the mrbrown show: I wanna go JB (music video)

Thanks to Cityhousefly for the music video of “I wanna go JB”!

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  1. Sangrawi Says:

    Mr Brown, tell me when you going to JB ok… I follow can?

  2. pau cutter Says:

    Dear All

    1) If you go to JB, you should take aeroplane. Then you can escape the finger printing, jam and also bad body odour of the cheapo rushers. Travel in style. Show people you have money (RM or S$ also can).

    2) If you want to have an urge to go overseas, you can go to Sentosa or Ubin. Go in style. Take the super bumboats. No finger printing needed.

    3) If your finger is fractured its the best. Just bandage them and then give excuse no need finger print. Bandage print is the best. Full of cloth linings.

    4) If you are a woman, very suay to go in pairs. One man one woman is the best.No lesbains please. If woman gets caught, then sure get punished for squatting. If you want to revenge, when they make you squat, you can loosen your bowels. Serve them right. They will have to clean up after you!@ The smell will also be there.

    5) Finally, play them the Mr Brwon Show. It will entertain them. They will be happy to look out for Mr Brown the hero (for finger printing). Then you the detainee can escape.

    Good luck. Enjoy!

  3. pau cutter Says:

    Dear All

    1) We love Malaysia! Let the fingers do the printing. In Singapore your fingers can only be used for walking (some form of slogan).

    b) Fingers are for fingering and one way is to use them for scanning (printing). Long live the lady’s fingers!

    c) Without fingering, you will need to do squatting. Hold your bowels. Let them flush when punished. Let the fluids flow naturally. Multi tasking at its best. Let the tormentors be reversed punished - with smell to boot. They give you orders, you given them smell(s). Fair exchange. $1 = RM2.4. So the more you let go the better it reflects the exchange rate.

    d) Squatting is a very good form of excercise. It’s not good to be a missionary all the time. Must have variation. What is live without colour? Live life to the fullest. Your knees will be strengthen.

    e) Finally, if you go to Malaysia, you save on gym fees. You don’t have to pay anything to do squatting exercises. Maximise your returns. Be smart. Be prepared. Long live the squats (squirts?)!!!

  4. anonymous Says:

    What is the titile of the original song? Or is it an original MrBrown Show?

  5. mb Says:

    The title of the song is I Wanna Go JB haha! Yes it is totally original. I hope you like it!

  6. pau cutter Says:

    Dear All

    1) The song is nice but the message is the thrust. Don’t lose track please.

    2) What is the thrust?

    3) Thrust no. 1

    The answer is that if you are a woman travelling in 2, you must have strong knees. You must go to gym and practice squats at least 100 times per day. Then when ordered to squat, 100 also no problem. Weak knees type cannot go to Malaysia. They don’t serev the journey. Make Singapore lembeh and shameful. Chilaka!

    4) Thrust no. 2

    In Singapore you complain complain and things will straighten. Outside Singapore, you must not anyhow complain because complain also no use it seems. One way is to speak to the officer and try to negotiate. For example, if she asks you to squat 10 times, you tell her 1 time can or not (argue a bit, like in Singapore). If cannot then may be 2. If still cannot, then tell her you will complain her. If she laughs at you, you should join in the commaradie. Share the joke. After that she may ask you to sit. The slowly you stand up. Negotiate your way. Follow Singapore style.

    5) Thrust no. 3

    If the officer orders you to squat, pretend you cannot hear. Some more, if she shouts at you, pretend you cannot hear. But if she said KNNBCCB, you also must not hear. Then she will give up and say you bodoh. Inside you please laugh. Then you can walk away.

    6) Thrust no. 4

    If the officer asks you to strip, don’t do it. Just say got menses very suay to suay other people. May be kneel down and beg. At least you get to keep your clothes.

    7) Thrust no. 5

    If all fail, say you are ah kua. Not convenient to strip. Got extra thing hanging down cannot show. Very pai seh. Like this can escape. Best is talk in a man’s voice.

    Try. Be prepared. Well prepared. You will prevail. Make squatting and striping a way of life (like in your own bedroom) :)

  7. Dr Chan Says:

    Hungered for your “tush”? Hahaha….

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