the mrbrown show: hey hey hey

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Kena have to move house because of new road? Sing along with us! An original mrbrown show song!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 18 Nov 2011: hey hey hey
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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: hey hey hey”

  1. Akaryu Says:

    I like the part of “save 5 minutes also shiok”
    Is saving 5 minutes so important?

  2. ken Says:

    built new expressway go for eveyone future, no diff for me i stay east.

  3. jon Says:

    How do one suscribe to the podcast in Itunes. it keeps getting a msg saying podcast not found in US store

  4. mb Says:

    @jon: Use this url to manually subscribe in iTunes application. The US store seems to have removed my podcast for some reason.

  5. mychee Says:

    ay ya don’t blame singaporeans for not having sense of belonging to their homeland lah. Everything gets rebuilt/redevelop so fast how can gahmen expect us to feel Singaporean?

    What exactly is meant by being a Singaporean? It’s just a diluted amalgram of everything which boils down to nothing.

  6. WYHE Says:

    I wonder what happen to those relocated ppl

  7. mountofolives Says:

    Great great song. Hits it on the nail.

  8. Lim Su Min Says:

    Thanks for the frangipannis!

  9. Totorosg Says:

    My school so old they also tore down to build Raffles City what. what to do? Lan Lan.

  10. Dr Chan Says:

    What the Frangipani? Haha… funny song, but I still prefer skits.

  11. Alvin Ho Says:

    The government did it before. Heritage Old national libray was tore down to build a tunnel to save mins for driver many years ago. no buildings are safe in eyes of progress.

  12. Xitpor Says:

    What’s the original song? Sounds familiar…

  13. mb Says:

    @Xitpor It is a mrbrown show original song. Not based on any other song. :)

  14. Me Small Singaporean Says:

    my old kampong teared down… no more traces… sigh… at least got a song to reminisce… thanks, Mr Brown!

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