the mrbrown show: throw your mother’s smelly shoes!

Photo by intellectual crime

The Home Team ensures our leaders don’t get attacked by hush puppies!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 22 Dec 2008: throw your mother’s smelly shoes! Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:22)


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24 Responses to “the mrbrown show: throw your mother’s smelly shoes!”

  1. leo Says:

    post more often pls…u can post about comin christmas

  2. Jedd Says:

    I get an “error opening file” message every time. What do I do? Is there a mirror site I can listen to the podcasts on?

  3. hell girl Says:

    i get an error opening file msg tooo!!!

  4. Hai~Ren Says:

    Argh… bad puns… the pain…

  5. Metoo Says:

    I got error too. Not for this podcast but for the last 2 as well. What’s happening? :(

  6. adeline Says:

    The gahmen will increase GST to make shoes so darn expensive that only the rich and famous can throw shoes, not the poor.
    Who knows…most Singaporeans may end up wearing slippers only….shoes toooo darn expensive years from now or maybe 2 years from now! ((every thing seems to be happening in 2010))

    & the HOME TEAM will have a team all armed with the latest NIKE AIR SHOES to nap any shoes or boots thrower….but aha! they forget the ‘char-kiat’…especially the big, well made ones… which is just or even more lethal than shoes!

    Who knows, we may have a Minister of Char-Kiat down the road! After all, many of us by then may only be wearing slippers and ‘char-kiat’ are great substitutes for shoes!

  7. Tzai Wei Says:


  8. TobiasRieper Says:

    If you are having an error, try a different browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer when you get the error, try using Firefox instead.

  9. pecanpie Says:

    pls fix the problem quickly i want to listen to it!!!!!they are
    so great

  10. Ah Tiang Says:

    I just use Firefox to open. No error.

    Wah nice podcast. Hahaha… I want throw shoes soon liao.. LOL

  11. Miruz Says:

    wah the puns hurt haha

  12. Alvin Ho Says:

    I guess lighting fast reflexes, is one criteria if one is interested in taking office, can siam here and douche there… increase here, decrease there…hmmm very important skills.

  13. Muhammad Shamin Says:

    Hmmm…we should throw our shit and rotten vegetable at them for making our lives miserable. Shoes is not insulting here, faeces is.

  14. HaHaHa Says:

    Wow, give them the boot? How about a protest using shoes display at HLP?

  15. Rad Sujanto Says:

    So, the shoes thrown were Nike? WOW what an advert! Live one!

  16. cy Says:

    ppl wearing kangaroo tee shirts in court…opposition politician chee soon juan..classic. haha

  17. Dr Chan Says:

    Throw shit won’t dirty your own hands meh?

  18. isftish Says:

    heng bush only kena throw normal shoe, not carht-kia or kings safety boots…

  19. SC Says:

    haha Like the title though better in cantonese

  20. rays Says:

    You are truely one of a kind! Cheers! and many more to come!!

  21. spadie Says:

    Looking at the title, I have super strong reasons to believe that Mr Brown is Cantonese.


  22. Alfanso Says:

    wah … mr brown … the title is so wrong but yet so good in Cantonese .. (really reflects what the common man is feeling at the money) …. will be great to do the same pod cast in authentic cantonese … :) …
    after .. its a pun … people shouldn’t take offense one lah … its not like we wear kangaroo tshirt to court loh :)

  23. Pang sai Says:


  24. K.A.M. Says:

    I am sitting here at my kitchen table in A-MERE-ICK-A rofling.

    It seems your sense of humor translates globally.

    Keep up the good sarcastic satire work….

    We are gonna need it when jesus doesn’t come with bags full of money outta the American sky to save us all.

    I especially liked your above podcast line of “leaving no leaf behind”. An American classic line from the past regime.

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