the mrbrown show: the breakdown


Breakdown? No worries! Got committee looking into it already!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 Dec 2011: the breakdown
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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the breakdown”

  1. Akaryu Says:

    LoL. Mr Brown mention to the right point in this podcast .
    SMRT needs to WAKE UP!!!!!!

    Walk the ground!
    Listen to our Comments and suggestions!
    STOP thinking about only Profit!

  2. WYHE Says:

    LOL… since when gahmen got power to demote DJ… I don’t twitter breakfaces, I facebook breakdowns!!!

  3. Ethan777 Says:

    Error opening file after 0:20

  4. Stan Says:

    LOL at the last part!!!

  5. patrik Says:

    Trains not working, trains not working….don kao peh….HA HA HA HA HA

  6. Chew Si Hui Says:

    “…a podcast from mr brown, and we never break down.”

    So hilariously true.

  7. Shamik Says:

    This was hilarious and absolutely spot on.

    However, as of 7th Jan the track is not playing.

  8. nipaa1412 Says:

    Lol VR man….

  9. MGSPW Says:

    ROFL. awesome podcast mb. i like the last part very much.

  10. clueless Says:

    OMG i laughed throughout

  11. fynyx Says:

    All lies!”


    Also, SMRT Man shouldn’t be around to use up the limited air in the train cabin, with all his talk.

    “Time for waking!
    Time for waking!
    Time for waking!
    Don’t - de - lay!”

  12. boohhahah last part Says:

    funny ttm!!

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