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Not all fare hikes are bad! Not if you like transfers!

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27 Responses to “the mrbrown show: fare game”

  1. anonymous Says:

    lol! very funny… “changing buses fir changing times” - what a slogan - you better copyright it cos i’m sure SBS and SMRT will be clamouring to use it!!!

    next they should think charging pregnant women and senior citizens more cos it is a privilidge and “premium” to carry a baby or to have live so long!!!

  2. auntieblog Says:

    Whatever happened to the seamless travel experience? I hate travelling to anywhere that requires a feeder bus or having to switch to another bus or whatever. Maybe we should just get used to walking more, like back in the old days when kampungs do not have feeder buses.

  3. Jedd Says:

    Some of you may remember the days of “ba wang che”-the bus would come round and if you were lucky enough you got to hop on. But now, it’s the government that are the true “ba wang”s (tyrants), as this podcast brilliantly shows. Nice one yet again, MB and team!

  4. Eeeediot Says:

    Nab*h, I really very impressed how and where they get the figures 4/10 commuters will be able to save money. Very very f**king ironic… like think we all SG ppl very gullible, raise price still can save $? Who the f**k are they kidding?

    Reason for hike is always link to oil-prices one….no other reason liao. Want to earn more $ just say la, dont beat about the bush.

    Now they want more $. F**king blood-suckers~!

    Can I also say that 10 out of 10 people are VERY angry and VERY against the fare hikes? Ok mebbe make that 9.999 out of 10 people…. we need to exclude those gahment ppl, SMRT, SBS shareholders etc…

    Sorry da, but ‘fare’ and ‘hike’ are very sensitive words… and they don’t go to well with the words ’save money’.. Unfair to the supposed 6/10 people who travel single trip.

    Going by the logic that fuels are being used up everyday and with the world’s supply decreasing, unless they can come up with other sources of fuel for petrol/diesel engine, the price will only go up.

    Going by the number of ‘up’ trend like e.g. ministerial salary, transport, ERP, taxi-fare, CPF withdrawal age, I think I can foresee in 2010 that % votes for Opp party will also be going UP….

  5. mr brown fan Says:

    see these budding podcasters wthj their first creation

  6. Dany Says:

    but i got direct bus leh!

  7. Andre Says:

    I am surprised to find that a key consideration of convenience to most people is the availability of a ‘direct’ bus service, sometimes overlooking the length of time for the journey. I don’t know about most people, but personally I want the fastest way to get to a destination. Many people find transfers difficult, troublesome and a daunting prospect.

    I have been making extra transfers in order to get somewhere faster, and I have been penalised for it by having to pay extra.

    For example, at my school’s bus stop, there are 3 services which call there, 28, 93 and 158. It is possible to take all 3 home, with a not too large time difference in terms of traveling time. One of them is a 1 stop service, while the other 2 require 2 transfers. With new distance based fares, I can take whichever bus comes first and not have to pay extra for it.

    Transferring is not as difficult as it seems!

    Or do I just fall into the 4 in 10 people category.

  8. brudder Says:

    To Andre

    Yeah, I have a similar situation to you, there’s a direct bus there and also a bus+MRT+bus transfer.

    In theory, the bus+MRT+bus should be faster, but because of super long waiting time, like 20min for bus, 7min for MRT, another 15min for bus, in the end, you might as well take direct bus. The best thing is you can get a seat.

  9. Alvin Ho Says:

    in due time, I’ll have to directly walk to my destination of choice. Its a premium to live healthy.

  10. Bruce Says:

    And soon…. For those walking…… You will have ERP gantry. It’s a premium to walk too…. Don’t forget….

  11. adeline Says:


    MB, U have a number of fabulous taglines which U better have them copyright as the LTA may just end up using them, as pointed out by Anonymous.

    Our dear gahmen is like Anwar… who has claimed that he can reduced oil prices if he is in the gahmen…. both are so freaking rediculous in the way they try to get people to support them…just grab and offer reasons/causes to people whom they think have no brains. I wonder what will happen if Anwar is in Singapore instead??!!! Maybe Mas Selamat II episode?

    & changing buses, mrt, etc. is no fun to the elderly, to those with many children in tow, and to those who are carrying a number of things with them!!! Of course there will be some gahmen goons who will suggest taking taxis! Taix hikes…taxi fares! That’s another sickening thing!

  12. adeline Says:


    How not to when own gahmen think the citizens are stupid enough to swallow whatever reasons/causes announced in public??!!

  13. Rose Says:

    i feel this batch of new gahmen has lost what the old guards had… the ability to put up convincing arguments. when it was the old Lee time, or the Goh time, the party bothered to come up with good arguments to “win” people over. not that they ever won me over, but at least they bother to put in effort. this batch just doesn’t bother to convince people anymore and puts up silly arguments to increase everything, as if we are BRAINLESS! i mean come on, with all the high pay they have, the very least they can do is spend time thinking of good excuses… and they don’t EVEN bother!

    Much as i hate the draconian style of the old guards, they had the “politician-integrity” - to want to make people believe in them (it’s another matter if you dont believe in them though).

  14. lorrytyre Says:

    i read from somewhere, i think ST: says in year 2015, a goal to achieve, 80% of the commuters will reached their destination within 60 minutes.

    in another older article, in 10 - 15 years, xx% of the working force will be working near to where they live.

    getting to work can be a pain in my neck when camping in is no option.

    i give a comparative scenario: Point A to B; by Taxi 30 mins, $15, by Bus or MRT+Walking 3 Bus stops 60 mins to 90 mins $1.60~$1.80, i think. i don’t usually count the dollars and cents for transport because “i have no choice”.

    fuel is going to increase a lot more in future, so yeah, in 10 - 15 years time, more people is going to work near their home. u can bet on that.

  15. cinori Says:

    thank you so much, the not so sm@rt people for the un-fare hikes. we are already loving the (S)uper (B)loody (S)low service that you are providing even with bus lanes. we should all take un-Comfort that public transport is still cheaper than taxis, and best of all no (E)xtra (R)idiculous (P)enalties to pay! all praise the Lousy Transport Authority!

  16. yp Says:

    to mr brown fan,

    i understand that you don’t intend the video to be a joke, but i still find it to be in pretty bad taste.

  17. Snowflix Says:

    I hate to change bus…

  18. jud Says:

    a luxury, not a neccessity. hah! buses would be the last form of public transport that i would ever want to choose, simply bcos of its snail pace speed, squeezy peak hours, dripping air con units and what nots. and im sure many people too feel this way. i think the smrt people should indulge in advertising, promoting and making commuters feel that they are paying their worth, instead of sucking us dry. with today’s comfortdelgro’s 30cents fare hike as well, dang, we should start walking.

  19. lorrytyre Says:

    tmbs team hit a point that should be strongly considered: stand up pay more than sitting down or vice versa.

    its like making every bus/train a Premium (standing up or sitting down but not both) experience, if the Premium Price is right. its a win-win situation!

    anybody visualized what i am trying to say?
    maybe sometimes u will see somebody doing the horse-stance, omg, i cant wait to see that happens. lol

  20. SwankyFranky Says:

    lol.. this is one of the methods for SBS Transit to maxmise profits..

    One thing that i hate most about SBS Transit is why SIM full-time students have to pay for adult fares.. but for NTU, NUS and SMU, they can use student concession.. Simply because of disctinction between private and public education? Hilarious!

    What to do? We are in a game of losing monopoly..

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  22. Jane Says:

    d public transport operators dun get much subsidy from gahmen wen dey operate d public transport to cater to all you mundane and myopic amoeba. dey dun profit from d blardy hike. u wait till circle line and other line open, den u scream wen u see d cost of the travel. wahahah..
    anyway, these operators seek other avenues to gain profit like commercial or properties, or even trading. also becos u ppl keep on complaining dis not enuff, dat not enuff, y dun u run a public transport business n see if u ever be enuff.

  23. Shinn Says:

    Blame the 66.6% who voted for PAY AND PAY, POOR ALSO PAY.

    Let this be a lesson to all of us. Vote the opposition Parties during the next GE, be part of them by visiting their open house (only WP have it) and DON EVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID EVERYTIME GE IS OVER (That is, to raise every GST etc)

  24. Xianren Says:

    It is a premium, a luxury, not a nessicity. LOLS, laughed like crazy

  25. Supertoad Says:

    “d public transport operators dun get much subsidy from gahmen wen dey operate d public transport to cater to all you mundane and myopic amoeba.”

    This mundane Myopic amoeba realizes that many public transport corporation are linked to the Gahment. And He also does not believe that those corporations are not making money. Please go check their declaration of profits every year.

  26. johntanyishin Says:

    yeah, notice that bad things come after GE. Before Ge, give you goodies, after GE, they will find some ways to take them back.


  27. Chuck Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown and your team for the stinging humor.

    4/10 benefit but isnt 6/10 that don’t benefit belong to the majority?

    Doesn’t democracy means majority rules?

    Also, I thought we have a Transport Council to act as watch dogs to protect consumers agianst excessive profiteering by Public Transport.

    Can they not benchmark with the rest of the world’s public transport system to see how much profit for our public transport is fair?

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