the mrbrown show: the case of the missing squid

Photo by Wm Jas

How did the cops know about the corrupt chefs taking bribes? Our favourite detective investigates.

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26 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the case of the missing squid”

  1. Jeff1244 Says:

    LOL Sotong!!!!scully chef hand so dirty when he sqeeuze the sotong ltr u bring home cook and eat u next one die from SOTONG!!!

  2. adeline Says:

    What a sotong! LOL!
    ya…ya… i also wonder how they know about the chefs taking brides!
    hhmmm…if chefs take brides, & TT DURAI indulges with public funds, etc, i wonder who else do in Singapore…who has yet to be caught!
    Maybe some Multi-Millionnaire?….that’s another sotong story!

  3. adeline Says:

    Yo! your 4 sotong looks very good on the grill…real sotongs i assume…or just act act?

  4. thatlittlebling Says:

    sam has improved lots! her accent is great for this podcast. Pity about the weak story line

  5. CoMeDy:) Says:

    haha! sotong can be quite blur!

  6. Jinzoob Says:

    lol! hilarious podcast. loved the squid-related storyline.
    a tad ridiculous but still, 2 thumbs up!

  7. colt Says:

    do one podcast about F1 kelong in singapore!

  8. Dr Chan Says:

    So what’s the moral of the story? I think should emphasise on how some people get investigated for right pocket into left pocket dealings and how some BIG orgs get away with it.

  9. xiaoming Says:

    only small fry gets investigate if they break the law, there has never been a case where the top high up get investiagate for cheating the money of poor people.

  10. i cant view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why?!?!?!??! website siao liao!!!!!!! why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Says:

    u see lah! ur whole web all cant view except thos videos like lekuasimi and wash ur hands too and so hot boomz

  11. Well Done! Says:

    This is hiralous!

  12. The CrownPrince Bry Says:

    I thot Mr Brown and gang would do one of this particular kopitiam claiming the Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak and Hainanese Chicken Rice sold at another kopitiam opposite the road belongs to them… lol…

  13. CoMeDy:) Says:

    do one about the F1 or the haze leh! the haze is getting worse!

  14. beefarm Says:

    LOL! Can’t go wrong with a sotong theme.
    For some reason I was tickled by the line -
    “ know, he is strong silent squid…”

  15. Red Says:

    I smell something fishy.

  16. Lasagna Says:

    Why the Podcasts all can’t listen only the MV can listen (Eg.Lekuasimi) Who also got this problem? 0.0

  17. noodle Says:

    same here ..seem that all the podcasts are down…

  18. bing Says:

    Mrbrown u are so free doing stupid videos. go study la

  19. bing Says:

    really la all these lame podcast are stupid. Disgrace Singapore.

  20. xiaoming Says:

    minister says pay hike is neccessary so that the government would not be corrupted so in this case the cooks must have pay hike also.

  21. Hendrick Says:

    Whats wrong with ‘bing’?

    Another stupid student who needs companion during his ‘growing-up’ life?

  22. Hendrick the dick Says:

    Rofl stuf hendrick look at these lame podcast , stupid fucked

  23. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, this practise of kickbacks is bad on the food & beverages industries and you are doing a good awareness job for the public. Nevertheless we had offically said no more discussion on such topics for greater good on protecting the image of this industry. So, stop shedding a bad light on em” or we will forced to fixed you up, some dose of tough love for the good of you. You are either with us or against us, so fall in line or face isolation, persecution as an outcast and be ignored by everyone else, you are no longer on our list as a approved joker. All media will stop giving you any legitmatcy and zero media exposure for your show.

  24. crystal Says:

    cool! haha sotong

  25. lilDAWNx33 Says:

    mrbrown nice sotong =)

  26. facebooker Says:

    mr brown how old but i think is 50+

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