the mrbrown show: men in white

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We share some untold stories of our own…

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31 Responses to “the mrbrown show: men in white”

  1. brian Says:

    no kaya toast ):

  2. GeekDad Says:

    I cannot download your podcast anymore. I get error messages from iTunes, saying it is not available. Shame, I miss the show.

  3. Donaldson Tan Says:

    We have to work hard to change this story. I hope when it is my time to tell my grandson about the MIW story, it will be different from this podcast.

  4. mb Says:

    @GeekDad: We are resubmitting our podcast into iTunes (don’t know why it got removed). Meanwhile you can still subscribe via iTunes by manually adding this feed URL:

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Samuel Says:

    Mr Brown, well done!!!

    Please don’t die early please. If not, I cannot hear you crack this kind of jokes anymore in this barren land, please.


  6. addyted Says:

    haha. whiter shade of pale tales from bt brown.

  7. Sangrawi Says:

    There was no podcast for 2 weeks.

    But this podcased is certainly worth the wait..

    Another classic from MB and team.

    Kudo!!! Thank you!!! Bravo!!! cheers!!! clap clap!!! Standing ovation!!!

  8. hansolo Says:

    This is frigging funny! One of the best in months. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. Jeff1244 Says:

    lol LKY got disappear?

  10. Sam Says:

    ROFL !!!
    Direct damage 999 + 25% critical

    “… i see white people” hahaha…

  11. chris Says:

    i still can’t hear anything lehz.. can’t download as well

  12. lilDAWN Says:

    mb i cant download or hear…

  13. colin Says:

    yeah i cant hear anything also!i cant download as well!what happen…i cannot open since the popiah one….previously i can listen to the PM coffeeshop, now cannot also.what happen?i updated my whole com already still brown how?

  14. tsktsk Says:


  15. goodmeat Says:

    Dear tsktsk, care to elaborate?
    thanks for another great podcast mb

  16. Laughed Till White Says:

    i know i am alive when i rolled and laughed till white when i heard your podcast. good work.

  17. jia jun Says:

    mr brown ending for this round is nice ! i love the you set the volume from left to right speaker and right to left speaker . hovering around !

  18. Dr Chan Says:

    I think the “stories” would have sounded a lot better if they were actually acted out in first person and not told. Not subtle enough.

  19. Maverick Says:

    I cannot downlod ur podcast for days and weeks liao.

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  21. CoMeDy:) Says:

    rise from grave! whooooooooo!

  22. adeline Says:

    MR BROWN, be careful lah…some man who refused to disappear when finally disappear…dun noe when…some men still going strong…may haunt you lah 4 all the fun u poke at him & jinx gang while some men still alive!
    Hantu in white cannot take jokes from hantu in black lah….they jus can not lah…just look at the hantu in white…of course not lah.

  23. Come Back Kid Says:

    with this podcast, i have become a MB fan once a again.
    Well done!

  24. alvinho Says:

    it is the white shirt and pants, the stuff that nightmares are made up of. it is the striking lighting blot that urban folks shunned away.
    Yet in all of this, its longevitiy is astounding. Its influence extends even to the grave. yes… ah yes… white frightens me, lighting blot blinds me.

  25. Eugene Says:

    I see white people~~~~~

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  27. goh xun wei Says:

    i love your show. but after you did some changes to your podcast i can’t download your mp3 files

  28. WMD Says:

    Brilliant MB! Your humour keeps me from repeatedly banging my head against the walls.
    You expose their insanity in all its glory. Rise from the dead, indeed. What a nutter.

  29. stupid fool Says:

    tanks so much for beeing so sg!its hard to find tis type of stuff!

  30. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, our govt have every right to benchmark their salaries with million dollars CEO this is best practises against courrption. Have you had any idea who is running this billion dollars corporation. How much money they are making for sg. Be thankful for they are getting peanuts, they don’t have to do these job in the 1st place. They don’t need these money, they can get better paid highflying job else where.

  31. Maoreo Says:

    I am a great fan and has alot of admiration for the senior, senior, senior man in white. Having said that, I do also think yr podcast is hilarious, very nicely done. Thanks for yr entertainment MB!

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