iPhone 4SG’s SIMI goes to Taiwan!

Our SIMI podcast makes it to Taiwan news, with Chinese subtitles! More than 200,000 views for this Chinese-subtitled version alone! And there is two other fan-made videos of the podcast, with more than 100,000 views each!

That’s more than 400,000 views!!! If we include the 120,000 downloads of the mp3 at our server (as of 26 October 2011), the podcast has crossed the half-million mark!

Wow, thanks for the support!

11 Responses to “iPhone 4SG’s SIMI goes to Taiwan!”

  1. Lwm Says:

    On the taiwan news site someone said that SIMI is like a talkative and terrible friend.One even said he wants to beat up SIMI,lol…

  2. Steven Says:

    Well Done … MrBrownShow goes multi-language …
    Soon competing with K-Pop / J-Pop / Canto Pop & Hindi Pop.
    Keep up the Good work …
    Invade the world with S’pore Culture …

    P.S. I do better translation than the Taiwan version.
    They still a bit far from getting S’pore Style Translater Properly …

    : )

  3. Minus Says:

    The SIMI podcast is great~!!It’s also very HOT in China Mainland too~

  4. Des Says:

    And that’s yet to include the crazy amount of hits on China’s version of twitter - Weibo.

  5. Janet Says:

    Hi, I’m from mainland China. I knew this funny video from the Weibo. You know this video is already so… HOT on website in China? So… many people forward this video to all friends on Weibo, Kaixin, Youku… We really love this video so much… because it is really funny and represents the typical Singapore culture. We also know Mr Brown show from this moment on. I want to say — Please keep up your excellent work! We love and need the good humor stories in our lives. Wish you take your good work all over the world!~~~ Love Mr Brown Show!!!

  6. mb Says:

    Thank you Janet! We are very excited that we have fans in China too!

  7. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    @Lwm Poor Simi, oh well, at least he tried.

  8. Pingerrain Says:

    SIMI made it to HK news also… Saw my HK friend’s Yahoo News App post about your SIMI podcast making it to HK news.. Woohoo~ Take over the world, SIMI!

  9. Isya Says:

    OMG, sooo funny… really cheer my day… It made me miss S’pore soo much cause now Im in Sydney…

  10. Bryan Says:

    You are genius. Good job! SIMI speaks just like my Singaporean boss in HK. I can only decode 1/3 of his English. Flat tone and fast.

  11. daisy Says:

    hey, Mr brown~
    thanks for the simi,
    love it~

    im also from mainland China~
    preparing for the school exams recently,
    有时候看书觉得无聊就会过来看看brown show,很有意思。


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