the mrbrown show: lekuasimi

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I so sad they never use my version of the song for National Day lor. I thought quite meaning what. Featuring my band, Electrician.

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49 Responses to “the mrbrown show: lekuasimi”

  1. Red Says:

    Anyone can provide lyrics?

  2. fm Says:

    For those who don’t know, all lyrics are within the MP3.


    All my friends say I’m a chiongster
    Who like to drink Teh Si
    My Civic may be lau pok chia
    But can almost hit 50
    I just minding my own business
    Why the others all cut me?
    They change lane don’t use signal and
    They always challenge me
    Le Kua Simi?
    Le Kua Simi?

    See the light when turn green, see my super chio rim
    Even though your car faster than me, my Honda still more swee
    You may think you reach there faster then can order your ice cream
    Le Kua Simi….
    My car more swee

    I only earn 900 but my petrol 550
    They say now is the downturn but my car got leather seat
    I know my car is not last forever
    Because of COE
    But a man must have his vision, and his density
    Wa Kua Simi
    Wa Kua Simi

    Find more ger at the bar, when they see my new car
    You can feeling the tetno beat, my bass tube sibei tua
    I will drive you to Mt Faber and together we see star
    Le Kua Simi

    Le Kua Simi tonight
    Got sea and got mountain
    You and me tonight
    We going to reach Milky Way
    Together we can join to make the downpayment
    Get a better car than I can afford

    Chor kang cannot keow kar, I must work extra hard
    I must work in the sun until my face become chow tar
    When patience is a virgin, you must wait long long time
    No Ah Beng at the traffic light can hope to challenge me
    Le Kua Simi
    Le Kua Simi

  3. fm Says:

    Want VEEDEO!!! lol

  4. CoMeDy:) Says:

    Although I didn’t really catch the lyrics, but still very funny!!!!!
    Go Mr Brown! Always support you lah!

  5. stev'o Says:

    i thought the ndp peeps finally got a really decent song for the occasion and the tune was growing on me… until this!
    hilarious as usual mr brown! fb’ed and RT’d!

  6. leon Says:

    Man you guys are better than Coldplay! When’s the recording contract coming?

  7. thunderskain Says:

    What is the original song?

  8. Jerzy Says:

    Wah, National Day song also no pang chance!
    Anyways NDP09 song CMI, poor ly done by Electrico.
    Your version is way better Brown.

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  10. tree Says:

    brilliant! you really give Electrico a run for their money.
    i seem to have a little difficulty with downloading it though.

  11. Alton Says:

    Nice one. Powerpacked la mr brown! Hahaha. Le Kua Simi!

  12. adeline Says:

    U ELECTRICIANS!!! Great job!
    How come your background music & echoes are so much better & clearer than the NDP Song?? How did you guys do it?

    Like your fans said….NDP Song oso ball pang zhan!
    & was growing to like 2009 NDP Song, and now, after hearing yours, I laugh each time I hear the song on tv.

    YO! rest assured. We no more BALL KUA SIMI you LAH! We already tooooo chow tar and can’t kua simi any more. Even eyes chow tar!

  13. nicholas Says:

    Tok Gong ! ! !

  14. iron2000 Says:

    Nice version!
    Nice song, Electricians!

  15. lee kua see mi Says:

    this is better song than ndp..this song should be real ndp perform at ndp show…put on video leh for youtubes

  16. Jeff1244 Says:

    TOK KONG LA n1 n1

  17. yusoff Says:

    whats Le Kua Simiā€¦

  18. J-X Says:

    Sia la. It’s not even funny la. You think just by changing the lyrics and using some Hokkien words here and there very cool meh. You didnt even make the music and tune yourself, go change the lyrics of the originally great song to something degrading. Get a life. If you were that great, go create ur own album full of Hokkien songs la. tsk tsk. dun need poke fun of other renowned bands. Electrico FTW.

  19. Sam Says:

    waa.a.. this song is …

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  21. Bros Says:

    @J-X: Chill dude, it’s a parody, so obviously the tune isn’t original. The song is poking fun at the concept of the National Day song and not Electrico.

  22. Edward Teo Says:

    For more impact

    The chorus part should change to :

    LeKuaSimi Lxx Cxxx
    LeKuaSimi Lxx Cxxx

    hahah … Mr Brown I like all your songs ….

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  25. Ah Beng Says:

    Damn good man this one here.. better than the original! Le Kua Si Mi?

  26. mb Says:

    plz lah have chinese podcast leh…………. but anyway vry good! I dont like teh si!!!!

  27. Mr Black Says:

    It is available in YOUTUBE !

  28. Red Says:

    Where is the lyrics within the mp3?

  29. adeline Says:

    Le Kua Si Mi….if pronounced in Hokkien….means
    You See what?

    More like awak lihat apa?

  30. hahaha Says:

    a loser-made song

  31. DK Says:

    They should use this for the NDP theme song instead.

  32. no1ahbeng Says:

    Good job, Brown. Creative!
    For those who comprain… you all so smart, you come up your own lyrics lah. Challenge Brown lah. Wu chee, boh?

    Creativity and street-smart are what Singaporeans should be and not just book-smart. There are too many book-smart people but cannot make it in the globalized industry.

    And there are too many complainers who don’t do anything but comprain only.

  33. diablica2851@girlsandnylons Says:

    What makes you think I did not make the music and tune myself go change the lyrics of the originally great song to something degrading?

  34. Dr Chan Says:

    Great song with strong local flavour. Should get Mark Lee to sing.

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  36. lekualaosai Says:

    your band should be electric shock not electrician later kena struck by lighting! lol

  37. meepok Says:

    Hey Brown, don’t get yourself tempted into the Dark Side with too many of those NDP coverage leh! Erections coming soon, so must prep and be operationally-ready! The future of Sinkieland depends on your next “bak chor mee” podcast liao.

  38. Katrina Says:

    Hey i love your song! mwahahah, this one will reach hearts and minds more than the original song. I suppt ya!!! and my brother and frenz too

  39. Mikey Says:

    hmmm? can’t seem to dl this??? who can help me?

  40. Smith Says:

    A great song !better than the actual song !It depicts a life of a modern day Singaporean .I don’t agree that its degrading anyone though its a matter of perception i guess.Some people are just to sensitive if u know what i mean.Anyways keep up the good worK!

  41. PAPnotgood Says:


  42. Meow Says:

    Wah Piang.. nearly suffered from internal bleeding/injuries when listening to this song cos cannot laugh out loud in office!!! WHAHAHAHHAHA….

  43. henrykwang Says:

    your songs are godlike. they are getting better and better. me and my sister always laugh like mad when we listen to your parodies.

    keep it up guys!

  44. thedarkevangel Says:

    crazy funny lolx laff til i fell off my chair n my frens ask me, u ok??? :D:D

  45. Yvonna Says:

    I know NDP gone long long, but just heard the song, le ay sia. Love the music, but can hear cannot kua, lei. When can we see yr band perform ah?

  46. ken yaqp Says:

    do u have the chords
    my band can promote this song

  47. wawa Says:

    i am looking for mr brown to make more songs

  48. Keane Says:

    Nice!!! How to download?

  49. Marcus Says:

    I used this song in the real 2009 NDP video with lyrics!

    Could have posted this a long time ago.

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