the mrbrown show: your mother’s army

Photo by Kyle May

We don’t want our little boy boys to become uncouth men in the army! Sign up for the new NS!

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63 Responses to “the mrbrown show: your mother’s army”

  1. Alpha Strike Says:

    hahaha. trying to be funny, right? wait u kena complain and become your mother’s podcast.

  2. kb Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH. love ur podcasts about NS.

  3. \O.O/\-.-/ Says:

    I’m sorry for listening to this.. HAHA

  4. Sab Says:

    the G in 3.5G more like Guniang, hahahaha!

  5. haheho Says:

    very the funniz! haha!

  6. Army Boy Says:

    tell the public more about our sad story in the army.. .. wahhahah

  7. Jo Lim Says:

    The enemy soldier will die of laughing if you see our army is behaving in such a polite manner in the battlefield

  8. VFKK Says:

    What kind of goo niang platoon is this, sure die wan.

    What kind of army will “Your Father’s Army” be like?

  9. Malcolm Says:

    Kinda stupid right? Army is suppose to be in the business of killing people in times of war. That is why part of the training during times of war is to de-humanize your enemies to make killing easier.

  10. Dr Chan Says:

    This one was very well done! Love it.

    Our women are so detached from the realities of life in the army.

  11. Ming Says:

    Best for this year ^_^

  12. Daniel Richard @ Zen Sales Says:

    Heart to heart talks with the enemies? Lol!

    Remember, after shooting the heads off, must say sorry. :)

  13. Mr Brown show rocks Says:

    Dam cool sia. i suggest u show us de lyrics. Some words nt clear. Like de words censored. Not clear leh. But i managed to catch most of it. Nice job.

  14. You are funny Says:

    haha… very funny…. thanks enemy? LOL. HAHA:)

  15. mr brown rocks Says:

    it is very funny but why sergent , no more warrant officer ????

  16. 3g and 5g Says:

    badwords? another army fighting language? inchick gone liao? warrant officer?what the must say sorry! why so polite!!! mothers army? ccb?polite? go die lahhh!!!!!! lol jkjk

  17. boon Says:

    it is damn funny! The NS joke is always the most happening topic among all guys.

    Must charge more gu niang sey…

  18. Panzer Says:

    Lumber 1….

    2 thumbs up (definitely not the middle finger since we are in our mother’s army, battalion, company and platoon)!

  19. Nikita Hengbok Says:

    Hahahaha!!! This sounds so true!
    Gu niang army! LOL!

  20. Dan Says:

    love all the NS podcast! sorry enemy…. wahhahahha!!!

  21. COCKSTER Says:

    wa seh, jin ho ah! Mr Brown goot job ar! so velly the shiok ar! I listen to this many the times ar! really singapore lumber one la!

    SAF - The Decisive Force!

  22. hahaha Says:

    this is seriously funny :) so we all must be polite and say, thank you mrbrown.

  23. Haha Says:

    classik, chio kah peng ah!

    more ns podcasts please more ns podcasts please more ns podcasts please ….

  24. Patriotic Says:

    Nowadays parents so protective… and soldiers like to hide behind their parents… now, not only teachers have to face parents, commanders now have to face parents too… I thought our soldiers are trained with weapon to defend our beloved country, not becoming mama boys… how will our boys become men now…

  25. nerd Says:


  26. s2323223232 Says:


  27. Zen Says:

    LOL! Can’t stop laughing! Buay ta han sia!!! very well done guys!

  28. adeline Says:

    U guys sure make my day!!! LOL.
    If the army becomes like Mother’s Army, then our
    SAF stands for Singapore Ah-lian-Ah-Kwa Force…..

    What a scary thought!

  29. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    We should “throw that mother to the sea”.

  30. … this is your mother’s platoon « Musings of a Muse Says:

    […] … this is your mother’s platoon By stantough […]


    use more bad words its mre funny :)

  32. Lee Says:

    Yep. Soldier kill and destroy. Full stop, there is no such thing as politeness in war. Either you die or he dies.

  33. Mother Says:

    Be Good. Maybe time for woman do be part of the NS? then they would get a better understanding.

  34. Alvin Ho Says:

    such manners is truly the trademark of Singaporeans. First country in the world whose army kills with manners worthy of a first world nation. why stop at politeness in the battlefield, lets go the extra mile and arrange funerals for our enemies. that is the army of the 21st centry.

  35. Kane Says:

    lol.. that mother shld wake up her idea man!

  36. BrownFan Says:

    Funny siah!!!

    how do i download the MP3 file?? when i click that “download MP3″ it opens a quicktime and plays the audio…

  37. Royal Says:

    dont the mothers know that , the moment u enter army u are taught to kill? not some gun niang to join mcdc

  38. Ah Beng Says:

    No Vulgarities how to fight wars? :D

  39. your mother Says:

    not enough!! before shooting their heads off, must say excuse me!

  40. Who's Mother Says:

    That mother is confirm a retard… Period….

  41. anti-gu-lain Says:

    i can’t imagine army days using such polite words. i guess my co-workers can use more fluent **** in their comments after putting down the phone with the client. young men nowdays

  42. 3SG SHAH Says:

    War is wretched, because the soldier who enters war, enters a pacifist, until the moment his best friend’s head gets blown off. Still, as a Muslim soldier of the SAF, I think using vulgarities is uncalled for, in peacetime or in war.

  43. felix Says:

    Mr Brown, you got the name wrong.

    Podcast: the mrbrown show 29 July 2009: lekuasimi Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:00)

    It should be the track name. :)

  44. Red Says:

    Wah paing, power sia,
    “You must die you chao ji … lol!”

  45. lamer Says:

    u are on the tv last nite MRBROWN

  46. i see the moon and the stars. « smile. Says:

    […] before i forget, go listen to mr brown’s podcast on the NEW ns here. […]

  47. wind Says:


  48. Dr Chan Says:

    Arranging funerals for enemies is nothing new. The British have done that when they killed Nepalese resistant fighters. They were so impressed by the highlanders that they later recruited them on their side as Gurkhas.

  49. Limee Says:

    o.O If really the singapore army force were to be led by the mothers army, then lets prepare for the worst of it. i am quite impressed by the politeness of the mother’s army. hahaz so funny…. erh wan download, right click on the download mp3 and click on “save target as”. :D

  50. Leon Says:

    haha… love the podcast!
    imagine if we start saying sorry to the enemies during war when they’re trying to invade us.

  51. Chin Says:

    I was in the Army (combat unit) circa 1990-1992. I do not remember that we really use that much expletives.

    In comedys and dramas the abundant use of expletives is for dramatic purposes.

    Most people (guys) think they peppered their conversation in the Army with expletives because they believe it to be true.

  52. Tough Soldier Says:

    G is for ‘gentlemenness’?

    More like G for guniang-ness. -_-;;

  53. Tan Says:

    If now got this mothers army, next time become parents fight war.

  54. Deathempire Says:

    What the…..wa lan come on la….if singapore train like this mati like siao lo….

  55. Dr Chan Says:

    Please do something on the National Day Rally. Something about Algeria would be nice.

  56. Sri Says:

    whats up! no new podcast update !

  57. glee Says:

    heeheeheee damn F++++ing FARNIE!

  58. LOLingStar Says:

    sorry for poking u dear enemy…..LOL

  59. SystemlZl Says:

    Keep the Good job up with the NS life .. it’s freaking funny man.. 2 thumbs up keep it coming yea!

  60. Princess Charlott Says:

    you can ay that again.don’t blame me for a nice shot.try hitting it in the face.not any where on the face but on the head.HEAD can also do some action or say any thing bad cause women can be tough too. those that join the USrestling championship or those with big mustles too can beat you right in the careful and watch out.see any thing suspecious.try using my idea.calling the POLICE of course.that’s my only favourite idea,it always works all the time.and if it works for the old folks home or even old people,it will always work for you.safest place for kena not shooting is at your pranks.bye.

  61. harrisliu Says:

    lol erm sir y is it 3.5g not 3g ar THIS IS UR MOTHERS ARMY LETS GO KILL SOME EVEMY AND SAy polite words
    if u shot the head u must say sorry if not u will die also

  62. David Says:

    Hope he does one about the PTI Being outsourced. Example “okay gentleman, i am your new PTI, i come from california Fitness…etc”

  63. Phoenix Leo Says:

    Another good one:)

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