the mrbrown show: the right package

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Singapore needs leaders with the right package for these tough times!

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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the right package”

  1. kf Says:

    what’s wrong with the sound??

  2. tom Says:

    hahaha..its time to activate the president!

    nice to mention that he doesnt do much compared to the PM

  3. William Says:

    would this remain as an entertainment forever ?

    Is there a better cause?

    The team here has some talent and energy.

    It can be channelled into more constructive ways

    Form a team , find partners , run for election.

    Mr Tan Kin Lian could be good collaborator who share the same mission.

    If we may ask , the key question or vision is , where does Mr brown show going to lead to ? What contribution it may have to the society ?

    A suggestion for your review.

    Happy New year.

  4. Alvin Ho Says:

    how about a job in the private sector? Maybe Singapore Flyer can help to create job like Sr. Executive Excrement Engineer? What do you reckon?

  5. Volunteers for TKL Says:


    Agreed. We need people to help with our cause.

  6. Bernardo Says:

    Your show’s very well packaged! A most delightful entertainment package for lesser mortals indeed! Kam Sia & Happy Lunar New Year to you guys!

  7. keall Says:


    It’s satire. mrbrown probably doesn’t “contribute to society” in a way that you can fathom, but I’m sure many ppl do understand.

    We need an outlet to vent our frustrations that does not end up in anyone getting sued, bankrupted or thrown into jail. to say in chinese, 苦中作樂.

    Volunteers for TKL:

    A petition? is there a point? how many signatures do you need to make a difference? 10? 10,000? 1 million?

  8. Kevin Says:

    Does Uncle Nathan issue a processing fee to famiLEE for using the key?

  9. Rosetta Says:

    Mr. Brown show has been contributing to an alternative point of view that gets us sain in this messy Singapore.

    That’s one of its major contribution.

    You may think that is little as compared with other countries… but in Singapore, given the little civil freedom we have, it is a major contribution.

  10. Kevin Says:

    On a totally unrelated note, I am damn-damn pissed off with mediacrap for switching Ghost Whisperer with American Idol… was there any notice of this change? wtf!

    Like Mr Brown said to Mr Brown : you can take away our civil liberties, but don’t mess with our tv and our food ;p

  11. Nofear Says:

    9% of cpf rebate only after a quater of the year will stop company from retrentment? This is already a joke. No choice after US annouce their package… more like it. Wheather package works or not, not important. At least put up a show. Election coming you noe?!? Ha! Ha! Ha!

  12. Ah Beng Says:

    Saying what the guys sitting on the opposite side do not even dare to whisper. That’s the contribution of this show.

    You saw promising candidates, you heard convincing speeches, those are the shows put up by the guys on the opposite side during election.

    What are their contributions now?

  13. Charles Says:

    William, so are you saying that Leno and Letterman has no value and do not contribute to society? What about Jon Steward, Stephen Colbert and shows like SouthPark, Simpsons?

    You do know what a satire is right? Or maybe should expand your horizons a little…

  14. Mavis Says:

    “Form a team , find partners , run for election” and run straight into the GRC roadblock. Are officials actually elected into office in Singapore? Dream on….

  15. Al Says:

    Think Gahmen can provide more jobs like replacing ERP gantries to Toll entry like our nighbours that they employ ppl to man it… haha.. more jobs creatiion…. # of gantries x manpowerx per shift…

  16. LaoLiu Says:

    Low Thia Kiang said:

    “I noted that the budget for Political Appointments across all 14 ministries and the Prime Minister Office is reduced by just 1% from $61.8 million in Revised FY2008 to $61.4 million in FY2009 estimates. This does not square with what Minister Teo Chee Hean disclosed in this House that the MR4 salary will drop by 20% compared to 2008.”

  17. Winston Says:

    I can very well understand William’s concern about the effectiveness of mere satire. Let me just say that there are many types of democracy in the world. Liberal (like the west) versus illiberal. Democracy does not necessarily imply total freedom . No matter what it is, I find that mrbrown show is definitely an effective way to raise political awareness in view of the politically apathetic majority we have here. Just my opinion :)

  18. Chuck Says:

    Wow…. Mr Brown you have revealed how the fate of lesser mortals are decided by the elites.

    So crystal clear now.

    But a little too relisitic for comfort i must say.

  19. cook Says:

    Missed this week’s and rest whilst working overseas as a stand in cook during CNY period

    This package is the real thing - better than mee siam without hum…

    If you guys- the fantastic 4( doing the work of 5, like that of ong c c’s ward) were to stand for the GRC there, you guys will win hands down…..

    Even the president may vote for you guys when you deliver the right package to ensure that he gets a 3rd term… micro managing & without doing much work

  20. Loser Says:

    THis website sucks

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