the mrbrown show: legal puffs

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Is your puff branded? Make sure you get the approved features on your sticks!

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22 Responses to “the mrbrown show: legal puffs”

  1. sushibar Says:


  2. illusionx Says:

    lol.. nice one.. haha
    but i dont think the government will make smokers wear cone shape smoking hat.
    if i’m a smoker i rather not smoke. haha

  3. Gameboyz Says:

    LOL cool..

    btw Mr brown which plugin do you use for podcast? cuz I tried to use podpress and got some weird problems with 2.6.2…

  4. Alvin Ho Says:

    Bad time to smoke sai. A suggestion, why not allow the cone shaped hat release smoke while the smoker is puffing away.. in this way they are visible from far and pple can siam from them..

  5. HaHaHa Says:

    Lucky I’m not a smoker, scully the gahmeh actually adopt Brown’s ideas… then the smokers really jia lat liao :-O

  6. Qin Dynasty Legalist Says:

    Those who oppose it are likely to be smokers. This does not concern me.

  7. Lol Says:

    Nah bei, sub-machine guns ;________;

  8. adeline Says:

    Mr Brown, u have scored lots of brownie points with the gahmen with this production! Like what your fan said, if the gahmen implements what u mentioned in this production, whaw, our 4billion reserves may just double!!! Of course, many smokers will then migrate since they can’t smoke freely leh…..ahem….rich smokers will migrate….poor smokers will continue to think of ways to outwit, outlast and outsmart the gahmen to smoke happily!

  9. johntanyishin Says:

    Lol, that’s funny. Gov might as well ask all smokers to go smoke in Pulau Ubin or Malaysia, and install a giant fan blowing the air off.

    That way, the main island will be ‘purified’.


  10. benjamine Says:

    That’s nice if adding extra “labelings” to mark approve sticks.
    Even better when adding smells and coloured smoke.
    It’s sure make Singapore a “colourful” city.

    It’s better not to smoke. =P

  11. Snow Says:

    Haha agree, nice one again :)

  12. aygee Says:

    What i find annoying about this is that instead of making sure the Customs Dept increase their efforts in catching the cigarette smugglers, they penalise their citizens instead, as if they’re pariahs of society - as if having a habit is wrong.

    The world over is already mocking us for our chewing gum policy, and now this smoking law.

    Notice that this cigarette law comes from the Home Ministry, the very same ministry who let Mas Selamat escape. Its always the easy way out isnt it?

  13. fynyx Says:

    About coloured smokes:

    I couldn’t help linking them to the whistling sparklers, which some kids (and adults) have been using to celebrate the recent Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) and other festivals.

    You know, coming in pre-bundled packs which give out blue, red, green & yellow?

    The sound alone would give ample warning, that a smoker is firing up yet another one nearby.
    Oh, what fun would be had!

  14. Onlooker Says:

    Branded Ciggies = MHA FAIL.

    Cos cannot control Smuggling………

  15. LeChucky Says:

    What’s next? If you pay tax, you’re require to have the words tatooed on your arm or forehead?

  16. kynes Says:

    the sdnp idea was mooted by Singapore Customs, which comes under the Ministry of Finance, not Home affairs Ministry. but sama sama-all gahment…

  17. duh Says:

    hey mr brown! make more pdcast leh… so bored in camp sia…

  18. nanonano pudding Says:

    wah lao Now must bring D24 & smoke grenade (pink smoke) plus cone shape hat just to smoke. So troublesome I think I will quit smoking liao

  19. LeChucky Says:

    If ‘they’ cannot do their job properly, we have to look like clown. LOL

  20. chuck Says:

    ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’

    in the famous words of George Orwell

  21. dragontooth Says:

    wth. Dont discriminate us smokers ok. smokers also have smokers’ rights, just not in singapore! grrr..

  22. caL Says:

    good one. especially the play colour part.

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