the mrbrown show: election renovation

Photo by Glen Bowman

Your home may qualify for election upgrading! Did you get a visit from the right contractor?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 31 March 2010: election renovation
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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: election renovation”

  1. CDplayerman Says:

    Good podcast! Mrbrown…:)

  2. HaHaHa Says:

    My neighbourhood did, NRP (neighbourhood renewal programme). Precinct-upgrading for items outside appartment, so it’s free. Still I voted no, no point throwing away Town Council $ that I’ve paid.

    If you are talking to the CONtractor man, we get that quite a lot just before the recent upgrading.

  3. ah huat reno contractor Says:

    haha. chio see lan.. haahah

  4. Nabay Says:

    so-so la dis one..

  5. ChowAhChwee Says:

    This contractor must be Phua Chu Kang’s brother - Phua Long Kang. Everything also want to change.
    Come to think of it. I want a PAP towel bowl.

  6. lampar song Says:

    LOL, Mr Brown, your renovation contractor beats phua chu kang hands down lah !
    Time for media corpse to replace Gurmit Singh with a new star.
    chio ka lampar song :)

  7. JL Says:

    How true. After election everything sure go up one.

  8. Yuhin Says:

    CCTV rubbish chutes are so ingenious! Kudos to your work,mrbrown

  9. adeline Says:

    ACTUALLY HOW DOES OUR TOWN COUNCIL actually spends our funds??? What’s good in their opinion may be far from good in the citizens’ opinion.

  10. adeline Says:

    CCTV to catch molesters? thot was to catch china nationals spitting in the lifts, here and every where?

    & YUP! AFTER ELECTION comes all the price jacking up! no more squatting! prices of things will send our hair standing!

  11. Dr Chan Says:

    We all know where all the money comes from. We all know we can’t sell the flat we live in no matter how much its value shoots up. We all know that life is going to get more difficult and not better. Somehow, people still take the bait.

  12. Tan Ah Gao Says:

    swang hor?rubbish chute cctv XD epic mr brown epic

  13. paul Says:

    This government has intentionally UGLIFY (If there is such a word) the China nationals. Many of our Foreign Talents are also English, Australians and INDIANS and filipinos.

    By isolating and targeting Chinese nationals, the Singapore Government trying to make us disassociate with our Chinese heritage.

    The more we feel disgusted about China or Chinese nationals bad habits, the more we gravitate towards a SIngapore identity and English.

    Though Many chinese nationals’ behaviours are far from perfect, but

    Why Single out Chinese nationals?

    There are also other nationalities, such as the Bangladeshis, Indians who behave poorly as well as High and mighty caucasians.

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