the mrbrown show: i got the power

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The match of the century is coming to Malaysia in a clash of two titans!

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35 Responses to “the mrbrown show: i got the power”

  1. benjamine Says:

    Funny when it got to the I got the power part. Hahahaha~

    Not try this @ home but voting booth can.

  2. Sam Says:

    Pls dont try this @ home…
    ish got other meaning yah..

  3. adeline Says:

    :)) nice one.
    Your WWM is like a mirror of WWS.
    & don’t forget that not only Bad Ass M has ISA; so does the number 1 world-class WWS….not only got the power but got so much power that even can buy other countries’ malls, ports, banks, etc. Now, they got the power to see who have hidden millions in Swiss banks and have not declared their income taxes accurately. THEY GOT THE POWER! :))

  4. Readon Says:

    Awesome (: political commentary infused with a quirky yet humorous insight. Keep it up mrbrownshow! You never fail to amaze.

  5. Alvin Ho Says:

    Its time to rumble..ble ble ble.. Anwar the behind maker…… gains power of 16th of sept 2010….So much power so much pain… sneaky moves… Malaysian politics so electrifying…. Lets hope we really dun try this at HOME…lol

  6. Mas Says:

    Are you guys interfering in other countries’ domestic politics?

    Think you guys should focus on own self domestic politics.

  7. Alvin Ho Says:

    Mas chill… just reporting what is in the papers in a non political manner. its a wrestling match.. not political in nature

  8. illusionx Says:

    haha this is so funny! who got the power? lols

  9. Selamat Says:

    Cool it, MAS! Coool, man.
    Like what Alvin said…this is just wrestling match for audience with a great sense of humour. The wrestlers any way should know what to get from the audience from all the public wrestling they are carrying out, isn’t it?
    Folks from WWM also poke fun at local WWS wrestling matches; so am sure the folks from WWM have sense of humour else how could the people from WWM all these years with such WWM matches going on for years!
    Every one needs to laugh more these days! So stressful living in a modern society! Laugh lah! No laugh boleh mati early lah.

  10. Snow Says:


  11. hell girl Says:

    this is funny.. lOLX…

  12. johntanyishin Says:

    lol, from one ‘relac’ corner, i just love that one. Can’t stop laughing.

    if you’ve been to offices in WWFM, they really relac relac, work slowly. Have to wait days for things to get approve.

    Maybe it’s true as well for offices in WWFS..


  13. Onlooker Says:

    Hahaha Good one :)

  14. caine Says:

    i not able to open up to listen to the podcast… seems to have some error…

    any one out there able to provide any link to the podcast?

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  16. lorrytyre Says:

    Give those children a break! Next buzz arriving at 1001.
    this podcast kind of reminded me about jim carrey’s Bruce Almighty.

    “I’ve got the power!”

  17. fynyx Says:

    Hi mrbrown & team,

    Strange: when the Undertaker started grooving to the Queen’s hit,
    he sounded several times like ‘I cut the power’.
    But whose power will he cut in the end? Badasses’?him?
    Whoever’s it will be, the tournament continues, blackout notwithstanding.

  18. fynyx Says:

    Hi mrbrown & team,
    Strange: when the Undertaker started grooving to the Queen’s hit,
    he sounded several times like ‘I cut the power’.
    But whose power will he cut in the end? Which badasses’?
    Whoever’s it will be, the tournament continues, blackout notwithstanding.

  19. Ow Chek Seng Says:

    Hallo, can’t open the file to view ” I got the power”

  20. Draco Says:


  21. adeline Says:

    Have not heard from you and gang for so long!
    U guys not carried away by the gahmen , riteee?
    Or all of u in Selamat’s ex-home now?
    No hear is good thing? Or bad thing?

    So quiet. So scary.
    We need your weekly dose of humour, leh.

    Life in Singapore is not easy, leh.
    We need humour, humor, and nothing but humourous humor
    remain sane in Singapore.

  22. Bruce Says:


    Mr Brown is in Washington…. U can check out his blog where he updates his US trip. lol

    I miss your podcast too MB!

  23. Brownie Says:

    Miss you Mr Brown.

    God speed your return to lift spirits in this terrible economic downturn.
    Government bosses say - tighten belts, worst to come, lol…..
    but big bosses’ salaries remain and looking forward for them to help the poor and needy directly by being the first evers to set examples to make a small donation to charity, like the Community Chest.

  24. Johnson Lim Says:

    Hi Mr. Brown and the gang,

    I know United States is a good place to hang out, but we really missed you here leh… How come you were able to make podcast even when you are aboard during Miyagi’s time? Come on lah, people are starving of your humour here… Help…

    -Sincere ‘Prayer’ from Brown worshipper- LOL

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  26. old dan Says:

    As you are aware of the present market outcries over the Lehman Bros minibonds saga. Do you have any plans to do a podcast on the plights of the numerous uncles and aunties and others who were “caught” in the saga. I am one of the unfortunate victims, perhaps you could help bring some relief and encouragement to our plight.

  27. CCIX Says:

    hey, what happen to mrbrown show?? u haven’t updated ur podcast for ages!

  28. WithdrawalDude Says:

    What happened to my favourite Mr Brown Show?!?!?!
    You weren’t on last week! Die la… missed one week’s dose of it is driving me nuts!!?!?!?! Don’t tell me this week,you won’t be on too. PLEASE COME BACK SOON cuz I gonna suffer from withdrawal symptoms again. To curb it, I would have to resort to our archive shows to keep my sanity. LOL

  29. adeline Says:

    THANK U, Bruce, for the info.
    THANKS A HEAP for letting me know.
    Have not visited this website since I was aware Mr B is away.

    I actually accidentally stumble on the fact that Mr Brown is now in the US when I unexpectedly visit this website….

    So, MR BROWN FANS, you can check out the mentioned website and you can find what that Mr Bonkers is doing all these past few weeks…..he is having a great time in the States while his fans are crying for his return!!!

    Pls don’t take it as an insult to describe you as Mr Bonkers, Mr Brown. U have to be somewhat like a bonkers banana to come up with all those fabulous productions that have won the hearts and minds of so many who are starving to stay sane in Singapore!!!

    Mr Brown, we miss our weekly dose of laughter and humour to spice our lives here on this super cramped island.
    I know you are enjoying all the space the US has to offer but when are you returning, leh???

  30. waiter Says:

    it has been a while …no new podcast MR.Brown busy?

  31. TTT Says:

    how come there isn’t any more podcast for October?

  32. Mr Black?! Says:

    It is like very long never listen to your porkcast i mean podcast liao. Make sure when you r back, the podcast u make will be a very humourous and hilarious wan..

  33. WithdrawalDude Says:

    adeline..thanx for info!! If not i wun have known why Mr Brown show suddenly went off the grid!! I thought the show got into trouble or something…. Well I guess..gotta keep our fingers and await patiently for the Mr. Brown and gang to return. Can’t wait though!


  34. WC Says:

    Hilarious…your podcasts never fail to entertain. Always thought-provoking and so satirical… kudos.

  35. WC Says:

    and my favourite part:…”lagi more the power”. Can’t get enough of your podcasts.

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