the mrbrown show: heroes of the economy

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Big shot senior civil servant helps Singaporeans in this downturn!

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27 Responses to “the mrbrown show: heroes of the economy”

  1. Pembar Says:

    le cordon bleu has courses on how to “make cake” too.

  2. Shu Yen Says:

    Learn to make Ramlee burger?
    I also want! But got condensed syllabus?

  3. LeeLikesMe Says:

    Elite should send their children to Malacca mah….learn the nonya cusine.

    Cheaper & nearer.
    and singaporeans love nonya…..

    Just like me.

  4. engkiat Says:

    Nice podcast focusing on singapore and the world’s current economic crisis. I think that right now in this period of time, the government should give us more financial aid, especially for the lower working class, who rely on that paltry sum of money to feed their families and the cost of living here.

  5. xiaoming Says:

    people who are living at the top only look down to suffering people at the bottom without pity, only when they fell to them bottom that they will then realise what is it like to live at the bottom.

    poor people are begging and old people selling tissue to earn a living and yet goverment can live in denial that there isn’t any begger on the streets.

  6. plow Says:

    On our high flying PAP scholar perm sec visit to La France to learn Le Cordon Bleu cuisine, it reminds me of what Marie Anotinette had said :-
    If they have no bread, let them eat cake.”
    (S’ils n’ont pas de pain, qui’ls mangent de la brioche.)
    How ironical…

    not sure if our PAP perm sec scholar “peut comprend ou parler Francaise” or not in order to enjoy “l’essance de cuise de l’cordan bleu”

  7. p1nkv3 Says:

    Me wanna learn how to cook Spaghetti con le vongole - my one and only pasta love…in Italy perhaps…eh…if I have the money??…

  8. Bernardo Says:

    I remember an ancient saying once quoted in a Chinese opera, it goes something like that: how would those who sit on sedan chairs understand the difficulty of the chair-bearers; how would the meat-eaters appreciate the hardship of rearing live-stock?

  9. cy Says:

    lol. u really spoofed that. XD

  10. abigsotong Says:

    another classic!

  11. -jie . Says:

    you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

  12. lips Says:

    Haha, nicely done, I was wondering why there was silence on the mrbrown blog about this story. Glad you saved it for the podcast.

  13. Onlooker Says:

    Es car got? foil grass?
    no thanks.
    Everyone love ramlee burger ;)

  14. ThatGuyNextDoor Says:

    Another great podcast!

    Ps: Are u making Any reviews? i miss those review….

  15. Citizen Kane Says:

    Hah Hah…

    This is good one.I am INSPIRED. I cannot afford to go paris.. maybe a trip to JB to learn how to cook Ramlee burger. I think I am putting aside $20K I saved over the last 5yrs.. donno enough a not. will I get rob n killed in JB har…. scared leh.u c the garment there not as kee lat as ours. but then again they never go paris learn how to cook ASS CAR GO hor.

  16. adeline Says:

    GREAT JOB, MrB & Gang!

    What to do! Too much spare money in the family, so send myself to France lor to learn how to cook exquisite French cuisine! Then I can also pass the skill to deprived Singaporeans and they can oso use the skill to earn more money! You know or not? How good my intentions are!
    Besides, I got soooooooooooooo much money that I can do any thing with it! What talk you!?? I and my colleagues are doing whatever we can to make sure every one has a Ramlee burger meal each day.

    I hope ‘the top’ has woken up with that poor guy in SGH Burn Centre. The ’sinner’ is not mentally mad…at least to me…if he is mad, he would have burn the entire CC down, not just one person. That poor ’sinner’ is emotionally unstable and frustrated to be cornered with no lifeline to help him…so fedup that he actually decided to do what he did. Frustration coupled with a I-Have-Nothing-Else-To-Lose-Life-Stinks-For-Me attitude, he did what he did!

    Probably taxpayers’ money will go to employing more bodyguards for every one at the TOP, esp more so for the TOP TOP.

  17. Singaporean Kanna Sucked Says:

    Do you remember the First Family being shown on Channel U splurging some S$50,000 plus on a single ‘family’ dinner together on Japanese Sushi and Sashimi? Good grace …

  18. The One & ONLY Singapore Says:

    where do u see all this only in sg… the one & only unique singapore… truly asia!

  19. Ministar booooo Says:

    In a organisation, ppl are like monkeys.. some have longer legs, hands and tails than others… Some climb faster up a tree and some just stay below the tree..

    When the monkeys at the top look down, they see a tree full of smiling monkeys…

    But when the monkeys at the below looks up, they see nothing but assholes….

  20. my d lee Says:

    Now we know type of life our policy makers
    are enjoying, so how can we expect them to understand the pain that we are going thru …and can they come out with policies which will benefit us or suit us during this tiring times…? I wonder …

  21. LesserMortal Says:

    “Maybe it made LESSER MORTALS envious and they thought maybe he was a little bit boastful,” said MP Charles Chong

  22. La Di Da Says:

    It is painful to hear the truth….when it leaks.

    Do u need to keep someone to run a high-paying
    important job where he can go off for 5 weeks,
    yet his work can be continued by his subordinates.

    Secondly, some top people will never ever feel the
    recession. They are insulated by high salaries. As
    Singaporeans, we are just being “entertained” again.
    Nothing New!

  23. Mememe Says:

    Ministar booooo …

    Your comments are soooo hillariouss… hahahahahah… Cant stop laughing … hahaha

  24. fynyx Says:

    I think I’ll just go back to my public apartment kitchen, and learn how to cook better instant noodles.

    In these difficult times, I’m so grateful to stay alive with common foods.

    Let’s see: add the cabbage, crack an egg, pour in the curry soup powder…

  25. Chuck Says:

    my burning question is…..

    Are Mr Tan and Mrs Tan and Tan junior taking turns to cook delicious french dinner for themselves every night now? Or was it just a frivolous holiday to help the french economy?

  26. Bonbon Says:

    It was indeed regrettable, i would say, wrong time, wrong place, should have learn how to cook singapore crusine, like chicken rice, ba chor mee, satay, wan ton mee one lor then bak ku teh lor then hor wat else ar too many to name also, can also learn how to speak hainanese when you learn chicken rice, hokkien when learn bak chor mee and cantonese then hor franchise lor then hor sure no one will say bad things, they will say where is that place ar, i want to go line up. let queue …

  27. Tim Says:

    Hi - Thanks for using my snail!

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