the mrbrown show: the big pow wow


The Opposition parties meet for their traditional pre-General Election pow-wow!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 4 March 2011: a budget with heart
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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the big pow wow”

  1. Heretochill Says:

    ‘Hunger strike’ lol

  2. Dr Chan Says:

    My father’s party, my father’s party …. haha….

  3. leetahsar Says:

    walau eh!! u go disturb SDP ah! wanna die man! they send their spammers and ninjas after u guys then u all know. i kena beri jialat u know :(

  4. Yuhin Says:

    oh my god, “the demonstration party” and the “hammer party”…communists are fighting places within our country!

    But still, great show of political stuff and how the pathetic opposition can make it…hope they will be less tragic this time.

  5. Amran Says:

    Errr, kind of lame leh…. why don’t you do one for PAP, might be fun, how about one for Palmer?

  6. adelinelovesMrBrown&Gang Says:

    Alamak! Opposition already so pathetic…needs boost & u guys poke fun at them.
    Do what Amran suggests! M with him & his good suggestion… but then… u guys may be hauled to…goodness…who knows where!

  7. opposition clueless Says:

    So funny! Really opposition party like that leh? no wonder always loose.

  8. Samy Says:

    Reform Party SG lives on his father legacy.
    A manipulatives, sly and arrogant dud.
    Since Radin Mas will be 3 corners contest,
    I look forward for his defeat. He’s unfit to be
    a member of Parliament.

  9. Bleh Says:

    The ang moh sound like he got constipation !

  10. fynyx Says:

    Heard: “Worker’s Party conquers” [actually, “concurs”]

  11. Ian Says:

    hahahaha.. funny man, Well done, MrBrown.

    i so agree tt SDP shld change their names to Singapore Demonstration Party, since they are always on demonstration. But what’s with the hunger strike? haha

  12. Heatbeat Says:

    Ha, I always look forward to Mr Brown’s new production! Very funny..

  13. angry_one Says:

    Wow lots of PAP stooges coming out of the woodwork here. No, the opposition is not pathetic, if you’d take time to read their plans and follow their developments.

    There seems to be a point to this entry: the unity of opposition should be a priority.

  14. spademan Says:

    Or is it that the opposition is united in the opinion that they are dis-united?

  15. quietobserver Says:

    mrbrown, election season is upon us, please have more shows leh!

  16. Derek Says:

    Come on Mr brown - leave the opposition alone, do us a favor do the biggest regrets on our PAP youngest candidate

  17. VFKK Says:

    Err… Hmmm…. How many times you record this, got any out takes or not ah?

  18. Tay Says:

    The I wanna play Chee Koh Bah…..!!! RULES!!!! SO Funny…

  19. Chen Says:

    hehehehe… very funny… hehehehe….

  20. kb Says:

    hahaha that sounds uncannily like Kenneth Jeyaratnam. :)

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