounds like the narrator from army daze.
    y’know, the malcolm guy?

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