the mrbrown show: curry night (video)

As usual, cityhousefly is swift with his video of our work. Thanks dude!

Youtube link:

7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: curry night (video)”

  1. Gee Says:

    INGENIOUS! Nice voice! I agree, we could actually be in china….sob sob. If only those elected people are listeners….

  2. Lau Ginny Says:

    I was in a queue at ATM, 1 indian and chinese man before me. When a chinese lady {from China) cut the queue, I told her to queue.
    The Chinese man’(that was his wife) scolded me ‘ba tao’.
    I am like ??? You can ask Singaporeans - we all know how to queue…

  3. fabian Says:

    Good show. Make sense. Sometime I smell curry at my HDB block at 3am when I visit the toilet. The smell make me hungry. Anyway I am a curry lover.

  4. Xuan Says:

    Mr Brown, you’re the best! Love “Curry Night!”

  5. SBH Says:

    Love the song..
    The world is going vegetarian(vegan) save the planet.
    Could you make your curry vegetarian by leaving out the fish or chicken???Thanks in advance for being compassionate.
    Love the animals, we be veg.
    Love the Earth, we go green.
    Love the world, we save the planet.

  6. Choy Says:

    Singapore no longer seems the same. It has become mini-China, mini-everything else. No longer the same old Singapore.

    Its a bloody shame. As to SBH, I would like to challenge you. How is going vegetarian going to save the planet?

    Farmers have to clear more land for plantation. Clearing land would mean destroying natural habitats, flora and fauna. Not mentioning that it would harm the water, and carbon cycle in this planet.

    Unless you are suggesting we start growing vegetables and fruit tress in air.

    Therefore no matter what we eat, we should think about making them sustainable and not just converting to vegan or meat-eater.

  7. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    I love curry! Just dun be 2 spicy can orredy…

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