love song for singapore (chords and lyrics)

Wow, what an overwhelming response! Thank you.

Marc, Ivan and I are humbled by your support.

Marc just handed me the chords to the song. Special thanks to Ah Pat and Jun Kit for your efforts at transcribing the lyrics and tabs, but there were some small mistakes, like a F#m as D/C#. Marc’s version has all the correct chords.

So here is the pdf of the lyrics and tabs for Love Song:

Click to download PDF

Feel free to sing, translate, remix, record, or perform this in any non-commercial way. We would love to hear your versions too. Heck, we might even post the ones we like on the show. So, sing away!

10 Responses to “love song for singapore (chords and lyrics)”

  1. Lion Investor Says:

    Thanks for posting up the lyrics and tabs.

  2. boliao Says:

    This song more power than f16 flying arpund and crisscrossing each other…well done…the brown team….can make music video or not…got picture will be better…
    I wait for your youtube,ok?

  3. Tears Says:

    Thank you for the lovesong - it brought tears to my eyes to feel the great divide.

  4. Yzuke Says:

    Is there a minus one or withou vocals version out there? I would certainly want something like that to sing to. ahaha

  5. YarmageddonY Says:


  6. Jawker Says:

    The song’s for Singapore. But in the song, I don’t see any mention of the word Singapore!

    But the lyrics is enough =)

  7. leinad Says:

    what is high tea?

  8. mb Says:

    High tea is an elaborate afternoon tea, with usually a wide variety of teas and pastries available, served between 2 to5 pm. It is an American phrase.

  9. yongwei Says:

    strange, i tried putting url here but can’t.

    brown heres my cover, way better than yours hehe

  10. Song Says:

    hey, is it possible to change this guitar tabs into piano sheet music? anyone knows how?

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