the mrbrown show: married not enough

Photo by Ivan Walsh

When you have marital problems, your caring ministers are always there to listen.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 10 March 2010: married not enough
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  1. sgstudentshow Says:

    wah! the xi xi zhe li,really sound like Jack Neo.Must be you right mb?

  2. N. Says:


  3. AA Says:

    The last part really had me cracking up, hahahahaha!

  4. Jack Neo Hum Sup Says:

    ha ha ha ha
    The George Yeo depicted here most probably the highest paid telephone receptionist in the world and outer space…

  5. Shu Yen Says:

    Darn, all the podcasts seem to be down again…

  6. sk Says:

    hahahah so seempurrr

  7. Eddy Says:

    Ah Brown Ah u always crack us up! Well done

  8. Joleebe Says:

    Maybe thats how they intend to solve the population problem ? by giving SUPPORT to such marital problems ? haa

  9. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many such scandals were not reported. Just look the “non-beautiful” contestants/winners in pagents and the “non-talented” celebrities; one would wonder how they get there.
    Btw, Jack got bad taste.

  10. Jack Tiu Says:

    waaaa..the Fyonce n the alphard was classic!!! lol

  11. Joleebe Says:

    Well done .. Mr B & team.. btw love the 2 signs shown in the pic! Hmm.. thought i saw it somewhere before.. but as ONE…

  12. Dr Chan Says:

    Use Jack Neo’s commercial to poke fun back at him. You guys are really cruel. Good one.

  13. Big Director Jack Neo Says:

    Knn! My next movie would be “Rubba rubba here, Piak piak there!”

  14. Bengkia369 Says:

  15. Infidel Says:

    suck suck here, poke poke there, so convenient!

  16. Musings » Blog Archive » Opportunities, Indiscretions and Scandals Says:

    […] There’re just three extended news issues running in the last week or so now. Firstly, the inquiries made to a certain Romanian DIplomat’s actions that resulted in a poor guy’s death; secondly, the extremely dry weather here that finally saw very welcome respite in the form of island wide downpours yesterday, and local director Jack Neo’s adventure-capades with women half his age. The forums, not unexpectedly so, have been abuzz with the usual gossip, speculation and finger-pointing – though unlike what the newspapers here seem to be suggesting, I don’t get the feeling that more than a very small handful of online persons are sympathetic to Neo at all. He’s pretty much the butt of jokes right now, with Mr. Brown getting into the act too and getting his usual mileage. […]

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  18. missyeley Says:

    EPIC ENDING! Well done.

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  20. Yuhin Says:

    great idea for potential new jack neo movie…Married Not Enough! I still support jack and his films, his affair only prove that he is a true man!

  21. Boon Says:

    Indeed, the last part really made me have a good laugh! Cheers, Mr Brown!

  22. Sky Says:

    good stuff..where to buy the alphard? haha..i’m waiting for the new movie ‘I am 2 stupid’

  23. Pang Goh Ling Says:

    Have you encount any cat that dont eat fish? All men are the same, Jack included.

  24. trust issues « * Says:

    […] trust issues 12Mar10 Infidelity seems to be the latest trend of scandalous celeb affairs (don’t even know if sg’s local director is considered one in the first place lol) […]

  25. Jack and George, o.. « Icarus Flew Too High Says:

    […] And George Yeo, what on earth were you thinking of coming to Jack’s rescue? As Mr Brown has pointed out, you’re the Minister of Foreign Affairs, so go deal with Singaporean men/women who have affairs with foreigners! On the more serious side, George, ARE YOU MENTAL!? What has this affair got to do with you? I certainly don’t see foreign politicians dealing with…wait, hold on. Yes, according to my sources it seems to me you politicians love the limelight, whether you’re sending consoling letters to John Terry or calling for Singaporean (men) to rally around someone whom has just had spent his stardom in folly. You silly, fame hungry men. I think Singaporeans has an appropriate term for you people: “kaypoh, ah. not your business still want to disturb?” […]

  26. k. Says:

    Mr. Brown, how about doing something titled “Mistress Relief” since it’s tax time? It will be just like parent’s relief, just that you can have as many mistresses as you want and get tax rebates!

    This would be just like Baby Bonus, but calling it “Mistress Bonus” would be stretching it.

  27. adeline Says:

    Speak louder lah! So soft at some parts! How to hear the good stuff of your production lah?
    LIKE THE ENDING! creative!

    U should have combined that itchy Romanian & his car and of course about Jack & his car too!
    Cars & women!
    A good way to make babies and make govt happy too, right?
    Who knows, gahmen may soon allow polygamy for all races!

  28. Serena Says:

    ROTFL! Can’t wait to hear your podcast about Dr William Tan!

  29. fynyx Says:

    The prodigal sons are looking good again: Tiger Jack;
    will they recalcitrantly squander social goodwill again?

  30. kjh Says:

    omg the last part!! totally BOOMZ!

  31. alvin HO Says:

    give the guy a break!

  32. davidyeo Says:

    i feel its bad for Singaporean Own a Home NEW HDB Buy Direct fr HDB
    3 room = 250k-350K - 4 Room = S$500-600,000 = 5 Room = S$550k to 700 K .. ( Back to 2003 HDB New 4 rm -A= 140K or less …
    if u i want to buy a HDB Resale or NEw HDB .; i feel HDB Still a very Over Hight Price to me and for my future … , i dnt unstanding why HDB & Gov did not contral the Val Prices $$ . hdb is need to fix the Price not contral the PR or Singaporean who buy . so dnt think it SPR … its the Gov Jobs … to help us …….. ..

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