the mrbrown show: speedy clearance

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A better customs experience begins with a wake-up call!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 June 2008: speedy clearance Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.9mb, Time: 00:03:49)


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24 Responses to “the mrbrown show: speedy clearance”

  1. faa Says:

    another wonderful podcast.. hope this goes down as one of the classics.. thanks la mrbrown, its a great start to a new week man.. =)

  2. \( O.o)/ Says:

    SLAC HAHA!!! nice nice!! Brown u owned~

  3. \( O.o)/ Says:

    brown!! 1 more thing to ask!! how bout female clearance!? boobs?

  4. auntieblog Says:

    I still can’t get over how they can clear that guy when his fingerprint didn’t pass the screening 3 times!

  5. Alvin Ho Says:

    This is truly slack man. Can someone please learn from mistakes. aiyah!!
    Btw Chee lane! LOL. Classic Mr. Brown!

  6. Dany Says:

    HAhaha! I got tan at sentosa LAH!

  7. kelnvb Says:


  8. O.O Says:

    haha Lim Ah Mas parody to Mas Salamat?

  9. HaHaHa Says:

    Wow, was waiting for the Chee-can’t-go lane!!! LOL!

    Really SLAC siah! Even uncle with son’s passport and Whitley’s Lim-A-Mas “I got tan at sentosa LAH” also can pass.

    Classic :-D Guess maybe WSK should switch to Health ministry for bringing us so much laughter, the best medicine :-D

  10. adeline Says:

    whaw! Like your CHEE LANE!

    Based on your GROIN LANE, only the men can clear customs.
    Women, leh?
    G lane?

    Maybe there will be an S LANE….Selamat Lane…in future.

  11. Pet Says:

    If chee heard it , He will feel honour , Got 10 guards at his personel lane . To ensure no one use it . So many resources devote to him.

    So honoured.

  12. Lee&Chee Says:

    Chee got special priviledge!!!
    Got himself a personal lane.

    Must be elite.

  13. lorrytyre Says:

    consider these chains (may not be accurate), guess how many have already avoided this sort of chains. my guess: plentiful. like “6X% is good enough”, we need to take an overview of things and get those mistakes ironed out for good for now.

    golden tap->sue media->counter sue->big charity saga->peanuts->hong kong escape tour->more charities involve in similar saga->?

    nasi lemak escape->realising complacency of u & U->court escape->customs negligence->?

  14. PSY Says:

    lol.. prevent any cockups

  15. DS Says:

    Hehe those Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority officers should check this one out.

  16. raeg Says:

    Groin lane! LOL. To prevent any cock-ups!

  17. Racing Schools Says:

    First time commenting. It’s about time someone told the ICA guys off.

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  19. eddie Says:

    “one swift thrust of the groin and we can identify them!”

  20. Jaz Says:

    One major mistake after another. The million dollars must make them particularly thick skinned. Just wondering if the holder of the passport was a “fallen talent”. “Fallen talents” are finding life easier in Singapore than we, Singaporeans.

    A great way to express our sentiments!

  21. Ucanius Says:

    Will a podcast on the International Bar Association’s report be up soon MB? =P fantastic work keep it up!

  22. Savageboy Says:

    If singapore is like ur slack system!!! Airport can close down!!! Haha!!! What if people have a same ‘goooroin’?!! And if people with same family murder their own family and take their passport to leave how?!!! HOW?!!!

  23. johntanyishin Says:

    lol, sad Chee…

    Singapore has always proud itself of its security, but the passport incident and mas selemat really make us lose face.


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