the mrbrown show: just can’t quit

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When you are this good, your boss won’t let you go so easily.

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25 Responses to “the mrbrown show: just can’t quit”

  1. AngryMob Says:

    the only way to make them quit is to VOTE AGAINST THEM. ALL of us should do just that.

  2. auntieblog Says:

    Hmm… so Minister Kan is now the victim?

  3. Rox Says:

    See this video about some idiots in Singapore, damn funny:

  4. nutcase23 Says:

    “nothing sticks to it. nothing at all!”


  5. Freddie Says:

    Haha…. i like the last part;

    ” i was created by human error “.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like to listen to the site weekly.


  6. HaHaHa Says:

    Teflon coated suit so that shit will just slip-off… I want 1 2!

    Actually those teflon-suited men claim that they can earn 2x more in private sector than their ministerial pay, maybe that’s why Kan wants to quit. If so, please go lah, save the poor peasants some money.

  7. Eeeediot Says:

    AngryMob, i got a better idea. Why not we all fund MRBROWN so that he can go run for the next election as an independant candidate?

    kehehehehehe~~ Sure very the popular one. ok ok joking da..

    Anyway, so long already still haven’t find MSK that means either he really zao overseas liao (its mean that its like searching for a needle in a haystack…except that there is no needle in the hay in the first place..) or is he gone into hiding here in SG.

    This means that as long as he dont show his face, he can still plan for other things while letting his JI members take care of stuff for him. Like that is also like looking for a needle in a haystack except that the Home Team is searching at the wrong bale of hay..
    They all search the forests la say what he few more days past liao no more food or water sure surrender one but look at where is he now? Where is he? Have they found him yet? No….

    FOUR hrs later only did news of his escape disseminate to the public. You dont need 4 hrs to travel from one end of SG to the other. In this 4 hrs, he could have gone anywhere and no passers-by would have suspected or identified him as a fugitive.

    “How many policemen does it take to catch a man with/without a limp (depending on whether he is running or not)??? ANS: None…because they haven’t even caught him yet..”

    Last time i also remember one forummer said that maid get in trouble, employer pay $5000 fine even though not the employer fault.

    Then how come Minister Cant Go Wrong’s subordinates screw up but then the punishment meted out is of double-standards i.e. lower people kena but not the top-brass??? Nuff said..

    “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely..”

    Just like Animal Farm like that. The part where the pigs want the milk and apples for themselves but they tell the animals they hate the taste but because they need it for brain power to think, the pigs have to eat them.

    Raise the pay to prevent other companies from poaching the oh-so-talented leaders? If one is really care for country and is patriotic, offer you peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew (i literally mean NUTS) also they wont mind slogging their heart and soul and mind for the country… Raise pay to keep talents wor..because they need the extra income wor… they say, we listen loh..

  8. Hohoho Says:

    Agree with HaHaHa,
    It will be a challenge even for the men in white to even earn a dollar on their own. Try it man, and it may be easier to find useful stuff @ in centres. Even PM said something about NEH - that he was from the private sector.
    WKS is good in election times - remember the HDB upgrading incentive/disincentive which worked very well against oppositions.
    This may be another reason why PM is retaining him despite the embarassment and groundswell . Of course PM hopes that Singaporeans will forget and forgive the incompetencies over time, which good nature Singaporeans normally do; except that this time around it is not possible with great escape attempt no. 2, high cost of living, horrendous accidents , traffic woes, and god know what else? next ?…..
    Of course one can say there must be human error, nothing is perfect,…. except for the salary… but as Mr Brown says “Just Can’t quit” can be completed to “but may have to go cos I cannot take the pressure anymore” . So let us watch the show towards 2010… they may be more quitters than stayers, remember GCK’s speech years ago, but now” forgotten”. Thank you Mr Brown.

  9. TroJans Says:

    another joke from our PF…..a drunk girl was being taken away by her “fake” boifrd in front of their noses and kena raped…my god!!!

    can’t all this be preventable??????

    Hopefully they can explained y this happened.

    Who’s resigning now????? Muhahaha

  10. auntieblog Says:

    Another fiasco - this time a father used his son’s passport and got thru’ checks at the airport. I think MSK must have gone pass them a long time ago.

  11. hox3 Says:

    Just before signing off hox3 as above, ‘”just can’t quit”‘ had a rape case and a security lapse @ airport - the pressure to resign NOW must be very great whatever relationship, past good election performance, etc, and of all excuses - HUMAN ERROR! The man in blue or the ISD must have offended the gods…… what is next on the road to 2010?

  12. 香港.com Says:

    As a History student, i totally agree with your Animal Farm analogy. Even communist countries fire minister! Just look at how many China ministers got fired after SARS and the train crash 2 months ago(If I’m correct). And the railway minister was’nt even @ fault. Absolute Power Corrupts the leader. It’s our duty as responsible citizens to monitor the government and ensure that their policies are beneficial to the overall good of the people and nation.

  13. Eeeediot Says:

    Yeah i agree that as responsible citizens, we should monitor them because after all these people were supposedly chosen by ‘The People” to help govern the country.

    However, without credible opposition teams, what can we all do? Even if we lowly citizens give feedback or worse come to worse, complain about issues, has anything good ever came out of it? I am not sure.. At least the US has those close-fights during elections..but over here?? Wait until the cows come home then say..

    (OFF TOPIC: As my name suggested, i am somewhat of a ignorant person LOL. Can anyone tell me why is the PM having more authority than the Prez here, unlike in the USA?

    Why didnt they make the Prez hold the most authority

  14. Eeeediot Says:

    Sorry, accidentally hit “Submit”.. (con’t)

    So if that had happened, we’d be seeing Prez L** instead of PM L**.

    Is it because certain posts can be held longer??? )

  15. Qin Dynasty Legalist Says:

    All of us in favour of firing ministers over every matter?

  16. Ahum Says:

    Hi Eeeediot,

    Any idea about the salaries of the Chinese Ministers ? It may not be hire and fire as according to the Chinese Daily, average basic pay of Chinese Ministers is about the equivalent of US$ 10,000 per month.
    But early retirement to make way for freshness - no qualms whatsoever; the out going Ministers make more money after that when they enter private sector

  17. adeline Says:

    clap. clap. again another fabulous production, Mr Brown & gang!

    So nice to read all the comments!
    As for MAS SELAMAT, he already selamat bye bye to all of us on the day of his escape!
    & he is no longer in Singapore! If father and son can go through airports with wrong passports, it just proves that Selamat is long gone!!! As for the gahmen…..they obviously are sweeping Selamat and soon every wrong under the carpet….after all, we are a World Class Country, what! Nothing can go wrong esp when there are World Class Ministers in charge!
    Only in Singapore where a man, who lived a luxurious life and built his savings off public money, will get ONLY 3mths jail after 12years of luxury living!!! Whaw! I also want leh.
    Read the newspapers and u see the types of jail term handed out to offenders for all kinds of crimes and you will say to yourself….geee, i don’t mind doing the same thing as T.T. Durai.
    Only in Singapore do you have such an interesting system!

    They recently aired this documentary FARENHEIT 911 and after watching it and realizing what type of human George Bush is, it hit me that my gahmen may be like this….my ministers may be like Bush. Whaw!!! Singaporeans can start moaning!

  18. Commoner Says:

    good for nothing ministers….. pui!

  19. Eeeediot Says:

    Govt is to serve the people and country right? So they shouldnt mind if they are under-paid or over-paid. After all these are people born and bred in Singapore. If they are tempted by money to go join so-called foreign companies, then they are not doing what they preach.

    I also remember one part of SAF core values is “Loyalty to Country”.

    Look at South Korea’s Lee Myung Bak. He donated his entire public sservant salary to the poor. Can our million $ prez and ministers do that?

  20. Tzai Wei Says:

    this vid on youtube

  21. summer @ Yale Says:

    […] “The elite like to think of themselves as belonging to a meritocracy, but that’s true only up to a point. Getting through the gate is very difficult, but once you’re in, there’s almost nothing you can do to get kicked out.” –> On this note, check this out. (it’s hilarious!) […]

  22. KY JELLY Says:

    Minor mistakes!! For God’s Sake LOL!!! Lets Move On

  23. LeeCan'tQuit Says:

    If we really sacked every ministers for every errors…we dun have any ministers left.
    but when comes to private sectors…things are different.
    You get sacked for various and odd reasons.

    Civil servant jobs are diamond rice bowls.

  24. RelaxLAH.. Says:

    juz today a joker went into the police stn n hit a police officer on the head after he was refused to use the toilet.. manhunt is now on! but hor sorrie huh no 1 million reward..

  25. blah bla bla Says:

    please blame me!

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