the mrbrown show: supermarket gang wars

Photo by Wm Jas

Singapore is hit by a spate of supermarket syndicates. We go undercover to find out more!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 Oct 2009: the mrbrown show: supermarket gang wars Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.6mb, Time: 00:03:11)


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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: supermarket gang wars”

  1. gordonator dot com Says:

    looking forward to a better podcast next week!

  2. Jinzoob Says:

    funny! the accent, can’t place it. yet it somehow seems familiar…

  3. ClareZ Says:

    hahaha loved the part ” dont forget bring 1 dollar coin for trolley if nt fite wit basket!!” hahaa hilarious

  4. Lee Chee Wai Says:

    Wah … our Russian prostitutes have started becoming gang leaders? Must come back and see for myself :)

  5. goh xun wei Says:

    i still can’t download from any part of your podcast even from itunes and feeds. when i click on your icon i just have a pop up in mp3 plaing your podcast but cannot find it any where in my computer

  6. CoMeDy:) Says:

    Wah thieving syndicate got foreign talent

  7. Sam Says:

    Jinzoob Says:

    the lady accent is based on a mafia+godfather style…
    hahah… the rest are ka-kias…

  8. freakorico Says:

    mafia+godfather style? I tot it was filipino maid? maybe she’s doing this on her sunday off day.

  9. Dr Chan Says:

    Funny but not much depth. Or did I fail to catch some hidden meaning?

  10. Lasagna Says:

    T.T I still can’t listen the podcasts =='’

  11. Hendrick the dick Says:

    can’t listen then dont listen. nobody cares bout ur dam sh1t

  12. zhihao Says:


    mb playing too much MafiaWars?

    paschli! paschli! net davai!

  13. ben1941 Says:

    lols russian ’supermarket’ mafia… n1 XD

  14. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, good joke. But we believe you can do better. There is still room for improvement, before we can praise you as a approved joker, you need more of such joke. Go do your work now! we will decide as we review further

  15. Jack Says:

    The female boss sounded like a hybrid accent of russia and philipine lol

  16. Weesla Says:

    Dun Forget the 1 dollar coin. ROFL!

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