the mrbrown show: i still haven’t found what i can afford


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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 4 Nov 2010: i still haven’t found what i can afford
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30 Responses to “the mrbrown show: i still haven’t found what i can afford”

  1. a. peh Says:

    nice one mr brown….. i can hear the angst.

  2. A.di Says:

    Social engineering to make us marry before we can get flats…

  3. Martin Says:

    MR. B! nice one…..shows the stress of an average S’porean and a little bit of the picky side too. Taking a hat off and a bow to your creation.

  4. Jude Says:

    Encore, encore!!!

  5. yang_man Says:

    asking for a HDB is a birth-right of Every Singaporean Son..


  6. jane Says:

    *bravo* good cheer-me-up clip! :)

  7. Yuhin Says:

    a HBD…my everything for HDB… I also want one when I am adult…but how lah!!!

  8. Auctuz Says:

    Damn! you sound goooood! Bruce SingSteen from Singapore!!! BRAVO!!! hehe! Love it!

  9. Raine Says:

    Mr Brown, you are brilliant!

  10. andrew Says:

    A very very good one.

  11. metta Says:

    all singaporeans trouble put together

  12. the U2 fan Says:

    After listening, I dunno whether to cry or laugh.

  13. ::min:: Says:

    MTV please! :p

  14. MB Fan Says:

    Nice one! good singing!

  15. ::erection::4::u Says:

    M.B do you wish to join any party for the coming erection?

  16. Reg Says:

    Practically LOLed at the afternoon sunlight apart.

  17. Fabian Says:

    Nice! ( And also nice meeting you just now.. at the polyclinic! )

  18. MGSPW Says:

    *save the planet, save the Amazon forest, save the sperm whale man. save all of them especially the whale, sperm very precious* rofl

    nice compilation of the problems face by us singaporeans. great job, mb!!

  19. Xhg Says:

    Yeah!! Far away from Bangla Dormitory~~ lol

  20. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    the original is one of my favourite songs…ahaiii… I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry after hearing you, Mr B.
    Good lyrics!
    Save Singapore.

  21. mc Says:

    Love it! U sing exactly what im going through.

  22. Dr Chan Says:

    Hey, Mr Mah has already issued a rebuttal to this song on the first page of Today.

  23. Ah Tiang Says:

    Migrate to solve problem?

  24. No. 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Awesome. But, better don’t get laceration in your throat.

  25. James Pang Says:

    Hey Mrbrown! i think its time for a christmas song for the slashings in Singapore. Here goes my lyrics. email me if you love it. i’ll think of more. but i believe ppl wanna hear your voice for the song

    Tis the season to be slashing
    Fa la la la la la la la la
    All of us must go disguising
    Fa la la la la la la la la
    Later go stare then not happy
    Take out knife slash slash slash all must die
    Tis the season to be slashing
    Fa la la la la la la la la

    *Deck the halls Tune

  26. al Says:

    sianz…really cant afford….bto so many ppls buy….

    what you sing is 100% correct…..

    hey dr chan, what did Mr Ma say?

  27. Wooden Goh Says:

    there is no such thing as total happiness. :)

  28. ATT Says:

    your rock!

  29. Big Return Says:

    Very Funny

  30. Yuun Says:

    Dono… I’m officially your fan… u sell ticket n I will go to your concert!

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