the mrbrown show: National Annual Bonus for Exceptional Individuals

Photo by Daquella manera

Giving out huge bonuses is fair and justified when you have exceptional staff. No need to explain one.

Warning: MAY contain salty language unsuitable for children.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 March 2009: National Annual Bonus for Exceptional Individuals Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:00)


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36 Responses to “the mrbrown show: National Annual Bonus for Exceptional Individuals”

  1. kf Says:

    WOW. Suddenly we have a “HARD” hitting podcast. LOL!

  2. s0m3b0dY Says:

    best use of acronyms ever!

  3. cook Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown.
    Super hilarious
    Ha ha ha

  4. walan knn ccb bonus Says:

    haah.. damn creative use of hokkien slangs.

  5. No clip? >. Says:

    Really CCB!!!

    Kan ni nabei bonus!!!

  6. fm Says:

    I played back the file and thought this podcast also kena media blackout when the reporter got cut off after asking the question. I realised my download was only 1min 03 long… :p

  7. LeeWarnsYou Says:

    Other bloggers had invited to lim kopi , when is Mr Brown turn?
    Who will have the last laugh.

  8. Charles Says:

    Rock on Mr Brown!

    LeeWarnsYou: Are you from the CCB organization? or are you one of the beneficiary of Kan Ni Nabei?

  9. alvin Says:

    i think the tune of the economy should be that of the phantom of the opera…”let the music caress you”

    suka suka 8 mths bonus… how absurd is this?!

    Thank you MrBrown for this enlightening music cum dialect lesson. Ive enjoyed it v much

  10. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Orh! You jialat liao! The feminists are going to come at your throat liao! Why are you calling them Chao Char Boh (CCB) ??!!!

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  11. CH Says:

    Cannot wait to see whether ST will respond to this or will just pray that time will cool off our doubts…

  12. Hello Says:

    Very Hilarious! Keep Up the good good, Mr brown.
    I wan more of these

  13. toonbongkee Says:

    PAPA Smurf!

    MBS has finally regained its mojo! Good one.

  14. HaHaHa Says:


  15. laopokcar Says:

    Wah lan, 8 monhts bonus leh. KNNB indeed!

  16. Matt Says:

    Is anyone else comparing the AIG fiasco with this? Compare the reactions & attitudes of Obama vis-a-vis Singapore’s leaders? Or is this so obvious it need not be spoken?

  17. mark sai Says:

    Ha ha! welldone mr.brown…always the fans…

  18. Matt Says:

    they’ve got a ticket to ride..

  19. LOL Says:


  20. Crane Says:

    Another great hit by Mr Brown.. you got the mojo man! Huat ah!

  21. fynyx Says:

    In the minds of the colloquially familiar, ‘CCB’ is more potent and organ-specific, than even the more general, but already toxic short-form of ’stinky females’!

    There’s also ‘terrible until father die’ at the very end — hmm, I wonder if that’s a prediction for the future…

  22. Melo Says:

    Nice one! (:

  23. roentgen Says:

    I burst out laughing while listening to this :) Great podcast, as usual.

  24. [漫画] 电子乌贼 « 淫民行冻档 · Peepers’ boh-Action Party Says:

    […] Related link: Mr brown show(听了保证年轻10岁) Mr Brown: CDC Bonus Fiasco Part 2: The missing forum threads Mr Brown: Missing articles from ST and CNA on CDC 8-months bonus fiascoM […]

  25. Angry Says:


  26. PoThePanda Says:

    Heh.Good.Resilient packages are needed now.

  27. Bila Says:

    Next time we may have Community Help Employment Entitlement Before Year End scheme.

  28. MMSMPMMC Says:

    Hi Brown, why use dialect in the acronyms? Must use Mandarin next time ok. Our excellency said so…..

  29. MMSMPMMC Says:

    To Brown and Team, This is a very good one. I have not laugh this much when the recession hot us…..


    (Do something on Singa and gracious Singapore topic leh, that one sure funny one!)

  30. adeline Says:

    HA! HA! Hit jackpot! Hit Bull’s Eye! Right-on!
    Great job, Mr B & gang.

    Matt, I totally agree with you in what you penned down!
    Wonder if we will ever have one Obama in Singapore in the future!
    Does any one know who the 2 lucky staff to get 8mths bonuses?
    Even the AIG American staff returned their bonuses; hhmmm why can’t this be practised here in Singapore?!!

  31. alvin Says:

    brown, is this your respond to recent comments of your podcast quality? by introducing vulgarities into your podcast to ’spice’ it up?

  32. stiggy Says:

    haha… can imagine the headlines if this was an actual news report…

    KNN: WAHLAO, NABEI CCB give 8 months bonus =p

  33. Mister Scourge Says:

    This is hilarious, couldn’t been better.

  34. kay poh chee Says:

    Haha Kay Poh Chee.
    “Staff is the glue that binds my CCB together” what?!

  35. drofnats Says:

    wait wait too confusing
    you mean mp s are gettin 8 months bonus? or who omg

  36. Rob Rasner IMDB Says:

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