the mrbrown show: drink your way to smartness!

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Those of you who aced your PSLE, congratulations! You are now on the through-train to an exciting career in Chicken Essence ads!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 Nov 2011: drink your way to smartness!
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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: drink your way to smartness!”

  1. Alvin Ho Says:

    This is Mr Brown’s most animalistic podcast ever, it has many animal parts in it. Pure goodness.

  2. Bernardo Says:

    Where got sell Brown’s Essence of Chicken? Must get hold of a few dozens immediately before all other kiasu parents snap them off the shelves and turn other kids like mine into dumb ducks.

  3. nerdybeng Says:

    Foreskin of panda? Tell WWF ah!

  4. Dr Chan Says:

    Doesn’t matter as long as I’m top student. A sober/sombre message within a funny skit.

  5. SmithKline Says:

    “Who is ah huat gf?” “Mei ling”
    Classic. lol, can’t help but lmao on the bus.

  6. WYHE Says:

    I think everyone will go for the extreme stuff due to kiasu Singaporean parents

  7. MB Fan Says:

    This is really funny stuff!!! Really like this type of podcast compare to songs…

  8. ben Says:

    When I took my PSLE, N and O Level, that usual brand of chicken essence does not work wonders for my brain, gotta try brown’s one for my exam soon.

  9. Eric Says:

    The sad thing is that I wouldn’t put it past Singaporean parents to actually buy the extreme edition if it existed.

    News flash to parents, if your son/daughter was not born the smartest thing ever, no amount of foreskin of panda will change that. Your best bet is making them study harder and buying them less ps3 games!

  10. red Says:

    This is my first try to download a podcast and i am having alot of problems. When i try to click on the download mp3 button the podcast just plays. the itunes store also says that the item is not available here. i am working with a mac desk top. can anyone please give a step-by-step guide? thanks

  11. mb Says:

    red: Sorry for the trouble. If you want the mp3, you RIGHT-click and save the file into your computer.

    To subscribe, go to iTunes, choose Subscribe to Podcast under the Advanced menu, and enter this URL:

  12. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    Not going to happen!

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