the mrbrown show: Singapore Flyer, the Movie


Get a nice long ride in Singapore’s favourite ferris wheel!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 29 Dec 2008: Singapore Flyer, the Movie! Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:03:48)


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46 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore Flyer, the Movie”

  1. Jaden Says:

    drama sia.. as usual

  2. Jaden Says:

    1st was cable cars

    now its ferris wheel

  3. Dany Says:

    are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?!?!?!

  4. cy Says:

    OI who pang jio on my head! lols. good one again. :P

  5. \(O.O)/ \(- . -)/ Says:

    Haha!! nice movie.. releasing soon in major cinemas!!

  6. illusionx Says:

    i wanna watch “The Day The Flyer Stood Still”, sure win oscar 1.

  7. Alvin Ho Says:

    Haha “the day the flyer stood still… ” well high tide was the first thought that came to my mind when the news broke.

    7 hours to ta han!!!! wah lau!!!! my Aussie friends fell off their thier chairs. I suggest a movie title Capsule, the ‘pill’ that’s hard to shallow.

  8. Noraj Says:

    another winner!

  9. asdfer Says:

    lady: got chilli or not?

    Rescue team guy: I go down take.


  10. adeline Says:

    7 hours of holding bladder…..alamak! i sure failed!
    They should Thank God the passengers are all not like me!
    Thank God I not there.
    Whaw! imagine have to climb in heavy rain!
    Whaw! a good memory indeed….wee..wee…pee..pee…at such heights….whaw, once in a lifetime!
    Whaw! eat nasi lemak at such heights…….wow!


  11. Teng Hui Tee Says:

    We need more capable people to run the show. i now totally disgraced in front of my foreigner friends. sian ah….

  12. Bernardo Says:

    Can use this slogan to promote the Flyer: Come have an unique thrill - Take a ride on the wheel and who knows you might get a free chance to abseil?

  13. stupidpower Says:

    damn epic.

  14. Extramask Says:

    @ Teng Hui Tee:

    But…but….all those people managing all facets of SG are the absolute best we have, as reported in the papers.

    there can only be ONE reason why things fail; we’re not paying them enough to do their jobs.

  15. DerrickHMS Says:

    woo , good job mrbrown . I loved this especially the , The day the flyer stood still.

  16. TheManNextDoor Says:

    ☺Awesome Podcast ! Please Keep up the good Work ☺

  17. Xialar Tang Says:

    Wah!! Classic xia!


    6hrs movie action: SHADDUP OR I THROW U OUT OF THE CAPSULE!!
    ROFL =P

    Face the questions of Life and death : should I pee in the NTUC or Cold Storage Plastic bag. LOL! XD

    Eh, mr brown can make 1 podcast about the countdown celebrations? Thanks for making my day

  18. Pet Says:

    SFRT …..

    Singapore Flyer Rescue Team:

    Now Hiring ….

    But cannot blame them … Thing will get faulty eventually …

    Hope they improve their service and maintainance.

  19. littlecartnoodles Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the utilitarian, all-absolving magic words, “We apologise for any inconvenience caused” were uttered by the staff during the 7-hour-long inconvenience …

  20. wy Says:

    OMG! This is rly rly funny! It is rly good! And they’re making a show outta it? That’s rly.. damn lame. But anws, this is rly good! Funny as always.~

  21. Victor Koo Says:

    I have also written a poem in similar vain. (Dunno how to do podcast lah.)

  22. John Says:

    Lol, and they are trying to attract more visitors to Singapore.

    This will be free publicity for the giant wheel!


  23. Kia see Says:

    LoL is that a drill for the SCDF rescue team or will this be an annual execise for them? The flyer should consider installing parachutes in the capsule. I definately give the Flyers a miss!

  24. Singapore Flyer FAIL! | Digital Terrorist Says:

    […] by brennan on Dec.25, 2008, under Two Cents’ Worth UPDATE: Check out Singapore Flyer: The Movie. […]

  25. Dylan Says:

    failure singapore flyer.

  26. Ah Tiang Says:

    Good one! Bee Hoon still want chili.

  27. -Labyrinth Says:

    auntie: you got chilli anot?
    rescue team: aiyahh, wait ah, i climb down get for you.


  28. liuyalin Says:

    “Mummy, I wanna wee wee!”
    “No you have to wait for the uncle to save us!”
    “Bu I HAVE to WEE WEE NOW!”
    “Ok ah…”


  29. ocence Says:

    wahahahahahaha!!!! nice one!

  30. to kia Says:

    stupid kia…parachutes?are u crazy?and have them land on highways

    btw believe it or not the scdf ppl had trained climbing up and down the wheel months before flyer even opened last yr

  31. 1 cent worth Says:

    Mr. Brown, keep up the good show… Hoping to hear more…

    Our ministry had been talking so much about workplace safety and risk assessment / management. I wonder if they had done one before the SCDF conduct the rescue work? What if the rope snapped, do they have any secondary measures? What if the winch failed…. So many what if….
    Anyway, it’s not my problem.

  32. Jo Says:

    Hey mr brown,

    I cannot access your podcast…. tried on both my mac and windows already but it errored…. help!

  33. C Says:

    so funny lah! one of my favourites the singapore flyer one.
    we went a day before the flyer broke down.
    Good job Mr Brown… really should be made into movie

  34. THe One & Only Singapore Says:

    hahaha… got iso or sqa or not its the same sometime things fail nothing is perfect lah but technical failure when the flyer haven’t even operate at full capacity for a year after commissioning is amazing…. O_0

  35. Chuck Says:

    Another one bites the dust for STPB.

    Nevermind, got a sure winner in the pipeline.. Singpaore Casinos.

  36. whatever Says:

    Hahaha the day the flyer stood still coming soon in a cinema near you

  37. karen Says:

    got chili anot??

  38. Multimedia Freak Says:

    My Multimedia teacher just let us listen to this today!We just learnt a few things about podcast…

  39. edmund Says:

    “Mummy i need to wee wee!”

  40. justin Says:

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  41. tian yi chen Says:


  42. Airah Says:

    Wow ! Super Funny sahh ! Uncle Ringo Funfair ?!? lOL ! Chinese NEw Year Dinner ?!? Throwing sons outside ?!? weewee aiming at marina bay ?!? wow ! you very crazy larh ! i love it !

  43. mogui Says:

    are we there yet? NO
    are we there yet? NO
    are we there yet? NO
    are we there yet? NO
    are we there yet? NO
    are we there yet? You better shut up or i’will throw you out of the capsule

  44. ong han sheng Says:

    LOL.damn funny

  45. stasisdrone Says:

    damn stupid sia when giving the bee hoon that time
    the rescue team never rescue the auntie

  46. Justin Tan Wen Cong Says:

    This incident told about the trapped passengers, so I decided to make a song out of this incident…

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