the mrbrown show: funeral too


Think Funeral. Think Marriage. Think Family.

A new cutting edge commercial from the gahmen.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 18 March 2009: paddle of righteousness Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:32)


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54 Responses to “the mrbrown show: funeral too”

  1. Edwin Says:

    I think this version, in spite of the satire, is very touching too. Keep up the good work, mr brown!

  2. teNg Says:

    wah lao eh . I cannt download through RSS . wah lao eh .

  3. zhihau Says:


    getting hitched = national duty?

    what ’bout baby making?

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  5. FT Says:

    Foreign Talent director and leading actress… where got Singgapo unique quality?????

  6. Dennis Tan Says:

    Haha. I think you localise it better than it was on tv.

    mcys version - 30% humour and 70% message
    mr brown’s version - 80% humour 20% message

    wa lau eh!

  7. Cloudywind Says:

    when my mom saw tat tvc for the 1st time, she said “CHOY! Dai gak lie Si! Why do this kind of ad?”

  8. toothfiery Says:

    *cough* boring ripoff ….

  9. fitnessfabulous Says:

    Hilarious. Terminal 1 + 2 + 3 + budget terminal!

  10. kaineng Says:

    honestly saying, the real one should be better in message, but then an ‘improvised’ version would be nice…

    sad that what ideas gahmen employs is gonna get messed up by mrbrown…

  11. LobsterOfRevenge Says:

    the message was only 20% or even less than that, but i got the message better from here than from telly..

  12. Onlooker Says:

    Miss fire. LOL

  13. worldcrass Says:

    during these sobering times, the government engaged a foreign director for a national tv advertisement.

    cannot find someone from singapore to do is it?

    the idea is not new, go watch taiwanese arthouse ‘yi yi’ to figure that out!

  14. Jayden Says:

    This is good… LOL

    Quick question, what’s the music piece behind the tvc?

  15. Joseph Says:

    Best leh! Better than the original. Wah lau eh.

  16. ThatGuyNextDoor Says:

    Haha~ Nice podcast…Waited for a podcast for soo long…!

  17. kevin c Says:

    It makes me tear. I played the clip like about 15 times and each replay makes me sad.

  18. Edmund FONG Says:

    Wah Lau Eh!

    This podcast sponsor by garmen isit??

  19. bloom Says:

    this one is a spoof. got new sponsors.

  20. fyen Says:

    why wait until people die then you realise you love them. wah lau eh- too late liao.

  21. alvin Says:

    we can see how much effort the brown team has gone through to bring us the perfect match. when it comes to funerals eulogy , you know who to get. wah lau eh

  22. alvin Says:

    good will hunting?

  23. Ermmmm... Says:

    Sorry guys.. Its not very amusing..

    Nevertheless, I’m sure you guys put in some hard work behind this.

  24. Rosy predictions » the mrbrown show: funeral too Says:

    […] the mrbrown show: funeral too […]

  25. adeline Says:

    wau lau eh! YOU GUYS ARE DARN GOOD!

    wau lau eh! at least your production is more local than tv one!

    & wau lau eh! yor message hits target better as tv one is for the top crass people but yor message is for the rest of us who are not top crass people leh!

    & FYEN is right…wait until people die then say they are appreciated. Alamak…as good as no say lah!

    If husbands grow old like tv one, then better not get married.
    If wives grow old like mrbrown one, oso better not get married.
    How to take it! 4 airports leally too much! wau lau eh!

  26. adeline Says:

    wau lau eh! U GUYS jus reminded me I hav to face and hear 8airports every nite. WAU LAU EH!
    i mati lah!!!!

  27. angry_one Says:

    better than the original!

  28. R Says:

    Didn’t really like it this time…Probably because the original really had some substance this time, and this version wasn’t really funny :P

    Good effort though!

  29. sing praises Says:

    even better than the real ad :)

  30. sg man Says:

    wa lau eh.

    That’s what the original lack.

    wa lau eh.

    That’s what atas people don’t understand.

    wa lau eh.

    Culture die already.

    wa lau eh.

    Thanks for the great sound bite.

    wa lau eh.

  31. harry Says:

    the show obviously got inspired from “Good Will Hunting”, the setting is different, but the content is similar. Imho, the ad is touching but not impressive, after all it was using a tried and tested formula.

    however, mr. brown’s sound bite is quite different. although inspired from the MCYS funeral ad, the content is not the same, and it is refreshingly original, especially the message it is trying to get across.

    there is nothing special about imperfect + imperfect = perfect (MCYS funeral); but it is the imperfect + imperfect = imperfect with the parties involved both trying in their lifetime to live together through thick and thin throughout this imperfect match, that makes them admirable.

    mr. brown, you have done it again, well done!

  32. Ming Says:

    Yah… Once again our govt in their bid to be “creative” fail to be sensitive to the ordinary culture. Choy… Say family die. They then all die.

  33. gordon Says:

    wah lau eh. this podcast hor, sibei touching loh and funny at the same time.

  34. Foster Says:

    garmen indirect brainwash again

    family=> commitment => more $$$ for garmen

    so to summarize:
    get married, get sucked more into the deeper hole….

  35. wayang Says:

    wa liao eh.. mr brown.. u got tears rollin down my cheeks.. wa liao eh

  36. Thiam Says:

    terminal 1, terminal 2, terminal 3 combine. OMG THAT WAS DAMN FUNNY. GOOD JOB. and i love the mystery of mister merlion! hahaha your father is water cooler. omg you guys rock!

  37. JKOB Says:




  38. Singkahporean Says:

    Just imagine this voiceover and Mark Lee standing at the podium (or wherever) and you get Singakporean humour.

    Crass, unoriginal and ultimately not very funny.

    I only chuckled because I realize how funny someone who speaks true Singlish sounds.

  39. Sam Says:

    its hilarious. i started laughing the moment Mr Lim said his first words…

  40. isftish Says:

    hehehehe….i think mrbrown tried to stick close to the original video. I could think of a 1/2 dozen “i misfire” type jokes to put in.

    The funny part of sg humour is how seriously we feel or do things that are soooooooooo lame/politically incorrect/stupid/cheapskate/self opinionated. that why we like mr bean so much.

  41. choy sock ching Says:

    mr brown, why all these people congratutating you ah? you are not that funny all the time, especially this one. But whatever “fart” you do,also people say good now. So, I guess u will carry on. Try harder lah…this one…abit contrived leh….the so many wah lao ehs are a give away that you are trying too hard and running out of ideas. What so funny about Changi airport, so flat (pun not intended) i am sure it is not for lack of material….how about try the AWARE saga especially that Dr Thio….good material.

  42. Vicsky Says:

    imho, the “wa lao eh”s were what made this spoof so successful. seems like some ppl skipped out on literature class :p

  43. Jim Leow Says:


    Yeah it sucks when a loved one dies……

    Ya know, this is prob one of the best and most worthy campaigns our gahmen ever ran. In fact, I dare say this is one of the most worthy of ALL campaigns EVER run since the beginning of time! Its never bad to promote healthy loving families (and leave it up to the individuals to define their own healthy n loving)…

  44. this rocks Says:

    classic sia niceee

  45. Valerie Tsai Says:


    Was reading your blog and thought you’d be interested to know that MCYS is holding an event tomorrow afternoon (Saturday May 16th) at 1:30pm at Siloso Beach Resort to celebrate the revealing of Singapore’s Top Ten most beautifully imperfect couples as part of their campaign that includes the Funeral TVC. See below for more details!

    Media Invite

    Singapore’s Top 10 Beautifully Imperfect Couples Unveiled

    Find out who amongst over 350 entries will make the top 10 Beautifully Imperfect couples in Singapore
    Since going live on April 7, 2009, the revolutionary “Beautifully Imperfect” Facebook contest has garnered more than 350 entries and gained close to 14,000 people who became fans, with a potentially larger base, given that users who signed up are either ‘in a relationship’, married’ or ‘engaged’. Bloggers worldwide, from as far as North America and Botswana, have added to the wild fire popularity by actively responding and commenting on the “Beautifully Imperfect” competition. The contest has even gained attention from local celebrities such as DJs Hamish Brown and Stanley Leong.

    In the contest, Facebookers are invited to upload images and write about their “Beautifully Imperfect” relationship. Winners are chosen by popular vote each week and at the end of the competition, the top ten most popular couples enjoy a free weekend getaway at the Roof Garden Suite of the Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa.

    Please join the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) as we congratulate the top 10 “Beautifully Imperfect” winners who will share their experiences and thoughts on what makes their relationship “Beautifully Imperfect.” Also present will be critically acclaimed director, Yasmin Ahmad, who helmed the award-winning ‘Family’ TVC last year and the current ‘Funeral’ TVC, which aired in April this year.

    Date: Saturday, 16 May 2009
    Time: 1.30 – 4.30 pm
    Venue: Siloso Beach Resort – Eugenia Room
    51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa
    Singapore 099538

    A free shuttle service will also be available to ferry guests to the event venue, from 1pm to 1.40pm.

    Pick-up point: Harbourfront MRT Exit D, Private Car Pick-Up Point (Please refer to attached map)

    Kindly RSVP to:

    Valerie Tsai
    DID: 6324 5302
    Ming Lim
    DID: 6324 2534

  46. Rety Says:

    Wa lao eh. Very nice, very good. But wa lao eh, the fart very loud. Now i deaf.

    Wa lao eh.

  47. Victor Says:

    You forget there’s a JetQuay CIP Terminal.

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  49. Aron Says:

    brilliant idea

  50. Isabel WL Says:

    This rocks!! Love it very much! Very touching…

  51. conan-kun Says:

    i’m feelin kinda of uncomfortable now.but the dog part is like so funny!my mother forced me marry her one!lol lor!last time condom v.expensive lol lor!wah lao ah!family,its sucks when they die!LOL!

  52. Samuelwtw Says:

    damn funny lah !!!! walao eh

  53. lucaswtf Says:

    dam nice lah. dog? like shit lah…….funny like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

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