the mrbrown show: the young and the dangerous


The gang wants to show Singapore their true power and support their brudder!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 15 Nov 2010: the young and the dangerous
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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the young and the dangerous”

  1. Wooden Goh Says:

    lightning gang??? LOL…!!

    999 is sound like dog…mmm…i love the hidden meaning.

  2. Marcus Says:

    This extract:

    ‘FB: I love it! When our gang come out and whack people, the public see us will scared and shout, “999 lai liao! 999 lai liao!”

    (Mandarin song playing, in fact a ringtone)

    FB (answers his phone): Hello? 999 gang. First Brother speaking.’

    What is this and how come he use this song as ringtone? This is not a Hokkien song. I prefer gangs use Chinese dialect songs as ringtones on their mobile phones.

    Maybe some gangs do not use tough songs in dialect as mobile phone ringtones.

    P.S. FB is First Brother. And a female voice can be used to voice the higher pitch young male.

  3. Fooddie Says:

    HAHAHA the Lighting GANG LOLOL!!!!

  4. Vitamin.c Says:

    See what see?! Want to fight AR?!!

  5. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    Yo! 999 gang!
    Better be sure that Lightning gang doesn’t whack u guys out!!!! U r outnumbered! That gang every where oso got spies! Thatz why singapore not talking lah!
    [[ silly show! where got singaporeans talk! talk sure kerna black marked and get whacked later, esp after votes are counted. ]]
    Lightning gang no give chance. & if u get whacked, don’t appeal or beg; sure get whack even harder. See past cases lah.

  6. Yuhin Says:

    69 gang…lightning gang…even got 999 gang liao!!! HAHAHA!!!

    Great job on it, mrbrown my man. And the ending was extremely great in my POV

    “999 lai liao” can refer to gang and police nowadays. what happen if police and 999 gang clash then?

  7. sgstudentshow Says:

    see what see?! want to fight ah?!

  8. pokkai man Says:

    Dear Mr Brown Gang

    Good job at least.


    1) Can have a simulated fighting scene. Conversation can be:-
    Brown :”Eh Ah Kao, use this knife cut chicken like this like this. First cut the wings cannot fly. Then cut the backside feather cannot shake. ”
    Sam: : But I have no balls how to cut next?
    Brown: Balls not important. Important is have other parts can cut.
    Sam: OK OK. YOu can stuff what…
    Brown: OK, go get some mud. I wil stuff in the right place.

    Stuff Stuff Stuff

    Sam: Feels good.
    Brown: Also good. Stuffing and cutting all same. All chicken.

    LIke this it will be more hilarious. Original too. Forget about numbering system what 999, 99ten, 99eleven et al. All copycat.

    And wear T-shirt also lao kui. Not real. You can say: Come show ooff your body art ang kong. Go get somemore done.Like this show this city is a artistic. Very vibrant art scene.

    Please be original, non insinuating directly, non confrontation and best of all, enjoy talking cock for good laugh.

    Simple. Be true blue Mr Brown. Not Mr Bland. Be a clown to be the crown. Fart and be smart.

  9. Dr Chan Says:

    Hahaha … all hail the most powderful lightning gang!

  10. Chris Says:

    The good-old-fun podcast is finally back. Good job. Keep it up.

  11. edison Says:

    999 is sound like dog, but also police hotline. 999 lai liao, that means police lai liao

  12. i love 999 gang Says:

    they saying police is like 3 fierce dog… lol

  13. There is no hope, only delusion. Says:

    wahahah, got lightning gang sia. “999 lai liao.” nice pun mb, it means 999 gang and police also. awesome podcast. :)

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