the mrbrown show: the ball is round

Photo by dr. motte

Football tv rights shocker! How will this impact the fans?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 12 Oct 2009: the mrbrown show: the ball is round Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.6mb, Time: 00:02:58)


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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the ball is round”

  1. CoMeDy:) Says:


  2. aaaaaaaa Says:


  3. Crissa Says:

    You did it again MB

  4. Lasagna Says:

    =='’ what’s wrong with the podcasts I can’t listen to them I use what to view? Firefox?

  5. Stephen Says:

    I like the last joke about the two cable station showing one half of the match each.

    You might want to do a funny podcast about obama winning the nobel peace prize. Inaugarated on 20th Jan and closing date for nobel nomination was 1 Feb, some wrote the following

    He was nominated for

    a) being the first black president of USA
    b) not being George W Bush
    c) being charismatic

    I found this on

  6. Sab Says:

    LOL a good podcast at last.

  7. adeline Says:

    very sian to live in Sgpore.
    They just don’t play fair, huh?!!?
    just bcos we r to host the youth olympics next week,
    every thing is sports and sian when all they do is to use
    sexy bodies who parade like dumbos and bimbos for F1,
    for selling of cars, for getting people to wash their hands…
    the list is unendless…as if all the men in Sgpore are desperate
    and are salivating buayas for half naked women!
    very sian….make the men like tat; and the women like
    bimbos and dumbos!
    u guys should do a production of this kind of living in sgpore.

  8. Dr Chan Says:

    Half naked women on F1? Where? Where? I’m sure Mr Brown et al have no complaints about the highly entertaining (sometimes unintentionally entertaining) “dumbos” and bimbos. Same goes to the majority of Singaporeans.

    The very purpose for doing all those “sian” things is because our economy badly needs a boost. It’s all quite tame by international standards. Take it easy. Open up.

  9. Azz Says:

    For some reason I havealso been unable to listen to the podcasts for quite some time. The player is “buffering” forever. Download the file also cannot. Itunes also not working. Changing to other browser does not help. The only way I’ve found that can work is to use a proxy server and download the file.

  10. zzz-.- Says:

    erm…mrbrown can u make a song instead of talking?

  11. Osman Mohamed Zin Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    For unknown reasons I wasn’t able to download Mr Brown Podcast using my Nokia 5800. Although it updated the latest show. Just like Azz using the pc…link keep on buffering….. help!! Oh!!! help!!

  12. vincent Says:

    Hmmm, my beloved Tots has an egyptian equivalent of TUTANKHAMUN HOT SPUR .

    Anyway, if both station gets to right to air half of the EPL, i’ll quit football and watch the paint dry instead.

  13. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, these are pay cable channels. Stop whining, you are paying peanuts compare to what other countries are actually paid for. Be grateful for what you have, you don’t know how fortunate you are, compare to other countries.

  14. BBC (Bo Bei Chao) Says:

    Hit right on the soft spot and make it a sore spot….best so far !

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