the mrbrown show: 100,000 talents

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PM says we need 100,000 foreign talents to grow this year! Like that how?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 Oct 2010: the mrbrown show: 100,000 talents
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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: 100,000 talents”

  1. cock Says:

    what cock…

  2. yang_man Says:

    We can also fly them in using Apache helicopter and land at Woodlands/Yishun etc etc. No need to build big TITS :)

  3. nomis Says:

    awesome :)

  4. Yuhin Says:

    good suggestion of great humour from y’all! But TITS shouldn’t be just an airport terminal…heck, it should include a new habour. Not to mention, a talent hunter team to locate real “talent” and dispose fake “talent”

  5. tkmcpy Says:

    We now need only 99,999 cause one just join my company, sitting beside me…..mauh….hahaha

  6. MGSPW Says:

    100k FTs? That is way too much. you can literally see them everywhere these days. I could foresee this economic strat going to swallow itself up in years to come. SG will no longer be a home for singaporeans but a place for FTs to make money and make singapore prosper while the people suffer.

  7. adeline Says:

    new terminal? no need. just don’t have coast guard 4 more to swim across and join the labor force…besides the parachuting and helicopter ideas!

    i was wondering why amsterdam got so few whites and mostly are middle east looking and even indonesian faces; now i understand why! Soon, sg will look and feel like amsterdam where all the fts are congested. URrggghhh….what a thought.

  8. David Teo Says:

    Can the labour ministar kindly tell us how the Swiss, Brits, Aussies can do without Bangala, indian and indo FTs? Are they not competitive?

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