the mrbrown show: limpeh not happy

The infamous Aaron Tan is not the only one with a love rival.

Limpeh also buay song.

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11 Responses to “the mrbrown show: limpeh not happy”

  1. Manferd Says:

    I’m sorry! I’m Sorry! *bow bow* i will drink finish my milk first! *bow again!

    (as usual, awesome la)

  2. vint Says:


  3. Zero Says:

    Hey Mr Brown.
    Are you going to poke fun at him being irony and being infamous overnight in Singapore due to his racist comments of the Chinese race due to Aaron Tan?

  4. dro Says:

    you sir have won one more internets with this one

  5. PAPDogies Says:

    CLAPS. But the transport part you shuld make a new video. Tuck Yiew everything =D

  6. ZaydenL Says:

    Power Mr. Brown or Mr. GoBangWall WantYouOnly HoSehBo SuperSiBehAwesome Brown XYZ or SuperSiBehAwesome!

  7. kayangmo Says:

    Hi Mr Brown, I don’t get it. However I do see every mother father son in Singapore, around our age, trying to act tough and talk tough, and sometimes that backfires. I do emphatise that you were trying to poke fun at some Transport Minister?
    Anyway, I suggest you stick to voice broadcasts or you need more effort in the video presentation, like putting on a chiow bu etc. Your so so face cannot work wonders, cannot compare with your satirical voice podcasts.
    I do enjoy your other broadcasts.
    I do not expect you to take this comment lying down, but then think about it as a constructive criticism. Ciao.
    Swiss bait.

  8. gordonator com Says:

    lim peh sarpork u lah mista brown!

  9. Princess Cathie Says:

    Thanks the courageous “Lim Beh” who has the guts to tell the young men out there to remove their hands off the Daughters of Singapore!

    I have 2 daughters myself and we are planning to leave this scary Singapore cos’ now everywhere including letter box area also NOT safe!

    @ Age 41, u are now my…. idol (far above the leadership of Singapore)

    U r a personification of Talent in the highest degree… the uniquely Singapore version!

  10. brownfan Says:

    heys mr brown… pls make a video/song on the MRT breakdowns as well =D

  11. kayangmo Says:

    Now I get it…..after reading and viewing the AhBeng vid…..sorry Mr Brown. Stick to your creativity…. cheers.

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