the mrbrown show: run bear bear run MUSIC VIDEO!

Bear with us! We got music bideo too! Got hawt SNSD, got lyrics, got dancing bears even!

13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: run bear bear run MUSIC VIDEO!”

  1. Sangrawi Says:

    Masterpiece.. clap clap

  2. charles lee Says:

    hey, mr brown why don’t u make a kpop special since SNSD will be coming in a few days time?

  3. Jimmy Yip Says:

    Phillips might as well engaged you for the marketing consultant rather than get into trouble with the mata. enjoyable.. damn cool bear wanton.

  4. Yuhin Says:

    great job to put up a music vid for us

  5. David Teo Says:

    Typo error? Bear paw and not bear claw. Can say claw if it was a crab ad.

  6. Michael Says:

    Creativity to it’s max. Great job!

    Next best video after “Wash your hands too”

  7. Auctuz Says:

    OMG!!! SI BEI HOH AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos Guys! Always can count on you guys (and gals!) to make my day!

  8. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    yup! creativity to the max!
    & what eye-candies!

    should get those bears to be the next mascot for whatever spots event singapore wants to host!

  9. Jeff Says:

    How do I subscribe mrbrown show to my itunes?

    I did a search there isn’t any and even if I clicked on the link through this website, my itunes prompted me that “the item you requested it’s not avalilable in the Singapore store”.

    I tried with US store too but to no avail.

    I remember last time I was able to do it with the US itunes account.

  10. mb Says:

    @Jeff: You may subscribe manually in iTunes with this URL

    We are still puzzled why our show was yanked from iTunes too.

  11. Nicholas Says:

    First thing: This doesn’t violate Copy Right meh?
    Second thing: Video is really getting worst lor, so much different compared to your oh army! All original except tune!

  12. Nicholas Says:

    applause!! It was so funny that i laughed till i cried. Haha. Can you make more of those songs using snsd songs???

  13. mrbrownshowfan Says:


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