the mrbrown show: do us in

Photo by Craig Rodway

Singapore should be afraid. Be very afraid! They are out there, I tell you! They have an agenda, and they aren’t afraid to use it against Singapore!

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34 Responses to “the mrbrown show: do us in”

  1. anon Says:

    mb - error opening file. You can delete this comment after reading it if you want.

  2. kidd Says:

    nice one;D

  3. Platinum337 Says:

    Hi mrbrown! I like it! By the way, you coffee shop has stall that sell ‘bak chor mee’ with cctv & ‘mee siam mai hum’? :-D

  4. auntieblog Says:

    And they are welcomed with open arms to compete with local entrepreneurs (read last week’s ST). Who’s doing who in?

  5. Onlooker Says:

    OMG other kopi shop jealous of our small kopi shop what to do?????
    Kopitiam’s stall rent upgrade very often too.
    At least the western kopitiam adjust the salary for their worker.
    No kopi lui pol = complacent pol?
    so many month still no clue. damm jialat lah

  6. \( O.o)/ Says:

    haha nice one.. brown.. u r always full of ideas…

  7. uh oh Says:

    eh mr brown… this might be criticising a certain someone leh! aren’t you yourself afraid?

  8. anon Says:

    haha ibanet report!

  9. LeeNameLame Says:

    iBaba damn lame name leh. kekkekeke

  10. adeline Says:

    U guys are just fabulous! Made me laughed so much!
    Monday has never been this fabulous until I heard your COFFEE PRODUCTION!
    This production should be used for literature class since Animal Farm
    is slowly fading…just in case young minds become too critical…so this little production should be a prose in literature class in place of AFarm.
    At this rate, I hope U guys are changing addresses often else…U know lah! Some people just have no sense of humour, lah, then U all kena lah. THANKS for the guts! This is as good as the ERP Drift and MAS SELEMAT production! KUDOS to you guys!
    Here’s to more kopi latte, kopi mocha, kopi just mai diam!!!

  11. meepoktah Says:

    LOL! another tongue in cheek, balls in face podcast!

  12. Obvious Grey Says:

    I thought Singapore coffeeshop don’t use press because we use the sock!

    And what about freedom of assembly, we still have the ah peks with one leg up perched on the chair playing chinese chess at mid-afternoon what…

    Anyway, this time i think the allusion might have been obvious. Better start planning your escape…

  13. Alvin Ho Says:

    Im not sure if you know how to run a coffee shop brown but you sure know how to run a podcast!

  14. Jaz Says:

    Hey Mr brown,

    Couldn’t play this? Is there something serious? Have u been done in instead?

  15. Fussy Says:

    I heard abit about IBar’s comments on Singapore’s Juridical System. Anyone willing to share more?

  16. khirsah Says:

    hey, obviously the coffeeshop has freedom of speech and gathering, if not,how can the two workers gather together and discuss the iBaba report with the boss?!?! eh… I mean boss mentor…

  17. EatMoney Says:

    Mr. Brown , I cannot tahan you , not fair that you keep producing one master piece after another lah !

    Anyway, Catherine Lim is tossing the idea of a play, base on the political scenario in Singapore.
    Should that happen Mr. Brown, can you please not audition for the hero’s role, I chope the part first ok ? I always wanted to be a hero but I have to be honest that I don’t have big enough ‘family jewels’. So play acting suits me just nice lah.
    By the way I hope you audition for the role of the biggest rogue in Singapore and don’t play me out by accepting low sign-on fees.

  18. Saint Splattergut Says:

    An instant classic, sir. *standing ovation*

  19. YarmageddonY Says:

    for some reason, its not working for me. i cant play the file

  20. Eeeediot Says:

    My oh my, this is a fantastic parody of THAT issue!!
    I love it, is the least I can say~~

    Perhaps next GE at 2010/2011 or even this coming NE Speech can hear that Mee Siam Mai Hum fella use ‘Kopi-O Siu Dai’ in his speech.

    Anyway, now got the news 2 people offering $1,000,000 for the capture of MSK. Hmm…gonna do a podcast on that? Esp. the “MHA-not-offering-reward-however-public-$$$-is-always-welcomed” policy.

    Now they also change statement from “we-have-evidence-he’s-still-in-SG” to “prospect-of-escape-to-another-country-should-not-be-dismissed”… Yeah prolly after the Pasuport incident…they scared and shit in their pants liao…

    So that means if MSK is never found (well there’s no evidence to show that he was alive prior to escaping or was there?) then what will happen to the 1 million $? Gahment keep? Meh………

  21. HaHaHa Says:

    Ha ha ha! Boss-mentor… :-D And the cannot raise pay part and the youngsters going to western style cafe and never coming back. Very good laughs over several issues. Thank you, thank you, Mr Brown!

  22. koko Says:

    hey Mrbrown,

    this is so lol!!


  23. Qin Dynasty Legalist Says:

    Glad to hear that disclaimer, “the podcast is not a conspiracy to do Singapore in”. Nevertheless, I feel very afraid and very apprehensive after hearing this podcast, and it takes away all that hiliarity in it.

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  25. RelaxLAH.. Says:

    ONE big conspiracy.. kopi-see mai ni..

  26. Peace is a state of mind Says:

    Good one Ah brown, CLAP CLAP:-)Certainly kopi of the month.Careful of your kopitiam popularity,you never know the regulars who la kopi there might “do you in one day”.Big brother is watching ya…..

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  28. Regan Says:

    Mr Brown,

    You are really up there - Cannes is for your taking if Catherine Lim is really on your cast, and Michael Moore can be the inspiration.

  29. Me Siam Says:

    Hi Mr Brown,

    I chio kar pah sar lay-eng! hehehe you made my day, man!

    Wah lau, your kopi superb menu even yat kun ah kor cannot fight one. So after reading i went to order one kopi-kosong kaw AND sui tai
    then the ah kor ask ‘loo kon meet tee’? I asked am I to order Mee Siam mai HUM too?????????? kekekeke!

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  31. Eric Says:

    Its hilarious but I don’t understand the part about joining the Food Courts and about whose the owner of it. Can anyone explain that part to me pls?

  32. Ray Says:

    excellent. The wit, the wit. standing ovation my good man.

  33. Dr Chan Says:

    Why is the coffeeshop mentor always treating us like we were born yesterday?

  34. johntanyishin Says:

    I like the part “wait I sue you” and the part “i retire and pass to my son” Haha, sounds like somebody…


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