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Singapore needs a new breed of President!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 2 June 2011: a righteous president
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  1. 306 views Says:

    does anyone know what is mrbrown’s name in Words With Friends?

  2. Pay cutter Says:

    Dear All

    Here are some suggestions to beccome president:-

    1) First you must be a President’s Scholar, else what associateship do you have?

    2) Second you must have lived in a Palace or at least a Presidential suite, else how to claim you have experience to stay in Presidential housing?

    3) Thirdly, you must have performed on a President’s Charity show, else where is your showmanship?

    4) Fourthly, you must not have been a President before, else you are taking up precious space meant for new talent;

    5) Lastly, you must have worked in the Press before, else the spelling association is not there - see how nice from press to president.

    Try. You may succeed. Start living in a palace. And one day, you can be president.

  3. Notorion Says:

    Not hard

    Every man’s house is his castle, some even change it to palace, so not there yet but close

  4. Pay cutter Says:

    Dear All

    I was thinking about how to have good governance.

    The following are the gists:-

    1) Singapore should have 2 chambers like in USA the Senate and the Congress. Or like in UK, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. In a developed country and also some not so developed countries 2 chambers are in order. It’s like a normal household, one is mother who controls the purse strings (and the father) and the other the getter who supplies the controller.

    2) Since the President is to be elected, and there is a council to check on eligibility, it can be expanded into a chamber of sorts. For example, one seat is for President, 2 seats for vice Presdents, 10 seats for sub-presidents, 20 seats for associate presidents. In this way, the load for carrying the second key can be shared by more wise men and together the ideas will be better. This will help charity. Think - if you have one President only, how many President Challenge charities can he attend? Only 52 per year. But if you have a total of 33 men, 52 x 33 = 1716! We will be charitable country! No one will be left out.

    The above are sheer think out of the box non sensical thoughts for some coffee shop talks. Is there any sense in them at all?:) Think (from outside the box) :)

  5. leetahsar Says:

    being the president of sgp is the best job in the entire universe. it’s better than striking TOTO superjackpot. if u r president here, u strike the jackpot at least 4 times a year and every year for the next 5 yrs.
    what does a sgp president do? well, practically not very much. he get to be chauffered in big limousine and have the best seat in NDP without going for the balloting of tickets.
    anything he paints with a brush would be sold in million$. though loaded with million$, he graces charity affairs and painstakingly garner the million$.
    as president, u get all the fine food and wines - nothing but the best served. u get to travel in lst class and don’t ve to pay a single cent. don’t forget all the lst class personalised services he shall be getting.
    as president, u could also play drunk and squeeze some other countries’ lst ladies’tits. oops!! that one overdone. CENSORED!!

  6. Yuhin Says:

    Yeah, mrbrown for president!

    Anyway, we need really “righteous” guy be president lah.

  7. anonymous Says:

    what’s the piano piece playing in the background towards the end?

  8. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    A big waste of money. Use the Queen for that job lah like what Canada, Australia and NZ do.

  9. pay cutter Says:

    Dear All

    Please note the Queen is free and has limited edition. Queen is no use for Singapore because not indigenous. But if someone marry royalty, then may be got chance. Don’t any how suggest. Use the queen for postage stamp is enough.

  10. Tan Yan Ren Says:

    the President qualification criteria must include
    1. No previous association with the previous and present Ruling Party to be eligible.This is to prevent a conflict of interest as a president has to be the GUARDIAN of our resrves and the protection of the people in case there is a corrupt,’BAD’ Govt….so that there is no conflict of interest…
    2ex .civil servants at superscale salary and above not permitted unless the candidate is no more in office more than 8 years….to prevent cronyism and conflict of interest…
    3.Only SINGAPORE born Singaporean….to prevent any foreigners with FANCY ideas…getting citizenship quickly.
    3.NO ex MEdia related personnels … know WHY? donkeys excluded.
    These are some of the possible conditions.I hope Singaporeans vote along such guidance.for the next President. .OF COURSE NO YES Men Please!!! He must have a mind of his own and Has the …….to speak up against ANYBODY except GOD….

  11. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:


    & Tan Yen Ren + leetarsar… I completely & totally agree with you both!!!

    PRESIDENT of Singapore MUST BE A born, bred & bleeding SINGAPOREAN inside out who is knowledgeable, intelligent, witty, not easily fooled by sar-kar-ing people, not one who only listens only from people who give him what he wants to hear AND he must NOT be of or from the ruling party (this is to ensure NO CONFLICT OF INTERESTS).

    hahaha….get one of those who didn’t vote for the pap or the opp this recent GE. hahaha! But President should not be of and from the ruling party; else the people’s interests will not be really protected.

  12. Pay cutter Says:

    Dear All

    I have further ideas on who can be President:-

    1) Since many countries have kings or queens e.g. Thailand, Malaysia, Tibet, England, Japan, Spain, Singapore should only elect someone with some blood ties. If it is difficult to find a capable one, just annoint one. Everything is possible. Like this the elected will have real stuff (not the non real stuff).

    2) It’s also best to elect two joint presidents so that one can check on the other. It’s all about balance, check and balance. If one is sleeping the other can carry on. One is day President and one is night President. The two spouses will also look out for each other. Total 4 people check and cross check. The President will always be functional, no downtime.

    3) Since the President’s pay is to be cut, it might be better to elect a few Presidents. The same salary shared by 2 to 4 people. For the same salary, the country can be governed by 2 to 4 second key holders. Always on the ready.

    4) Better still, have a Presidential GRC of sorts. The 4 nice harmonious groups can be represented. Perfect harmony.

    5) Elect one as a standby president from the Cabinet. In this way, the second key holder is always there. No need to wait till the first key is lost or twisted.

    Think. Have a renaissance. Start with the President.

  13. Hum Tum Says:

    Lastly, you must have worked in the Press before, else the spelling association is not there - see how nice from press to president.

    I work at the press not in the press can or not? I got press clothes, press pants, and also got the healthy machine press to build muscle one. This on easy qualify.

  14. Huat Chai Says:

    Haha Mr Brown you support Tan Cheng Bock is it? Use his slogan!

  15. Pay cutter Says:

    Dear All

    The Presidential Election has the following effects.

    1(a) If the Presidential hopeful must have run a $100 million company on a deposit of $48,000, then future MP hopefuls should also have experience running $33,333,333 companies. This is because the deposit is only one third and therefore the ability should be one third that of the President.

    (b) With one-third capability type of MP’s, rogues with no money or no monetary management ability are neutered.

    2) This requirement will make a level playing field so that people without experience running big companies cannot be MP’s. Don’t forget, MP’s run the Town Council, a multi million undertaking. We can also show the world that Singapore will have a First World Parliament, in terms of financial management ability. In this way, the MP’s and hence office holders can hold their heads high when talking about Singapore investments overseas. The foreigners can entrsut their monies to Singapore, a good parking place. Too small and Singapore will not be interested. Punch above the weight as usual.

    3(a) To ensure constant renewal, which is the buzz word, the elctorate can elect one MP to serve for 2 years and one standby reserve MP who can take over for 2 years if the elected MP cannot perform.

    3(b) In this way, the sitting MP must work hard because he/she knows that there is competition in the works. Even if the sitting MP pass away (as had been the case unfortunately in recent past), the shadow standby MP will takeover.

    3(c) This ensures perfect political renewal. Just like when the father dies (often the man dies first due possibly to marriage) the mother takes over automatically. See how many sucessful men and women were raised in such circumstances.

    4) Relating to above paragraph, the reserve MP should be the opposite gender. Just like father die, mother takeover. Same thing mother die, father takover. If both die, then the other resrve MP’s can take over. It pays to have a broad breath and depth of talent.

    There are so many permutations and combinations in a differential equation setting. Embrace diversity. Think out of the box.

    After all, isn’t Facebook, Youtube, Groupon and internet such endeavours?

    Think… and may be intergrate some of these ideas, originating from Mr Brown’s show comments.

    Anyway, Mr Brown’s show is also think out of box type though the parodies are now quite bland and predicatble (Ba chor mee and two stalls are just mirrors of the same kind - sad to say). Next election talk about the crow and the minahs. Same same type. Just anyhow put two things together and you have a show. May be shit and urine also can use. No bad intentions meant in the comment, just plain talking though they are valiant attempts…

    Thanks for reading…

  16. T. Tan Says:

    Kwa-Lee-fication is a bonus. Have you been certified by the dynasty yet?

  17. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    @ T. Tan

    Tony Tan? IS THAT YOU?!?! I didn’t know you liked watching Mr. Brown. SIGN MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT!

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