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Can’t afford the things in life? No wonder you have that pok-kai face.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 19 March 2010: pok-kai face
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  1. Pokkai Man Says:

    Dear Mr Brown (very clever to mix Hokkien and English- try not to use too many songs as easy way out. Like Liam-Keng 念经), Sam (very good at mimicking Malay slang - I think you eat lots of Malay food. Hence the lodeh flavoured English), Ivan (very good at mimicking Indian slang. I think you watch to many Tamil movies. Probably dancing all day long. Please take care and don’t fall down) and crew at Mr Brown Show (all supportive only)

    1. On the face of it, I am thrilled that half of my stage name had been incorporated into you latest Podcast. I would like to think that you like probably half my inputs. So, a half pok-kai contributes to a full pok-kai tale and hence the Pok-kai song. Half ghosting I guess is good (because that’s as far as my capability goes)

    2. PR’s buy this and buy that. So PR kena langa. If citizen is poor, don’t grunt. Gahmen gives you grant. So PR = Please Run. Run fast or run away.

    3. Lately one Doctor kena sue by Nurse. He cannot stand up. But apparently he boasts he can do it. So, legs cannot stand does not mean C _ _ K cannot stand. The moral of the story - Rise only when you need to. This makes a good story line, I think.

    4. So, let’s see what Mr Brown and your brownies will come up with…May be rise in tandem? :)


    Pok-kai man (Muneru Valliba Muneru endrum, torum vanom kuva…) :)

  2. mak Says:

    not bad.

  3. Shaolin monk Says:

    hahah Mr. Brown you are like chanting…

    Want to be one of my disciple ?

  4. pokai man Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!nice lol

  5. mopeng king Says:

    i just laugh non-stop at the first line of the chorus :D

  6. Pokkai Man Says:

    Dear All

    1. Good morning.

    2. Since my posting, I discovered more and more that there are a host of followers and copycats. Your podcast is turning people from followers to borrowers. It’s the off-shoot of Mr Brown party.

    3. Someone now calls Pokai Man has posted after me. He is one k short. So it’s a shorted Pokkai.

    4. Someone says “Mr Brown you are like chanting.” I am thrilled to find a supportive concordance. Try this: Honey honey honey, I like money, it’s a rich man’s world. Ah ah ah ah (plenty of repetitions, easy on the brain). Or follow- “Do rei me, do rei me do do…”

    5. I took a further look at your shows. The ratio of songs to skits is inching higher and higher. This is not a good trend. Soon there will be only sing-a-longs. Like camp fire browned.

    6. That’s all for the day (some one surely will copy somewhere - call it borrowing…:) )

    The original Pokkai Man (Nala nadu itu nala nadu, nala embalm yanna nala nala du…)

  7. TR-JC Says:


    No Money, No Worries.

    No Money, No Cry.

    Let’s all be Pokkai-Face. No Choise, What.

  8. pock mark lee Says:

    Mr Brown,
    Mark Lee will gladly exchange his pock marked face for a pok-kai face. I hope for Mark Lee’s sake, he never becomes pok-kai.
    It will be a double whammy and you can’t beat this.

  9. Alvin Says:

    Fuck lah, a HDB peigon hole is a flat NOT a house lah.

  10. Dr Chan Says:

    I only laughed when I heard that part about uncle touching ass. Everything else has already been touched on before. No pun intended. Some newer, fresher themes please.

  11. tux Says:

    any video for this …

  12. sooth Says:

    good one sir!

  13. like it Says:

    haha… like this lady gabra’s pok-kai face… way better than lady gaga’s poker face

  14. Pet Says:

    Currently is only 4 million population ……

    I can t imagine …. what will happen , when we hit 7 million …..

  15. Tony Khoo Says:

    wow, you are famous !

    on front page of TR

  16. adeline Says:

    Eat poh chay?? I thot this is illegal..said AVA…a few years back??
    Not illegal….still got poh chay pills?

    AT 4MILLION PEOPLE on this multiple-holes-cheeze of an island, how do you expect not to touch somebody’s ass or somebody’s br—st, or somebody’s…. when every one is packed like sardines in the MRT???!!! Don’t want to touch will also end up touching like it or not!

    Hit 7million? Then migrate lah before it hit 5milion or 6million!
    Oppss! only the rich can migrate….so that leaves only the POI KAI & all the pok-ker players on this cheeze of an island.

  17. lim Says:

    You win already lor! :)

  18. sgstudentshow Says:

    nice one.pang sai face

  19. Gal Says:

    Awesome work guys… loved it.

    Pokkai Man, wish you could just mind your own bussiness and stop commenting on others’ comments. Bet you can’t do a better podcast than these guys.

  20. Pokkai Man Says:

    Dear Mr Brown, Ivan, Sam, Mark and the Mr Brown crew

    I want to lodge a complain against some sort of complainant with whom I have nothing to do. Your podcast is superb and it attracts all sorts of attention.

    If someone alludes to some comments, I bet it is sheer jealously. It should have its own podcast.

    This is only a very mild form of complaint against some busy body with nothing to do except to blabber.

    In everyday parlance, I would term it a stupid fool (only a very mild characterization).


    Yours sincerely

    Pokkai Man (plenty of shadow pokkais around -as if being Pokkia is fashionable). Pok them all if that is the fashion.

  21. AngMoGirl Says:

    You guys are so damn spoiled! In Eastern Europe ppl pay off house loans in two generations. And you have Taxis and MRT - why the hell whine about not having a car? Imagine living in a country with virtually no public transport and not being able to afford a car there.

    And yeah, I’m a foreigner who worked for half pay :P.

  22. Pokkai Man Says:

    Dear foreigner cc Mr Brown team

    1. No need to talk about Eastern Europe so very far apart. Just look at the Singapore Zoo. Animals have no cars. Only 4 legs. Just show off is enough. Some more they have full time servants to clean their poo, give free medical care, free food and free lodging. Join the Zoo. Be an animal. No mortgage required.

    2. No need to talk about what type of transport. Again look at the Singapore Zoo. Just walk on 4 legs. It will lighten the load on the original two. Imagine moving twice the distance on the same energy. Or, use half the energy and travel the full distance. Use your paws. Walk on fours.

    3. Public transport is only for the public. Do things privately. Take private transport.

    4. Think out of the box. Look at the Seow Lang Keng. Plenty of ideas.

    5. Lastly, Singapore is in Asia. Eastern Europe is to the east of Western Europe. They are worlds apart. Cannot imagine. May be over there, the crabs does not walk sideways. They walk upside down.


    Pok-kai Man

  23. ah meng Says:

    Can you make a joke on Sheng Siong?

    25 million dollars tender
    30% higher rental charges
    auntie stallholder cannot survive
    bar chor mee more expensive
    all 5 wet market
    resident go where to eat cheap food?

  24. ah meng Says:

    Can you make a joke on Toliet cleaness

    new law on toliet cleaness
    toliet cleaness coffeeshop owner must hired one more helper
    coffeeshop owner complain
    must sell more kopi a day to recover cost
    kopi price must go up again

  25. ah meng Says:

    Can you make a joke on latest upgrading of HBD flats again

    conserancy charges up again
    interior house upgrading
    changing of pipes
    changing of doors
    install stainless steel bar next to your toliet bowl

  26. ah meng Says:

    Can you make a joke on Lim Swee Say? on parliment speech

    people comments are like frogs
    we are deaf, we can’t listen to frogs calls
    promoting wonder bras and selling women bras
    the cheaper, better, faster worker
    maybe fresher younger and bigger too

  27. ah meng Says:

    Can you make a joke on Ah Loan using a little kids

    ah loan company recurit little boys and girls
    kids little make good pocket money by painting door red
    get caught no problem kids too young
    better go market buy a pig head put at the wrong house
    learn to write in english on the wall
    little kids sell phone cards to construction chinaman wokers
    little kids walk away, chinaman follow the instruction go to the bushes marked X take a plastic bag of illegal cigarettes
    little kids sell phone cards only what, cigarettes is not mine want

  28. Ted Says:

    Hi Mr Brown, do you autotune? Should be damn funny if you do!

  29. XIAN Says:

    anyone got the lyrics XD.

  30. Drof Says:

    nice one. i love it

  31. Boh Liao Man Says:

    I wish my HDB was how it used to be
    Don’t need 30 years to pay my loan off completely
    Public housing used to be within common man’s reach
    Now a resale flat must pay 5-figure COV

    Owe (x8)
    I owe the bank I owe until I die
    Owe (x8)
    My CPF is dry can’t quit at 65

    Simi sai simi sai
    I walk around with a pok-kai face
    Pocket gan-lo no more money
    Tell me why price so high
    Until I have to wear this pok-kai face
    (You think this is bloody funny)

    Pok (x8)
    Pok-kai face
    Pok (x8)
    Pok-kai face

    Foreigner come Singapore and work for half my pay
    Gah-men say shuddup too bad they are here to stay
    Global competition is the way of life for us
    We are fighting everyday just to get on the bus

    No (x8)
    Got no more seats, some bugger let go gas
    No (x8)
    I want to scream, some uncle touch my ass

    Simi sai simi sai
    I walk around with a pok-kai face
    I can only go for test-drive
    Car price high, how to buy?
    That’s why you see I have this pok-kai face
    (My only choice is take MRT)

    Simi sai simi sai
    I walk around with a pok-kai face
    Pok-kai is mean ‘no more money’
    I lao sai, eat Poh Chai
    Now people say I have a boh chye face
    (Someday maybe I hit 4D)

    Pok (x8)
    Pok-kai face
    Pok (x8)
    Pok-kai face
    Pok (x8)
    Pok-kai face

    Copyright 2010 Mr Brown Show

  32. kieren ong Says:

    good pok-kai face i have a pok-kai face


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  34. Michelle Says:

    hahaa… I love it… so funny…

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  36. evelyn Says:

    So damn true!

  37. Unknown(I won't tell you my name =}) Says:

    Why not make a song of your own using the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. BTW very funny song. My sis who will always say me and my things are lame(which is not) heard this sond and start ROFL!

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