the mrbrown show: a minister shares his thoughts on the pay cut

MP and Minister Midas Jin shares his thoughts on the ministerial pay cut, with his constituents.

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  1. Rina Says:

    i like the song at the end! write a new pay cut song, can? :D

    love the swipes at SMRT and grace FUUUUUUUUU. haha!

  2. sangrawi Says:

    Mr Brown,

    I want to express my admiration for the speed you come up with responses to all the latest happenings to Singapore. Love you Sing Han Tong video and now another outstanding video.

    Keep it up and I am sure all your fans out there support you strongly

  3. keeming Says:

    it must be so easy being mr brown. just mock and criticise anything without offering anything construction.

  4. keeming Says:

    it must be so easy being mr brown. just mock and criticise anything without offering anything constructive.

  5. kukumama Says:

    @Keeming Don’t be so hard-up on yourself bro. If you are better than the PM and able to offer solutions, why not email him or meet him up yourself instead of crying foul over here. You are a good example of a reekazoid seeking attention over here.

  6. MikeTrollsYou Says:


    You’re obviously new here…

    Mrbrownshow is a trolling website for suppressed Singaporeans who come together and agree just how hypocrital/ironic our current government is. He does not need to be constructive because he knows he can’t change anything whilst our current government is in power.

    Your ignorant comments sadden me. BTW you probably fall under these catergories:
    a. Elitist MP wannabe
    b. Foreigner
    c. Actual PAP member ^^

    Kindly GTFO of this planet.

    PS - Take Justin Bieber with you.

  7. MikeTrollsYou Says:


  8. ahbhurden Says:

    Mrbrown is not paid to offer constructive criticism. Ministers and MPs are paid to receive said criticism as part and parcel of being subject to scrutiny.

    Mrbrown can choose to offer “constructive criticism” voluntarily if he so wishes. That is a bonus. Ministers and MPs have to take complaints (and redicule/satire) into consideration (or at least suffer the indignation of it) as it’s part of their responsibility to the private citizens of their country.

    tl;dr: we have the right to whine, make fun, and toss crap at our leaders. They have the right to eat that crap.

  9. asdf Says:

    keeming: ministars r paid million dollars to be constructive, u wanna pay mr brown how much?

  10. I am the head Says:

    Dear Mr Brown

    You are the Chief Speaker of Parliament (a special post).

    You beak chirps louder than any bird.

    I admire you (like I am looking at a bird):)

    Long live Mr Brown (hope you survive to be promoted to Speaker Mentor of Parliament) :)

    Your humble voter (not revolter) :)


  11. AWee Says:

    rembr the lessons GCT taught us?

    Unhappiness (keeming) + those who are Happier (Sangrawi & Rina) =

    don’t believe in total happiness, there’s no such thing

  12. selfdestruct Says:


    Good satire. Perhaps you can offer your constructive view.

  13. Joe Says:

    Have a laugh lah ! If we cannot even make fun of life, then I think we are in a communist state of mind…our mind just chant, “Long Live PAP ! “

  14. Me Small Singaporean Says:

    The name of the minister is OH SO VALID! awesome!

  15. Me Small Singaporean Says:

    lol, Keeming…
    before you point finger at Mr Brown.. Please do a personal review…
    cos i don’t seem to see anything constructive in your comment either!

  16. Not Keeming Says:

    Keeming, you’re a perfect example of mocking and criticising anything without offering anything constructive. I call that hypocrisy.
    You also demonstrate a lack of awareness on the nature of mrbrown’s productions. Satire does not have to offer at face value constructive suggestions because it’s inherently constructive towards stimulating the public mind on an issue. I call that ignorance.
    You also do not seem to appreciate the nature of humour. I’m sure mrbrown harbours no evil intentions beyond giving his countrymen an opportunity to merely laugh. Unless you consider a surge of serotonin or merotonin in another human being to be a hideous outrage of your modesty. I call that misanthropy.

  17. A NEW IDEA Says:

    I’ve got a suggustion for a possible next broadcast:

  18. what??simi?? Says:

    @keeming dumb sh** why don’t go suck some P** C*** or find some BALLS to carried??

  19. Lim Meng Yong Says:

    Well done Mr Brown! :)

  20. Sean Says:

    Just because Singaporeans are expensive so Gov needs to open up door for foreign talents.

    So with the same analogy, shouldn’t the parliament open up for FT so to keep the cost low? I really don’t care if the FT is from other countries or other political parties.

    Bottom line, the future of Singapore is too commercialised. Will we end up like how Wall Street talents broke the world financial system?

  21. JN Says:

    Keeming: MrBrown is funny. As in satire funny, LOL funny, hit the funny bone funny. As in dunno whether to laugh or cry after watching him, because the best humour carries an undertone of bitter truth.
    You, Keeming, are funny too. A different kind of funny. As in funny how you seem to lack a sense of humour. And bitter, without the truth.
    But do stay around. I would hate all that creative vitriol directed at you to be wasted.

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