the mrbrown show: helping us cope


The Mayor looks at helping Singaporeans cope in this downturn.

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22 Responses to “the mrbrown show: helping us cope”

  1. c4 Says:

    woah hugging =.= perfect i wouldnt wanna hug a old man that i dont know

  2. xenoflux Says:

    how come sam sounds so much like Ruby Pan

  3. gordon Says:

    i have no idea what my mayor do as well.

  4. Singaporean Kanna Sucked Says:

    A mayor in Singapore is just another layer of bureaucracy which doesn’t serve the needs of majority of Singaporean residents and tax payers.

    The only time you see your Mayor in action especially heavily mentioned on the news is cum Erection time.

    What’s new? BTW this is a boring podcast after the electrifying recent Town Council Sucks in Singapore.

  5. plow Says:

    Anymore “hare-brained” schemes from the rest of the so called PAP elected “mayors” ?

  6. Kent Aoshima Says:

    Although alot of things is for show only where which we all know that they 1 hand stretch out give $$$ the other will also stretch out to collect money in , in the end.

    but at least there is some so called form of help

  7. adeline Says:

    Citizens should only salute governments that help ‘quietly’, that give out financial help such as food vouchers or in the forms of rebates for utilities bill & gst….all to be done ‘quietly’ without advertising in the press, without making it so ‘loud’ to the world by using the media to announce ‘the help’ given, the ‘good’ done, a deed well done.

    [[ no wonder many countries out there think Singapore is so super duper rich and is so easy to called upon for help, for donations, for financial relief…
    even when those countries themselves have 10x more millionaires and billionaires than Singapore..and some even can go into space exploration, oil drilling, bullet train building, building nuclear plants, etc. etc…..but no money to help their own poverty stricken citizens! But Singapore and Singaporeans are generous enough to help with financial relief. Ahem! It just doesn’t make sense. ]]

    A real giver is one who signs a check of $1million and yet remains anonymous; just knowing that he has helped hundreds of needy people around him. That’s real giving from the heart…sincere or not, with no ulterior motives, only God knows.

  8. HaHaHa Says:

    Yup, not only another layer of bureaucracy but also another excuse to pay themselves additional salary based on an added-on “job title”. Afterall, those ministers with multiple portfolio are earning income for both the portfolios. Mini-Lee was a prime example of such a practice.

  9. Chi-Loong Says:

    The best thing about our gahmen is that we don’t even need to come up with examples of their cluelessness with the ground:

    Look at this French cooking debacle our brilliant environment PS brought upon himself:

    Mr Brown show: please, please, please spoof this!

  10. Fahim Says:

    Found something interesting. Thought of sharing it with others, it is a Financial Times article discussing Temasek’s $ 2 billion loss on Merill Lynch’s stake.

  11. Alvin Ho Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Thank you for your podcast
    Happy new year

  12. illusionx Says:

    ji ko pek will be very willing to hug the female mayor =X

  13. shan Says:

    haha I also dunno who is my Mayor or what he/she does! LOL

  14. Alexius Says:

    At least this mayor is not as dull and boring as Mr Lee’s luo hua glasses. She can teach Mr Lee how to do the intimate cuddle, it might just help him to get more votes for next election :P

  15. Sin Ying Says:


  16. xiaoming Says:

    Hey, Mr brown you are wrong, people don’t throw shoe at their beloved MP, they throw thinner and fire to burn their MP as a holy sacrifice for the people.

    Or maybe that amk ah send mp instigate people to burn him so that he can get some pity vote for elections.

  17. kevin Says:

    MB, the recession has affected many local businesses, e.g. Johnny’s zhng-car operation @ Geylang, Noodle Chia’s tour agency, the all-local ad agency, as well as the bak chor mee man. With so many story arcs and rich textures to cover, I don’t believe you’ve got nothing new to say. ~_~

    PS Is Mr Lim still trying to land an English teacher job overseas? #@!)#(!% !!! Or did William Wallace get it?


  18. TKL Volunteers Says:

    Hope Mr Brown is okay with us featuring the show here:

  19. kevin Says:

    january 20th - Yes! We Can!

  20. TKL Volunteers Says:

    Thank you sir.

  21. leo Says:

    is that true that they will be leaving for 5 week course?

  22. Chuck Says:

    So caring.. our gov…. i feel so lucky…

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