the mrbrown show: paddle of righteousness

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Yet another exciting tv series from our favourite tv station. Putting the pong ping pong!

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: paddle of righteousness”

  1. Angry Says:

    how you hold your balls, ginko nut position = omg hahahahahhahahaha!

  2. VFKK Says:

    2 man, 1 ball, quite sad leh…

    “One Ball To Rule Them All!”

  3. goodmeat Says:

    Paddle of Righteousness +3
    Implement (Holy Symbol)
    Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d6 damage plus
    Property: When you use this symbol to deliver an effect that a save can end, the target takes a -2 penalty to saving throws against the effect.

  4. adeline Says:

    Yo! U R rite. Bull’s Eye!
    About time U did a production on this subject matter.
    The programmes on TV stink!
    If it is not the imported reality shows from the US, then it is the local tv shows/dramas/productions that truly, absolutely stink!

    I guess the gahmen realized only recently (& must be panicking) that so must have been put in place for the Youth Olympics to be held in Singapore that they forgot the host country may not even clinched a bronze for any of the games held here. So, what do Singaporeans get to see?? NOthing but the promotion of sports on Chan5, Channel U…practically all the local channels are ‘into’ promoting sports or/and building the interest of people & schools in competitive sports!!!

    Gee. Wonder why the gahmen doesn’t realize that the majority are not youths and not interested in sports! (These folks are more interested in staying afloat during times like this; or/and at least wondering why some few people can get 8mths bonus while the other 90% or so have to think of forgoing bonuses to retain their jobs.) Who cares about sports unless it is for one’s health!

    It is sickening to watch local tv…u either have to be an external beauty freak, a sports freak or a gahmen freak or simply a vain, sporty person to happily watch local tv.

    The local tv stinks further as movies get repeated EVERY YEAR! Observe… what is shown this year on tv had already been shown on tv in 2008 (& the years before) and will also be shown in 2010. Bear in mind & observe! Presto! All the shows
    this year will appear next year!

    & I sure hate this line…. “… blockbuster drama…” hhhmmmm….how can it be a blockbuster drama when it is NOT EVEN shown yet on tv? How would u know it is a blockbuster when the movie/drama may just fail flat? Gee! These folks at our broadcast station! Who are they bluffing?

    The day Singapore can produce a show with similar standard like WHOSE LINE IS IT?…that would be the day we can truly celebrate!
    But for now, Singapore, u sure r most uncreative, yet most creative in subtly creating programmes with hidden agendas!

  5. Matt Says:

    the only two reasons for me to watch a local show on channel 8 - Ann Kok

    btw, I saw the teasers for “Fighting SPiders” and “Red string” (or something to that effect) ..looks like good stuff…. Celeste Chong looks so hot tied up in bondage… (drooling..)

  6. James Williams Says:

    You guys are hillarious. I’m subscribed, and thanks for the laugh… you got me at “lick the balls of defeat”. Great job!

  7. anan Says:

    it saya alot about the quality of our mediacorpes programmes when u need to show some cleavage in a cooking show to promote viewership!!

  8. Matt Says:

    erm, ever heard of Nigella Lawson?

    anyway, we have a whole chicken & egg situation - it doesn’t make economic sense to produce quality shows - nevermind that we are paying our tv licenses for it - when the local media industry is not liberalised. what kind of audience size are we looking at? What ratings systems should we use? Even Ronald D Moore, the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica lamented that the Nielsen’s ratings system is wholly outdated when you factor in audiences who buy DVDs’; or TiVO their shows. The tv industry, even in the US of A, is not equipped to deal with modern technology in order to reflect a more accurate ratings systems. This has impact on the underlying advertising industry which feeds the tv industry.

    Consider also the fact that tv shows (the big ones anyways) are ususally franchised and integrated with PC games, DVD’s and other memorabilia - our local media “industry” compared to overseas markets, is more of a - like MrBrown put it before - “Newletter” that shows the latest offerings.

  9. Matt Says:

    anyways, our local Mediacr*p shows should be enjoyed for their campiness more than anything else - it’s like watching reruns of Hercules or XENA.

  10. Laughter's the best medicine Says:

    Mammy it s over! That’s the other programme worth watching other than Mr Brown

  11. gordon stormtrooper Says:

    error opening file. :(

  12. mb Says:

    gordon stormtrooper: We had some server issues at our hosts which seemed to affect this file. We have reuploaded the file and it should work not. Give it a go. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for flagging it to us!

  13. alvin Says:

    this podcast has got alot of balls man! why not make a show call the chronicles tau huay, prince tau ni? i know I’ll watch it

  14. Mediacorp sux! Says:

    The table tennis is plain bullshit.. waste of natural resources….

    scriptwriter and approval signer must be deprive childhood… Lame!!!!

  15. michael Says:

    haha this is full of crap lorx

  16. angry_one Says:

    Strangely, the make-believe plot of this show seems more exciting than some of the real shows on TV.

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