the mrbrown show: Singapore 300

Photo by Garton

Prepare for battle! All 300 of Singapore’s finest!

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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore 300”

  1. DOM the clown Says:

    Dear Fans of Mr Brown Show,
    How many of you are scared of lightning? I was not scared of lightning before I joined the army. But with constant drumming into our brain of “OI! Cat A storm! All men move to training shed!!!”, I became very anxious whenever there’s lightning nowadays.

    I won’t be surprised one day Singapore kena conquered by just a Coy of Bomohs from M’sia. All they need to do is mumble some incantation and bring out the Cat As!


  2. darenotsay Says:

    Great podcast Mrbrown. Especially like the “we will fight in the training shed” bit.

  3. Ahtay Says:

    Haha! Dam garang! Remind me of my times being a Pes A soldier in the army. My assualt boat always kena deployed to cover the safety of school children canoeing in a reservior. Baking in the sun, it was the only moment when i felt patriotic. Really. Nair bluff.

  4. Ax Says:

    hahah i’m entering army soon. my friends and i who r pes a all wanna be driver. dunno can or not.

  5. darenotsay Says:

    Cat A? I think you mean Cat 1.

    My unit still carry on training or carrying on the mission even though it is CAT 1. The only thing canceled during CAT 1 was IPPT and SOC but everything else (i.e. route marches, field training, battalion exercises/coy mission) still go on as per normal.

  6. tok kok king Says:

    you peeper now bely lucky. during my time, rain tor tunder also charge up hill and still alive today.

    we got only col winston choo and ronald wee - no general

    our meal - rubber chicken, can bounce one; we call safti chicken.

    our nite snack-suppose to be ang tow tng or tea - taste more like long kow chui.

    i tin nowadeh, they train a kwa peng; dunno can fight or not?

  7. Kim Jong Jl Says:

    darenotsay …

    If my son is in your unit, your comrades will not allow these training at dangerous situation. North Korea cannot allow their Beloved Great Leader Supreme’s Son to be endangered, else North Korea will be totally demoralised, as it lost its spiritual leader.

    Great Leader Supreme’s Son, should risk his life protect North Koreaan and fight against South Korea and its decadent master of the corrupt, capitalist West (it is not glorious get killed in by lighting).

  8. Majulah Singapura Says:

    Hey army boys,

    We are the defenders of this nation we call home. We must be garang and not chao keng. We will prove to all the nations who thinks that we are just a little red dot that this red dot is an impenetrable fortress. If we allow such a complacent attitude to overrule our commitment to independence, we doing no justice to those who have fought hard for our independence.

    We can be invincible.

  9. Patriotism? Says:

    Patriotism is good and all but i just shoot someone and see their heads splatter like a wet melon.

  10. HAH! Says:

    23 Generals? Pes C generals can do what?

  11. doghunter69 Says:

    “23 Generals? Pes C generals can do what?”

    Dunch pray pray hor!! these Pes C retarded Generals will sprint faster than olympic champs when they are hunted down like dogs…by SINGAPOREANS!

  12. need2reduce Says:

    Whatever is being said, i’m glad that i can handle a M16 or SAR, when the time comes for me to carry arms, and defend my wife, my children, my family.

    It sucks big time going through it, and i think 1.5 years is a nice length.

  13. Confused Says:

    From wat i remember u cant go ocs unless u r pes A or B. I only heard of officers downgrading to pes C and below after they become officers. From then on i think they want to promote also got problem liao. U sure generals are pes C?

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