the mrbrown show: army fighting language


It is the year 2020, and a new breed of soldier is born in Singapore!

Warning: MAY contain salty language unsuitable for children.

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117 Responses to “the mrbrown show: army fighting language”

  1. magus Says:

    Hahaha! ROTFLOL! This one really cracked me up.
    Thanks MB.

  2. Joseph Says:

    You guys rock! My colleagues and I enjoyed all of your podcasts. Keep em coming!!!! :D

  3. Daniel Says:

    Love your stuff bro. But I can’t seem to subscribe to the podcast with iTunes!! Pisses me off. Any help?

  4. Aaron Says:

    LOL this is good…!

  5. Melvin Says:

    LOL army language ftw =D

  6. teNg Says:


    *5 stars rated*

    - teNg -

  7. Cappella Says:

    Masterpiece!!! Finally!!!

    Oh by the way, the censoring beep not too effective huh? :) People around me was wondering why there is fowl language cackling in the air! :)

  8. Edwin Says:

    haha…this is a great start of an otherwise blue monday. lol… Die cork stand! Steady….

  9. SK Says:

    Love it whenever u guys do a podcast related to the wonderful army life..keep up the great work! anyways can’t seem to save the mp3 to my com..any suggestions?

  10. David Says:

    Fucking funny!!! hahahahahaha… You rock MB!!!!

  11. Shu Yen Says:

    Actually, I think we really want our enemy to die without descendants.
    That’s why army fighting language always focus on the reproductive system.

  12. Xris Says:

    Ha. Great one. Especially love your podcasts regarding army issues

  13. xenoflux Says:

    i liked the encik nabei part! and then if at the end, they all went lanjiao! then it would be funnier!

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  15. gordon stormtrooper Says:

    wa lao eh. this is the best podcast in a very long time liao!

  16. johntanyishin Says:

    SMLJ, KNN CCB. LOL. PCB! Another Mr Brown fu*king quality production!

    This is great!


  17. Nice!!! Says:

    Good to know Mr Brown living up to his name again!!!

  18. Matt Says:

    “Encik” means “Mister”. The podcast was funny, but not that funny - the situation is already real in terms of our mastery of Malay language, which is supposed to be our National Language.

  19. Name (required) Says:

    KNNCCB make me laugh till stomach pain!! HONG GAN SI BO!?

  20. teesh Says:

    quite hilarious… i don’t do dialects, find dialects (in general, not just chinese dialects) very vulgar. so i end up like the recruits much of the time >

  21. teesh Says:

    (continued from previous comment, got cut off) i suspect i don’t understand half the jokes in the podcast. but it’s amusing anyway!

  22. Innocent Says:

    teesh, you dun act innocent…

    you from china izzit?

  23. Jedd Says:

    If this is not genius, I don’t know what is. I think it’s very silly to completely phase out dialect, life would be so much less colourful. I especially love the way the male reproductive organs are pronounced in “English” by Encik. And the Peng San bit also sibeh funny!

  24. Vince Says:

    Hahaha > Very Funny really enjoy it. Reminds me of old time National Service. CHEERS!

  25. fighter Says:

    no tenticles haha cracked me up sooo much

  26. michael Says:

    Wahaha this is really good man “when u charge at your enemy, shout lan jiao!”

  27. MB Fan Says:

    Omg ahahaha that was really funny

    Great job once again guys

  28. niks Says:

    lmao.. nice one !!!
    let our enemy die with a COCKSTAND…

  29. CelluloidReality Says:

    This is one of your best clips of all time. Solid lah!

    Keep it up.

  30. Val Says:

    “Charles Keng is my buddy”…. LOL
    Hokkien pengs are a dying breed…


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  32. Matt Says:

    here’s one old army expression the kids these days DON”T use : pariah pundek!

  33. SS Says:

    Mr. brown you just made my day..LOL although its already 11 pm…LOL

  34. Junde Says:

    this has to be one of the very best since ever since the ter kwa episode

  35. cc Says:

    lol, classic.

  36. adeline Says:

    Whaa lao! U guys sure ‘keng kar liao’!
    Have not been laughing for weeks but this production made me laughed so hard!

    I love your productions.
    Some people just don’t realize that it is not only Mandarin & English that make Singaporeans what they are but also all the dialects and Singlish that come together as one to make us UNIQUE in this world & bonded by one identify.

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  38. ahseow11 Says:

    nabeh means your mother? shldnt it be meaning father instead?

  39. Sab Says:

    OMG LOL!!! tentacles!!

  40. Keith Says:

    LOL who is the cheena guy sia?

  41. toothfiery Says:

    NABEI was good.

    This one is way over the top. Thumbs down.

  42. alvin Says:

    thanks brown.although it was too vulgar for me , i understand where Brown is coming from which is in times of war… our weapons of choice is not our semi automatics or our artillery but dialect. it packs a lethal blow to the enemy

  43. naM Says:

    hahahahah BEST MAN is it possible having the uncensored version?

  44. ffll Says:

    more of this, please =D

  45. boon Says:

    eh Brown, jin toh gong leh!

  46. Killer whale Says:

    Wah lao …. Super tok kong….. keep up the good work

  47. stiggy Says:

    heh heh, Die cock-stand… so effective until our neighbour start using it for WWFM (World Wrestling Federation of M******) haha

  48. pollp Says:


  49. edmund Says:


  50. isftish Says:

    kanasai!!!!! censor macam boh censor liddat…..

    i guess the best swearers are still our beloved encik and sarjans…

  51. fitness fabulous Says:

    wah seh, nice!

  52. Hello Says:

    Lol. The cencor is just for effect. U still can hear wad they saying without the beep sound.

  53. Hello Says:

    i mean sensor

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  55. Jason Says:

    Wah lau eh, up la Mr Brown

  56. fynyx Says:

    Hi mrbrown,

    From many of the comments here, a good Singaporean podcast is filled with many swear words focused on male genitalia.

  57. singaporean Says:

    damn funny!

    that is if you have served NS before and are not a kuniang lah…

  58. joanne Says:

    this one really cracked me up. AWESOME JOB GUYS!

  59. randomness Says:

    this is fantastic seriously!! IT CHEERED UP MY OTHERWISE BOOORING DAY thx mr brown

  60. Just a dude Says:

    ROLF ! ! ! !
    Keep it up Mr. Brown !

  61. LOVETHIS Says:


  62. ching4791 Says:


    Great one, seriously thanks mr brown you rocks

  63. Onlooker Says:

    Almost died laughing.
    This podcast is a keeper :)
    Remind me of my BMT encik…….

  64. E t M Says:

    5 stars rated

  65. Arch Says:

    This is the best… Who is recruit Chao Ch*beep* By*beep*?

  66. ivo Says:

    haah funny but i prefer russell peters tt ah nei

  67. kev Says:

    darn nice podcast!! ROFL hope to listen more of this!

  68. LIM Says:

    can any one please tell me how to subscribe to his podcast, can’t seem to get it done right . love MB man

  69. cook Says:

    Thank you for reminding me of my Hokkien Peng days..I was a cook,,, before they outsource to food catering

    You may have missed this little one - the piece we sang to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb”….when running with our AR-15 along Jurong Road:
    “Kani nah boo chou chee bye, chou chee bye, chou chee bye….repeat

    It was such a long time ago….Ah Yap, Ah Beng, Ah Hock, Ah Low, Ah Seng, Ah Chee, Ah Lan, Ah Moi…..where are you guys?

  70. Ming Says:

    I’m dying from laughter…

  71. mrTan Says:

    hey you never bleep out Cockstand. nabei cheebye censor also luan luan lai :P

  72. yukun Says:

    nabeh… this one damn funny!!!!

    you smelly girl-downstairs!!!

  73. low ks Says:

    of late tmbs podcasts esp this year’s are getting more and more distasteful and lc. wwhat happen to the great ones of before like those done in 2008; those those were real funny creative and palatable. i feel that recent podcasts are just done for sake of doing!

  74. gkl Says:

    zomg this is hilarious!

  75. chonglai Says:

    The unofficial Radio Language during my Combat Engineer Days. 
    “Kae 三仙” means we need 3 more manpower.
    “Hong Kang” means Bridge Launch.
    “Bai Low Di” means Exercise Cut. (which happen to be my favorite call-sign)

  76. lol Says:

    Jokes aside, Mr Brown made a good point of how dialect cannot be eradicated, to put it bluntly, even in government bodies like the army. I mean, Singapore army wouldn’t be what it is without hokkien pengs and inceks like the one in the podcast.

  77. Nicole Lai Says:

    Haha. I laughed so hard, it made me cry!

  78. cy Says:

    ftw sia. prefer this to the one you did in london though. XD
    post the london performances vid soon k. :DD

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  80. kshow Says:

    lol i tot nabei is ur father?

  81. Rog Says:

    It reminds me of my army lah. Well Done MB!!
    Hope there will be Army Language II ; with more garang language that concuss the enemies!!

  82. Encik Says:

    I not ociffer!

  83. john Says:

    chiog sua!!!!!!!!!

  84. Sora Says:

    rolff cao ji ********

  85. kaikaix33 Says:

    LOL! ‘Tenticles’ supposed to be testicles >.

  86. cute gal Says:

    walao eh copy my work! me and my friend do this 1 leh! but ours nicer lorh! mr brown sow always copy people 1! wadeva! i think is lame larh! but ours dun have the beep sound

  87. archangel3287 Says:

    lolzzz soo funny say what chou chee bye and the army dialet part is the most funny bit

  88. sputnik Says:

    i had trouble linking to my facebook this podcast using ShareThis, even after creating account and login….help me?

  89. mb Says:

    sputnik: I believe there is an issue at Share This and Facebook. You can still link it in your Facebook by pasting the URL:

    into your Facebook share a link feature,

  90. eskayel Says:

    nabei doesn’t refer to father lo, itz taken from kan nin a bu eh ccb,
    translated to f* your mother’s smelly girl-downstairs

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  92. JY Says:

    Lmao, Cutegirl bo CB larrhs, jealous say larrhs.

    Btw, LMAO, Bo lam pa! Good job man!

    Cheers ;

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  94. Justin Says:

    Got your mojo back, well done MB. Hilarious :)

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  96. mark chow Says:

    My surname CHow. My Uncle is C.B.CHOW.

  97. Hokkien Peng Says:

    bo lampa = no tentacles? hahahaaa…

  98. mogui Says:

    inciek nabei!chao chee bye!le bolan pa!lan jiao!lap yi li jia li shi

  99. Kent Says:

    Really funny although silly !

  100. flamehawk Says:

    it’s a little late but the mp3 download is’nt working

  101. FUNNY Says:

    LAN CIAO!!!!!!

  102. Aslan Says:

    walao nice got cjb,caina man, good

  103. kaven Says:

    funny but very low ..

  104. fritzsgerald Says:

    we want our enemy to die cock stand…LOLOLOL!

  105. Ace XD Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :)

  106. Chik Hon Pan Says:

    IF the vulgarities were not cancelled out, it would be even nicer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Ace XD Says:

    le bo lan pa

  108. Chiaky Says:

    Lol.this is so funny

  109. conan-kun Says:

    i watched tis so many times lor!tis is so vuglar!

  110. Samuelwtw Says:

    ahahahaha it’s funnny but too much bad words lah

  111. LOL Says:

    it never gets old!!

    friends and i were just listening to it earlier today

  112. CCHY-2`C ^^ Says:

    where can I download this Tune?

  113. tonbo Says:

    tentacles? bo gao testing si mm si ?
    beautifully choreographed..
    its what make us Singaporean , thx MB team

  114. Jerlin Says:


  115. Mr Brown (Fan) Says:

    Excellent. I m addicted.

  116. SCS Says:

    Mr Brown,

    You’re a piece of work

    Keep It Up


  117. Dragon Says:


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