the mrbrown show: ban zoukout


Don’t party like it is 1969! More must be done to stop the spread of sexual diseases!

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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: ban zoukout”

  1. Someone Says:

    The writer’s just jealous he didn’t get any sex during Zoukout.

  2. Ex-NS man Says:

    Ban parties? Might as well ban Peoples’ Action Party. They always screw Singaporeans after “erections”.

  3. FG Says:

    Banning sex doesn’t mean there is no sex. We should ban humans & animals and maybe other assorted suggestive material (certain vegetables)

  4. hahaha Says:

    another one of the lame things that ST readers suggest. whoever suggested banning zoukout must have had an overdose of ST and all that shit has gotten to his head.

  5. Analyst Says:

    Ban Condom!!!
    It promote sex as well!!!

    Safe sex = Use Condom
    Therefore, Condom lead to sex,
    And by Banning Condom, removes Sex!!

  6. RS Says:

    Got other diseases too!

    Sore throat: ban chocolates, ban KFC. Migraine: Ban MSG, ban IRAS. Labour pains: Ban pregnancies, ban labour minister. Let’s go banning, Bonus freebies: Caning/fines for offenders!

  7. RTM Says:

    If you want to ban sex, surely you must ban MacRitchie Reservoir!

  8. Ah Jan Says:

    Totally agree with Someone.

    This kind of parties EXPECT Sex……

    Well….the key thing is What kind of fun you are after…clean or raunchy…hahahah….

  9. Fenrir Says:

    AIDS can be spread by other places also lol.

    BAN ALL NEEDLES! [i hate them]
    BAN ALL CONDOMS! [i cannot use them]
    BAN ALL SEX! [i cannot do it]

  10. actmoon Says:

    & I tot Singapore wans higher birth rates. =x

  11. Dr Chan Says:

    See what I mean? It’s not our government that’s at fault for all the bans and censorships. They need to please moronic voters like this ST reader (of which I’m proudly not) too.

  12. siowsy Says:

    there’s problem with the mp3 file. could you check?

  13. Chuck Says:

    Other countries focus on safe sex education to deal with the STDs.

    We have a country that laments on low birth rate and at the same time broadcast sex is dirty and spreads diseases….

    Perhaps Singapore is sexually inapt as emplified by the fact that Singapore only legalised oral sex (only for straight people) in the year 2008. Sex must have been so boring before that assuming Singaporeans are all law abiding.

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