the mrbrown show: 20 litres only

Photo by nicholaschan

The Malaysian petrol cops are gonna make sure you stick to the limit!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 Dec 2009: 20 litres only
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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: 20 litres only”

  1. adeline Says:

    WHAW! What a production! There is more than just petrol & ’sar mun’ & ringgit!

    The ‘lady police’ voice-over is pretty authentic.


    Have a wonderful & meaningful Christmas!

    MAY WE GET MORE HILARIOUS STUFF from all of you in the coming new year 2010!!!!

  2. ur mother Says:

    lol funny sia

  3. sgstudentshow Says:

    wonderful accent selection

  4. Ian Says:

    HAhaha funny man!!

  5. lokie76 Says:

    haha….PISOFT….piss off sia ….lol

  6. Sangrawi Says:

    Very good holiday seasons podcast…

    Thanks for making this holiday seaons fun!!!

    Mr Brown lagi besst….

  7. GodsGift2Women Says:

    dun make fun of the malaysian policies la.. i not defending em but we have bigger jokes on our home front if u know wat i mean.

  8. GodsGift2Women Says:

    sorry, need to add something else. Even with silly restrictions, impositions and such Malaysia’s petrol is still much, much cheaper than our oligopoli becuase their govt subsidise their fuel for their ppl and 4 tt Malaysia has my gratitude. So wat do we get as Sporns in S’pore?

  9. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Brown,
    Please do a show on “the lazy Singaporeans who need the spurs in their hide or die with their own problems”. :)



  10. SG Girl Next Door Says:

    lol..’suck the petrol’, quite crude leh…

  11. Dr Chan Says:

    Haha … good one! Yes, something about keeping native Singaporeans on their toes too.

  12. fynyx Says:

    Have to agree (belatedly) with SG Girl Next Door (December 28th, 2009 at 3:01 pm):

    “I have a lot to suck!”
    “… or else I have to suck for you!”

    Funny, yes, but also gross.

  13. Good stuff Says:

    The Malay accent for “… or else I have to suck for you!” turns me on!!!

  14. Passer-by Says:

    I got a lot of petrol in my body faster suck!!!

  15. emoboi Says:

    stupit lady suck suck suck
    suck mineral water la
    suck petrol suck suck suck then die die ciao ciao ar

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